Remember that @FacebooksTop10 list and how I insisted it was not organized spread?
“Internal documents obtained by BuzzFeed News and interviews with 14 current and former employees show how the company’s policy team — guided by Joel Kaplan, the vice president of global public policy, and Zuckerberg’s whims — has exerted outsize influence while...
...obstructing content moderation decisions, stymieing product rollouts, and intervening on behalf of popular conservative figures who have violated Facebook’s rules.”

All while gaslighting third-party fact-checkers about the work they were doing.
ORGANIC spread, not ORGANIZED. Of course I only catch that now lol
Meanwhile, this is what @Facebook is doing to my known, established fact-checking site that consists entirely of known, established fact-checkers (all of us formerly worked at Snopes)
Also Joel Kaplan (mentioned at length in this story) was one of the organizers of that astroturfed Brooks Brothers riot in 2000 along with Roger Stone, who has been in the news a bit lately for his alliances with violent right wing groups. He’s always been part of this shitshow
“...Kaplan — COO Sheryl Sandberg’s Harvard classmate and former boyfriend — was valued by Zuckerberg for understanding of GOP policymakers and conservative Americans, who the CEO believed were underrepresented by a liberal-leaning leadership team and employee base....” oh Christ
What the fuck two bit operation do these assholes think they’re running here
Joel Kaplan worked with Roger Stone and Roger Stone worked with Alex Jones. (And Paul Manafort.) And yet the conspiracy theorists are busily cherry-picking meaningless “signs” to ignite algorithmically driven moral panics at scale and reporters covering them are pivoting too
Look where the weaponized conspiracy theories are not treading and you’ll get a better idea who is behind them and benefiting from them
Citation (containing more citations)…
Further reading (November 2019)…
One more link, from 2016…

• • •

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19 Feb
QAnon acolyte Allen West, undaunted by actual reality, is spreading disinformation about the Green New Deal -- which does not exist.
Yes, I understand that he worded it in such a way that he can go, "HA! Fooled you, libtard!" as all his marks swallow his bullshit wholesale, but that's only because gasbags have only gasbaggery to offer; that's what passes for deep thought in the disinformation world.
What failed Texas was Allen West -- and the rest of the greedy corrupt politicians and their bootlicking, disinformation-spewing enablers that have been inflicted on Texans.
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16 Feb
This is the #TantonNetwork I've been talking about, funded by Scaife money. I'm happy to see others catching on to this; they have been allowed to shit up the immigration conversation with their disinfo for far too long before infesting the Trump admin.…
Reporters are catching on!! Here's another story, this from yesterday. These are the groups I've been doing all those threads about. It's working! Let's get some sunshine on their asses…
Remember all my warnings? Here's one such thread.
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14 Feb
Now think how algorithms multiplied the illusion of popular support to sway the followers and intimidate the rest
And how political messaging got adjusted and personalized according to hopes, dreams, fears etc. with personality data and a/b testing over the years
That same disinfo + algorithm combination took all the authoritarians, which generally exist across political spectrums, and pushed them rightward using fear, anger, a sense of disenfranchisement, gave them new welcoming groups, new exciting goals, new leases on life, new targets
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12 Feb
Well no shit, look at the sort of pro-violence propaganda inflicted on our whole culture, particularly after 9/11 and Iraq. People we now know despise women shat up our entertainment until we started treating violence like it was sex appeal and sex appeal like it was a weapon.
For example, I hate all those “procedure” shows about criminal investigations that always seem to start with the camera lingering over some beautiful dead young woman, artfully arranged in a pool of her blood etc. It’s been like this for decades, very Welcome to the Monkey House
It used to be that pointing this out got women branded “sensitive” or “hysterical,” but the #MeToo movement has removed a lot of plausible deniability. Toxic masculinity has weakened and corrupted our national culture.
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12 Feb
Kangaroo courts are part of the fascist playbook, just pointing this out for no reason at all
I realize this isn't exactly what is going on here, but I'm watching for precedent-setting behavior as well as everything else
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12 Feb
Roger Stone's old business partner was Paul Manafort. They were practitioners of what is sometimes called "black ops" for corrupt politicians. One of their first clients, in 1980, was Donald Trump.
Roger Stone organized the "Brooks Brothers riots" in 2000 to swing the election in favor of the GOP, with the help of Joel Kaplan (now at Facebook) and Republican strategist and Backpfeifengesicht poster boy Matt Schlapp
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