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On 13 February @Independent published an article containing defamatory claims about LGB Alliance. We wrote a rebuttal which we sent to the editors, hoping they would grant us the right of reply. We haven’t heard from them. Here’s the letter we sent:
“On Thursday The Independent published an article by Vic Parsons of Pink News, entitled ‘Rebecca Long-Bailey is right: Labour should back trans people like me, and expel those who don’t’. This article badly misrepresents both Woman’s Place UK (WPUK) and the LGB Alliance,/1of15
and it misleads your readers. As the founders of the LGB Alliance, we would like to set the record straight. Parsons suggests that there are two sides: those who are for transgender rights and those who are against them./2of15
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Lisa Nandy explains she thinks child rapistsshould be put in women's prisons, you know - where children visit.
Thread including resources on paedophilia and queer theory:
Here is my series on queer theory and paedophilia: The Trojan Unicorn
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Thread. With regards to Kate Scottow I may be getting over excited but I smell some Human Rights Act 1998 Violations. Godness knows I love procedure & am a bit of a legislation nerd.
Scottow was arrested in front of her children and detained for 7hours. She was menstruating and breastfeeding, she had no access to sanitary products & couldn't express her milk. This lead to engorgement and painful mastitis, plus psychological pain of watching child's feeding
time pass and knowing she was not feeding him.
Could this be an Article 3?
Article 3, Prohibition of torture:
No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
#IStandWithScottow #ExpelMe
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As a physically disabled man, here's my thoughts on the transgender argument that a biological man should have the freedom to enter female only spaces as it's their "right." (1/9) #ExpelMe
Being disabled my whole life and the older I've gotten,there is lots of places I can't go or do. I can't go to the beach and walk on it. Does that give me the right to demand that walkways/handrails be installed on every beach in the country? If not, why not?What about my rights?
Do we have the right to destroy beauty spots across the county with rails/lifts/ramps everywhere so we can experience life as an abled bodied person? It's our human right. (3/9)
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"This morning Lisa Nandy MP was interviewed by Justin Webb on Radio 4’s Today programme.

We were astonished to hear the comments she made about Woman’s Place UK which we absolutely refute...
"We have decided not to pursue legal action at this stage. We believe the labour movement should try, instead, to resolve differences through respectful debate. We will, however, be monitoring comments made about WPUK & its founders carefully throughout the leadership campaign...
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Verdict is due tomorrow. Until then here are some court notes on Kate Scottow's case. Thread. #IStandWithScottow
Day 1. The question of persistence is posed, what does it mean? Does it mean 9 tweets over 6 months? Kate didn't tag the claimant in for many of them so it was not intended to be brought to the claimant's attention.
The legislation was not designed to cover public debate of politics. Malicious communications 2003, section 127 was to cover get 650 messages from one person for example. . #IStandWithScottow
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Supporters of the Labour Women’s Declaration were appalled to hear @lisanandy on @BBCr4today programme this morning, clearly stating that she wanted those who are concerned about male people being included in female-only spaces to be expelled from the Labour Party.
Women have been subject to harms that are far more tangible than words, quite apart from the verbal abuse and harassment virtually every women has experienced. And yet Nandy refers to @Womans_Place_UK which stands for the rights of women in every arena of life as a hate group.
This appears to be entirely on the basis that they want to retain the single-sex provisions of the Equality Act 2010, which were highlighted as in need of greater understanding and implementation in the 2019 Labour Manifesto.
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When will women like @lisanandy @AngelaRayner @RLong_Bailey and @DawnButlerBrent start fighting as ferociously for women like me as they do for males who wish to enter our spaces? I am disabled, forced in to homelessness by DV. Instead of fighting for women like me and our needs,
you want to silence me, gaslight me & take my words. You threaten women like me with expulsion, with nasty labels. Your actions and words are no different to those of the abuser who put me in this situation.

@UKLabour can have their wish. I will never support you again #expelme
Women like @lisanandy @AngelaRayner @EmilyThornberry @RLong_Bailey @DawnButlerBrent telling women like me to shut up! They’ve got theirs,so why not dump on other women if they say “NO”

They want us to accept these people as women, no shits given about the cost to us.
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@RLong_Bailey @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @EmilyThornberry Labour Women's Declaration wrote to each of you at the launch of your leadership campaigns asking whether you were committed to upholding the Labour 2019 Manifesto pledge on sex based rights #ExpelMe #WomensVoicesMatter
Labour Women's Declaration also asked how each of you, as leader, would ensure women in the party were able to meet, organise & discuss matters of policy change & how any such changes might impact women' sex based rights, without fear of threat/intimidation #SexMatters #ExpelMe
Labour Women's Declaration notes that to date we have not heard back from any of you with regards to our questions on women's sex based rights. We do note that @RLong_Bailey & @lisanandy have been quick to act in signing up to Labour Campaign for Trans Rights. #WomensRightsMatter
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Women Uniting – response re #expelme

Following the success of the SNP Women’s Declaration in October, women in each political party have produced their own pledges.
The organisers of each petition are working cross party on the issue of women’s rights 1/7
and have formed Women Uniting with the aim of launching a joint petition on International Women’s Day.
Despite thousands of ordinary citizens showing support and agreement with these aims each group has attracted the hostility of those who claim the groups are hate groups. 2/7
The falsehood at the centre of these allegations stems from the lack of understanding of the EA2010 which enshrines in law the rights of those with protected characteristics to assemble as a distinct grouping of those sharing the same characteristics 3/7
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Re: #ExpelMe
LGB Alliance Statement, 12 Feb 2020

We are a group of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals who have spent our entire lives campaigning for equality for people with same-sex sexual orientation. Our supporters come from all backgrounds and include many trans
We aim to advance the interests of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals at a time when we are under threat from concerted attempts to introduce confusion between biological sex and the notion of gender./2of6
Claims that we are a “hate group” and “transphobic” are utterly false and are simply a malicious tactic used to smear us and to discourage people from listening to our views./ 3of6
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Excellent job just now by @selina_todd on BBC politics live…. Calm & clear despite being talked over by @lloyd_rm who put forward the biological nonsense that 'sex is not binary' & the sexist nonsense that being a woman is "how you present yourself"👗💋👠
Twitter tropes being trotted out by an MP. "Do you propose a gene test to check whether everyone has the right chromosomes" 🙄

"i've not seen the detail of the pledge" but it "sounds very sensible to have disciplinary proceedings" for people who wont say transwomen are women
Selina Todd says the the pledge calls women & gay rights orgs @Womans_Place_UK and @AllianceLGB transphobic orgs.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP butts in: "well they are"

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Hi same-sex-attracted followers. You'll be delighted to know LGBT+ Labour is holding a Labour Leadership Hustings presented by Pink News and supported by Diva in Manchester on Feb 20th. Get a ticket and put those difficult questions to the candidates..…
"Join us to find out where candidates stand on issues like homelessness, conversion therapy, reforming the Gender Recognition Act and international LGBT+ rights."

"Conversion therapy" = therapist failing to affirm gay child or teen's gender identity. Please do ask about that.
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A thread about the #expelme. The @UKLabour leadership candidates needs to understand serious errors it is making when commenting on "trans rights". Behind soundbites rightly condemning transphobia, there are specific calls for purges of other, mostly women, members with
mainstream views just asking that competing legal rights be considered and balanced when making law and policy. They are endorsing effectively an end to single sex wards and sports. And to massive change in the current interpretation of sex based rights in Equality Act. This
briefing paper by discrimination solicitor @RebeccaMKBull sets out some of the legal ramifications…. That leadership candidates are endorsing this seemingly without getting to grips with the substance is very worrying. This is my area of expertise. If
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If the Democrats do this in the US, they’ll destroy themselves.

The Labour Party is Destroying Itself #ExpelMe
The Democrats are doing this in the US.

Democrats Are Excising Pro Lifers From the Party, This Means 14% Of ENTI...
Complete the Syllogism.
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Labour Campaign for Trans Rights have released their founding statement & made some pledges.

Let's look at what they say & the pledges they make.

When the hashtag #expelme is trending massively, it'll be interesting look at the pledges in more detail.…
In their founding statement, they mention, 'trans liberation'.

What exactly are they being liberated from? Who knows.

But the 'advance' bit makes it feel like it really is a 'war' for them.

"disproportionately affected" & attacked relentlessly"... really?? 🤔
Pledge 1: "accept the material reality..."

This is almost laughable. Like some infantile attempt to ape Marxist language, as if trying to make themselves out to be revolutionary lefties.

Sorry guys. It ain't happening.

In fact, your so far off the mark...
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Women’s rights should be at the heart of the Labour movement. We firmly reject the allegations that women’s and LGB rights groups advocating for our sex-based rights are transphobic or hateful.

#ExpelMe #SexNotGender
Without an understanding that sexism, homophobia and lesbophobia are inequalities based on sex, the Labour Party cannot work for a fairer society for all.

#ExpelMe #SexNotGender
We recognise that trans people are affected by discrimination in many areas of life, and we condemn this, as we condemn all violence and discrimination against any group.

#ExpelMe #SexNotGender
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Women's rights should be at the heart of the Labour movement. We firmly reject the allegations that women's and LGB rights groups advocating for our sex based rights are transphobic or hateful #ExpelMe #SexNotGender
Without an understanding that sexism, homophobia, and lesbophobia are inequalities based on sex, the Labour Party cannot work for a fairer society for ALL #ExpelMe #SexNotGender
We recognise that trans people are affected by discrimination in many areas of life, and we condemn this, as we condemn all violence and discrimination against any group. #ExpelMe #SexNotGender
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@AngelaRayner @RLong_Bailey I’ve just rejoined Labour. I’m from a northern working-class background. I’ve worked in specialist services for women subjected to men’s violence violence for 30yrs. I believe women’s sex based rights & protections matter. Do you want me expelled?
@AngelaRayner @RLong_Bailey I'm also proud to be part of @Womans_Place_UK. Here's a speech I gave last month at Holyrood last month on the importance of women only spaces and services for women and girls who've been subjected to men's violence #expelme…
@AngelaRayner @RLong_Bailey @Womans_Place_UK I gave oral evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee on the application of single sex exemptions last year. Link here… #ExpelMe
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Rewatching Riverdale episode 1..

Kinda sad that Betty mentions meeting Toni Morrison in her summer internship and now Toni Morrison is dead
I hate that Val and Mel were written out of this show
I really liked them
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