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Glad I wrote this yesterday. Obviously, it was silly of me to limit it to just the United States. This is coordinated globally and here's how…
Holy shit I am triggering some weird international botnets now lmao
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OK. This is a problem. As I said in 2019, "basic standards of journalistic integrity are that these organizations be properly contextualized as the white nationalist organizations that they are.”

These are the groups that enabled ppl like Stephen Miller.…
.@DefineAmerican did a similar study covering 2014-2018 and found the same troubling trend: white nationalist organizations being given cover as a legitimate "other side" of the immigration debate.

Time and time again, colleagues of mine and advocates I stand with have pleaded with journalists to see these groups for what they are.

I sued @UMich to unseal the papers of their founder, Dr. John Tanton, to tell that part of the story.…
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It's just the same old shit. The Thomas W. Smith Foundation is named in this *2008* story. These assholes are counting on us all forgetting they only have one disinfo trick.…
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"Blake Masters vows to end illegal immigration with surveillance tech"

Perhaps someone should look into @Facebook's tendency to not curb dangerous disinformation about the U.S.-Mexico border and immigration through the lens of Peter Thiel's influential board position there
I would but weirdly enough last time I was looking I got fired right in the middle of it
Thiel is also naturally part of the #TantonNetwork, funded by the Scaife foundations (story from 2016)…
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All of these Oklahoma Board of Education members fell for an inauthentically organized disinformation campaign spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation and its assorted tools, and they're using it to push their own racist agendas. It's been astroturfed for this exact reason.
Please start reporting on this responsibly, reporters. If you don't, you're promulgating deeply divisive, weaponized disinformation campaigns that do not reflect the reality of the United States and that means you're a shitty journalist not doing your job. See my pinned tweet.
Well, thread. It's a whole ass thread. Then check out the hashtag #TantonNetwork, which I have been curating for years specifically for some bullshit like this. It's the same shit every time. It's the same people every time. The only thing that changes is the topic.
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One of the wildest and most delicate and beautiful places on the planet. This is the land I come from and the community that I claim as my own. We don't want a wall. We never did.
Some of my own older writing on this very topic:…
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@themaltesemama @juliacarriew Yeah, this particular shit was started by the Heritage Foundation in June 2020. Now why do you think they might want to seed an inauthentic anti-CRT media blitz starting in June 2020? Anything happen that month? lol
@themaltesemama @juliacarriew They've got all their materials handily organized for fellow disinformation purveyors. That's how they've done it all along…
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We witnessed it at statehouses all over the country last summer, for one thing
Remember? It's the same people. They just make new signs. Sometimes.
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Hey, so you know how @Heritage is currently subjecting Americans to a weaponized disinformation attack about critical race theory and what those hysterics have decided it is? Here's a related 2018 story. #TantonNetwork…
They've been trying this far right horseshit for a long long time.…
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This is what I mean by the #TantonNetwork, because this is it.

They also use these networks to harass journalists and editors and threaten to sue over stories they don't like. They're why Americans have a distorted view of the border.

And now you know.…
Here was another #TantonNetwork special, back in 2014. Remember this? Same people.…
Like I said last night, these networks have operated largely out of sight of much of the American public, because their whole thing has been "population control," focused publicly on ending immigration and hardening the border.
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T o l d y o u the #TantonNetwork had their greasy little fingers up in all the critical race theory pies.
This is also what they always do. They are such vile little creeps. That's why I have been warning about them for so long. For years, they were mostly pulling this shit at the border, mostly out of sight of the rest of the country and even regional reporters not on that beat.
Now you also probably see why I come out swinging a lot of the time also. No one should ever have to be subjected to this shit for their reporting.
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You’ve got your instructions, materials that act as scripts for calls to lawmakers and letters to editors, and a legislation tracker all on one convenient site as of June 2020. What do you think might have made them start this in June 2020?…
exposing the truth!
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Because he is the latest interchangeable face of an inauthentically organized campaign and will return to the obscurity he deserves within a month or two, when the same disinfo networks prop up a new useful idiot for their next manufactured, weaponized moral panic
...Unless we stop the cycle now! Keep calling this shit out, friends. We have years of receipts over here
p.s. It's the #TantonNetwork. "Population control advocates" disguised as "immigration hardliner" lobbyists, drawn together by John Tanton, funded by the Scaife networks.
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Everyone has noticed by now that QAnoners have morphed straight into anti-critical race theory activists right? That's what they are talking about in their groups. And corrupt public officials are making political hay with it (because they're the ones who seeded it to begin with)
And then there's whatever the fuck this is
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Well thank goodness I'm not the only person saying this.
This is the #TantonNetwork. It is in law enforcement, policy, schools, and churches. They have been quietly infiltrating for decades. Their lobbying groups have been pushing a white supremacist agenda using immigration as its Trojan horse, and the Trump admin gave them power.
Here is who the bulk of their funding comes from. Look at all the groups they fund and think about what they are doing. It's a coordinated power grab, just like I told you all along.…
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See, I bet you thought I was gonna lose the plotline but I knew the writers would come through for me for what is hopefully the final act of this shit-show
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He's a known disinfo purveyor. Here's an older "story" about him and how one of the places he used to work descibes itself. Dogwhistles everywhere
Remember how I told you they circulate disinfo talking points using algorithms for the illusion of consensus or popularity wher none exists, to try to bully everyone into accepting their vile ideologies and agendas? Here's what it looks like in action:…
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More #TantonNetwork white supremacist shit. Literally, because this is the Great Replacement conspiracy theory. Note the school board infiltration advice, just like Tom Metzger gave his followers.
They are compiling lists of words and faculty to target and censor
Remember, these dipshits always tell on themselves because that is how they justify what they're about to try. They're not creative or empathetic people (fascists never are) and they are accusing others of what they are about to do to convince themselves that everyone is doing it
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The last time the far right went after ethnic studies and critical race theory in a big way, it was in Arizona. People then had to resort to librotraficantes, book smugglers, for information. Here's a story about their efforts from 2012.…
Same bullshit arguments, same bullshit racism. I have seen and covered this all before. My greatest frustration back then was how unaware the rest of the country seemed to be about all this shit. It was clear by then it was a trial run for the whole nation, or the world.
But I was paying attention, even if no one else was, and racists have new ideas about once a generation, making their performative outrage easier to spot when you have a roadmap of it in your head at all times like I do…
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Like @HMAesq, I have a lot of receipts, courtesy of my own original research and on-the-ground reporting, which I share here openly and with citations, just so reporters quit falling for this ~40yr disinformation campaign about immigration and "overpopulation." And yet...
Starting to think a lot of them agree with this eugenicist bullshit, so they continue to normalize it in the name of "objectivity" or "both sides," creating a binary about immigration where none truly exists in order to give racists a perennial "other" to torment.
Obviously NumbersUSA is part of the #TantonNetwork
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Anyone who has ever worked a mainstream journalism job with me has probably endured my “Officer Friendly is not our friend” speech. Well it’s because I read all the FBI reports you lot missed, not because I’m a mAvErIcK 🖕
Actually given some of the dreadful nonsense I’ve seen some of my former colleagues fart out these last few years, maybe actually doing the work was what made me the maverick. Didn’t I tell you those Nazi fucks had been infiltrating law enforcement for decades?!
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Those good ole militia boys always did tell me they were training for insurrection. What, you think I didn’t put in my time interviewing these assholes too? You’d be amazed at what some of those ding dongs tell a cute young thing, which I once was
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