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Policy Capture" in relation to trans Self-ID, and Women's Rights in Scotland. It's happening in E&W as well. 1/…

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
A very important piece of research by @KathMurray1 and @LucyHunterB

Labour Party policy on EA2010, and the way it was adopted with no debate, is part of what is described. 2/

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
"Over recent years policies that represent a profound conceptual change in our understanding about what it means to be a woman... 3/

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
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I am incensed by your tweet about LGBT rights.
I'm not alone, thousands of women are absolutely sick of your refusal to listen to them.

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
We all support the right of trans people to live as they wish, without discrimination, fear or abuse.

But we do not believe that a man can become a woman. Transwomen are transwomen.

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
You have said you will change the Equality Act 2010 to make 'gender identity' a protected characteristic instead of 'gender reassignment'.

That means sex Self-ID. No questions asked...

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
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Despite, or perhaps due to, the sexual bullying allegations against Labour's women's officer Lily Madigan at Goldsmiths University, they've defended Karen White - the rapist who said he was a woman so he could rape female prisoners - for the second time in a year
Amid allegations that Lily Madigan sexually harassed a girl at Goldsmiths and then bullied her out of Labour and nearly out of university, LM has changed their Twitter name and handle
Lily Madigan has been accused of committing 'frankly horrifying actions' including harassment and bullying within @UKLabour that have been overlooked by the party
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Last night Rob Rinder made a programme about 2018 and concluded it was a good year for women. Was he living on Mars then? 2018 has seen a woman forced to refer to her male assailant as 'she' by a Judge #WarOnWomen #womenstandup
2018 has seen unprecedented numbers of women permanently banned from Twitter #MeghanMurphy despite tweets abusing women being routinely ignored #WarOnWomen #womenstandup
We've seen no drop in the number of murders of women by male partners and yet the Police think misogyny doesn't need to be a crime #WarOnWomen #womenstandup 8 murdered this Christmas
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This thread is about the #SelfID debate and why #labourlosingwomen is going to be such a massive problem for #Corbyn and his ever increasingly lunatic supporters. We have three biological genders, male, female and hermaphrodite but the % of hermaphrodites is tiny. 1/11
Now Eddie Izzard is part of the NEC of #UKLabour this issue is going to re-ignite rather than disappear as he recounted in his memoir of how he deliberately broke the law getting changed in a female bathroom: 2/11…
But why is there so much controversy about all of this and why is it justified? #UKLabour has alienated traditional #Labour female voters about having to compete with men who have decided to describe their gender as female #SelfID #labourlosingwomen 3/11
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Are the 400 of us who attended a @Womans_Place_UK meeting at a location kept secret till the very day on the 27th or other women who have gathered to debate and discuss the changing meaning of the word "woman" included in that statement, @DawnButlerBrent ?
Are women being misrepresented as bigots in order to expel them from @UKLabour for pointing out women and transwomen face different challenges and have different needs stemming from having different physiology also included in that statement, Dawn?
Are the hundreds of us being routinely slurred, abused and wholly misrepresented online and elsewhere as bigots and transphobes for defending women's right to set our own boundaries included too?
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Thread on the absurdity of self-identification.
So, @jonlansman (@PeoplesMomentum head), some members of @UKLabour's ruling #NEC and @jeremycorbyn think we should endorse self-identification, let's see where that leads us... 1/7
Well there is obviously Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who self-identifies as black. Are the @UKLabour Party and @PeoplesMomentum cool with ‘transrace’ and self-identification of race as well? 2/7
How about Martine Big, who self-identifies as a black woman, and knows she is black as she ‘likes African food’ and has tanning injections? Is ‘transrace’ and self-identification of race OK with the @UKLabour Party and @PeoplesMomentum? 3/7
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