There is only one specific day of the week in Akechi's Palace where neither Prince or GR Goro are nowhere to be seen. Theres just a little sign hanging on the Green room that says: Fuck Off. No one disturbs Akechi during this time so its impossible to actually get in to this room
Real Akechi usually says he isnt feeling well during this time, so one day Akira decides to bring him soup up to his apartment. When he knocks, there's no answer, so Akira does what Akira does best, & lockpicks the door, fully intending to leave the soup on the counter
He breaks in easily enough & slides into the kitchen placing down the container not realizing that all the while Akechis sitting on his couch in a tshirt &sweatpants watching the newest episode of Featherman & has a clear view of the kitchen

"Kurusu what the hell are you doing?"
Not used to being surprised, Akira lets out a horrified shriek & turns toward Akechi "AH uh... Soup? Since ur not feeling well?"

Akechi gives a strained smile. "Well, I appreciate the thought, but you should probably leave before u get sick..." The featherman theme blares.
"...that the new episode?"


"...Can I watch for a bit?"

"...yeah sure."

The sign on the greenroom door fades away.

• • •

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16 Feb
Cowkira's been bratty all day, stomping when the farmer comes for his milk, knocking over the milk canisters, scaring chickens...

So to keep him out of the way, Akira's locked in the breeding stocks. But the farmer makes sure to keep the door to the bull pen locked.
Once the farmer comes back when he feels Akira learned his lesson, he finds the bull pen smashed open & a crowd of bulls surround his little cow who was now almost covered in cum, each taking turns fucking his holes. Akiras mooing happily as he takes yet another cock in his cunt
The farmer's exasperated, not wanting to breed Akira until a bit next summer, but now there's nothing he can do about it, so he just starts repairing the bull pen, listening to Akira moo & scream until his voice is hoarse as he's pounded by the meaty bull cocks
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11 Jan
Its so much easier now to get rid of bodies & clean up evidence now that Akira has a partner who knows the wonders of bleach & lye w access to a picktruck :)

Also his dad left him an a massive fortune after dying under mysterious circumstances so hes able to bankroll the clothes
They have a "schedule"

Mon-fri Akira goes to work at his barista job from morning to night while Akechi works with the police

Sat they have a "date night" over at Ryuji & Yusuke's place, where they always have a cup with fresh dna on it, just in case.

Sun is the day of rest
If u dont realize date night is the night Akira goes & gets his murder fix lmao
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10 Jan
Serial Killer AU

Ren pretends to get black out drunk in various bars and theres always someone that tries to "Make sure hes ok" before taking him home.

The guys end up in a trash can miles away from their home completely dismembered.
Akechi is the one dude that makes sure he gets home ok, then accidentally stumbles on a leg in the bathroom.

Akira immediately jolts up completely sober. "Uh... whoops?"
"This is insane, im a detective i cant just let this go..."

" was self defense?"


"Well... ok u got me. I pretend to be blackout drunk & kill the losers that try & take advantage. U want to... take me in?"

"Fuck no."
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9 Jan
Asdf Spiritfarer

Where everything is the same except a charismatic brown Crow is there 🙂

He seems very polite but the more u do his tasks the more bitchy. Then SUPRISE TURNS OUT HES ACTUALLY AN ASSHOLE

but like hes really sad because he betrayed his only friend
He has a soft spot for Stanley and Astrid, despises Giovanni, & think Bruce & Mickey are idiots

He'll pick fruit & veggies & will find useless but valuable objects.

"Idk it was shiny, but its worthless here take it of my hands."

+1 mint condition card worth 2000 glims
"Im hungry. Ill take anything except pancakes."

Stella makes him a big ol plate of pancakes.

The Crow glares daggers, buts slowly accepts the pancakes & slides into his house to dig in.

Fav food: Pancakes?
Liked food: Fish dishes, stimulants
Least fav food: desserts
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3 Jan
I'm very unsure about a lot of the Trapped!Au, but there is one scene thats crystal clear in my mind.

A god offers Akechi a chance to go back to the real world, the only price is half his blood. What he doesnt realize, is half his blood had been beside him nearly the whole time.
Of course, when the god comes to collect his blood, Joker & Alpha r right there to jear the details. Joker's panicked, because he knows how tricksters work, immediately offers himself in place of their daughter.

"What kind of god would give up such a deal? Just leave her alone."
Both Akechi & Maya r confused. "Joker... Papa what the fuck are you talking about? Why would he take me?"

Akechi looks to Maya. "Papa?"

Joker ignores the question as tendrils begin to swirl around him. "Ur the leader now Maya. You can beat this I believe in you-"
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2 Jan
I apologize again but like here is she
And here's her foreign friend Nick that followed her into Mementos and became the Navigator of the group.

His codename is Neo. (Placeholder until i find a better name lmao) his Persona is Anasi! Its one of those recon vans disguised as a Spider Exterminator!
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