Dear Daniel @DanielFooksArt I do quite agree with you about what Voltaire said, even though it was apparently mis-attributed - it was Beatrice Evelyn Hall that said it... (see @VoteEsther below)
Also I see you support David Millar and others who have been silenced for their views about the state of Israel and the rights of Palestinian people. And of their right to voice their opinions.

I defend those rights #IStandWithDavidMillar
Kiri Tunks @kiritunks is a former joint President of NEU, and one of the founders of @Womans_Place_UK. She was 'uninvited' from speaking about sexism in Education at a @UKLabour Party branch.

@LabWomenDec shared her letter to that branch and others...…
#IStandWithKiri Do you stand with Kiri?

Here are some tweets from @womans Place about Kiri and her de-platforming…
Do you I wonder defend @selina_todd's right to speak without the need for security guards to be present to ensure that she can deliver her lectures? #IStandWithSelina
Here's Selina at the @LabWomenDec #expelme rally - protesting against those calling for women who defend sex-based rights to be expelled from the Labour Party in March 2020
How about Esther Giles? 'The Forensic Suspended Socialist' @VoteEsther Should she have been able to share a platform with other CLP Chairs and Secretaries suspended for defying the diktat of Starmer and Evans not to speak about Corbyn being excluded from the Parliamentary Party?
#IstandWithEsther Here's her speech at Building the Campaign for Free Speech event.…
Nick Rogers, the suspended Chair of Tottenham CLP, withdrew from the rally and made this statement in support of Esther.…

Do you agree with Nick and me, that "Freedom of Speech is indivisible"?
Labour In Exile, @LabourInExile
Labour Left Alliance @LabLeftAlliance and
Labour Against the Witchhunt @LAW_witchhunt also issued a joint in support.…
Jonny Best @JonnyWorst Wrote these tweets about attempts to silence him in the course of pursuing his PHD at @HuddersfieldUni…
and here's a longer thread compiled by Buzz Chronicles, with more about Jonny's experience @HuddersfieldUni…
Do you think it's right that Karen Ingala Smith @K_IngalaSmith was rejected as a member of the Labour Party? Read what she has to say...…
The Labour Party, along with very many public bodies, is a @stonewalluk 'Diversity Champion'
Stonewall and their allies aim to have single-sex exceptions removed from the Equality Act 2010

Here's the evidence…
@legalfeminist issued a Call to Action - shining a light on Stonewall's activities in the public sector, with Freedom of Information requests being made of Diversity Champions about their dealings with Stonewall. Responses awaited...
@janeclarejones has written a (not very) brief, but comprehensive, and excellent History of Transgender Ideology…
@fairplaywomen is challenging the Office of National Statistics which plans to advise that the sex question in the Census should state gender identity!

As well as including an additional gender identity question.... Thus making the data useless.... Unbelievable!

Here's @fairplaywomen's fundraiser… Please support it...
I'm a socialist and a long term Labour Party activist.

I left the party in 2018 main reason being I ran out of patience with the failure to defend women's rights. I was rejected when i applied to rejoin in 2019 because I do not believe it's possible to change sex...
...and I think All Women Shortlists should include ONLY women, and because I defend the rights of the Palestinian people.
I submitted a 20 page appeal within the specified 14 DAYS of receiving the rejection. I've now been waiting 14 MONTHS for an appeal hearing. I know many other women who've been suspended or rejected for their defence of the sex-based rights as set out in Equality Act 2010...
...and reaffirmed in the Labour Party Manifesto 2019.

Like everyone else I know in this campaign, I absolutely support rights for trans people - but I obviously don't support attempts to remove women's existing rights.
The Morning Star published this article by @lavelle_trish in 2018.

'The gender debate is dividing the left. We mustn’t forget that our unity is our strength: The labour movement needs space for a democratic and respectful discussion'

It's still totally apposite. As Trish says "Perhaps we also have to consider that women have rights and trans people have rights and that sometimes those rights will be the same, sometimes they will diverge and sometimes they may even conflict."
Kevin Ovenden @kevin_ovenden has also written eloquently about Free Speech and the left in the Morning Star…

What do you think of what he says?
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More from @dianjo

21 Feb
Well that must be my longest every thread @DanielFooksArt - I didn't know there's a limit of 25 tweets to a thread! This one is shorter...
So it seems as if there's a huge amount we agree upon politically, and I love your art.

We've never met, though I knew your Mum in London in the mid-1960s
and visited Jean and your Dad in Livingstone in 1969
Read 11 tweets
2 Oct 20
@UKLabour @MarshadeCordova As well as omitting one of the 9 protected characteristics, Marsha de Cordova MP the shadow minister for WOMEN and Equalities, seems to have totally forgotten that the Labour Party manifesto of 2019 said

“Labour will put women at the heart of our government and programme” /1
@UKLabour @MarshadeCordova and that they would
"Ensure that the single-sex-based exemptions contained in the Equality Act 2010 are understood and fully enforced in service provision."

It's almost beyond belief that she should OMIT the protected characteristic of sex from an article about the EA 2010. /2
@UKLabour @MarshadeCordova Sadly the party didn't gain power, so they don't have the ability to implement the second part of that as regards enforcing the provisions in service provision.

But they do have to power to 'put women at the heart of their programme', and to 'promote understanding... /3
Read 4 tweets
1 Aug 19
Policy Capture" in relation to trans Self-ID, and Women's Rights in Scotland. It's happening in E&W as well. 1/…

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
A very important piece of research by @KathMurray1 and @LucyHunterB

Labour Party policy on EA2010, and the way it was adopted with no debate, is part of what is described. 2/

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
"Over recent years policies that represent a profound conceptual change in our understanding about what it means to be a woman... 3/

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
Read 12 tweets
30 Jul 19
I am incensed by your tweet about LGBT rights.
I'm not alone, thousands of women are absolutely sick of your refusal to listen to them.

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
We all support the right of trans people to live as they wish, without discrimination, fear or abuse.

But we do not believe that a man can become a woman. Transwomen are transwomen.

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
You have said you will change the Equality Act 2010 to make 'gender identity' a protected characteristic instead of 'gender reassignment'.

That means sex Self-ID. No questions asked...

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
Read 13 tweets
7 May 19
If you're a Labour Party member - have you taken a motion to your CLP about Self-ID or anything related to GRA?

That's how party policy will get changed. There was no such motion at last years LP conference, nor at the Women's Conference in Telford.
Below is a model motion asking that a 'gender' audit is conducted on the impact on women of the 'gender identity' change which was put in the 2017 LP Manifesto.
This is how they say they will change the law "A Labour government will reform the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act 2010 to ensure they protect Trans people by changing the protected characteristic of ‘gender assignment’ to ‘gender identity’
Read 16 tweets

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