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It's always the same few dozen people. Please stop pretending this is something other than a coordinated effort by a bunch of anti-democratic power-horny pro-diddler maniacs who think they alone are entitled to rule the world with impunity.
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He's also an election denier, #TantonNetwork lawyer, Citizens United champion, and the guy who filed lawsuits against same-sex marriage back in 08
Please stop letting these anti-American cretins have power
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Babies and borders -- it's the #TantonNetwork.

Lawyer Jim Bopp counts the Federation for American Immigration Reform among his clients.
He's also the Citizens United lawyer and an election denier.

It's always the same people.

Here's a citation that's unfortunately paywalled regarding his relationship with FAIR…
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As I've said: Borders also keep you in. This is exactly the scenario I was envisioning at the time. Borders and babies -- the eugenicists of the #TantonNetwork's bread and butter. And make no mistake, that's who is behind all this.
It would have been super awesome if white Americans had fucking listened to me before we got to this point
Gosh, why are borders suddenly so important, I'm sure it has nothing to do with resource consolidation in an age of extreme climate change during a far right power grab
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Which coincides with a major push by creepy eugenicist Americans going and sterilizing women and circulating disinformation that pathologized babies: the #TantonNetwork.
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Well, everybody, you can't say you weren't warned.
State borders are about to become very important
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Reminder that the Numbers USA logo is literally a representation of the great replacement idea 1/5
Numbers USA is a member of the #TantonNetwork of anti-immigrant groups that have used great replacement logic for decades to argue for reduced immigration to the US 2/…
The logo is derived from a graph in Numbers USA founder Roy Beck's 1996 book "The Case Against Immigration" that argues immigrants AND their descendants are going to replace native born Americans 3/
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Thanks to the decades-long, well-funded, almost invisible tendrils of the #TantonNetwork in absolutely every aspect of American political power and influence, matched by similar efforts all over the world. A global, far right power grab.
If you're finding the scope and scale of this difficult to grasp, just consider how easy it is for just one person to spoil and undo decades of progress. Destruction is so much easier than creation or mitigation
And that's why it's all centered around borders, immigration, and birth rates. Because of these orgs, which were brought en masse into DHS and other government agencies by the Trump administration.…
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This is exactly why I have kept at pointing out the intersection of "immigration hawks" and those touting "passive eugenics" for so long, ever since the #TantonNetwork was brought into the federal government en masse by the Trump administration. This is what they are.
Don't get me wrong. They were already there. But they've metastasized now. Our border agencies are in very bad shape and should be matters of grave concern for anybody who cares about American security. They're a major threat to our national resilience.
And that "shadow Trump administration" is the #TantonNetwork.…
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Remember how I said "borders also keep you in" a whole bunch in the last couple years? I actually was specifically thinking about abortion
Not just abortion. But it's never just abortion.
Remember how I warned that we all ignored rising border violence and surveillance at our peril? What do you think this dragnet will be used for now?…
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This has been the main line from the #TantonNetwork -- which Judd is absolutely part of -- this whole time. Remember everything I've told you about them? Remember all my warnings about "population control" maniacs? This is who they are.
Background on the #TantonNetwork, a group of extremely well-funded lobbyists, influencers, and policymakers who claim to be "immigration hawks" but whose goal is actually "population control," or eugenics. This is from 2013; they are much more powerful now…
Judd is specifically name-checked here:…
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Many of the people coming to the border of the United States to seek refuge are doing so because of climate change-related reasons. They are climate refugees and have been for many years. Many Americans don't know this because so much time and energy has gone into demonizing them
Now why do you think American politicians and propagandists might be so intent on demonizing climate refugees? Here's a citation on Nicaragua's particular vulnerability, by the way.…
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See how the #TantonNetwork keeps trying to feed Americans these lines? That's because it's been a reliable way for eugenicists to control voters using fear for decades. It's all unhinged, racist bullshit
When Fox took this line in 2014, groups of white supremacists -- some of whom are part of the antimasker/antivaxxer/convoy/QAnon crowd today -- went out physically to Murietta to block buses of little kids who had come to the border alone seeking asylum. They abused children.
Same people, same lies. Even their signs were the same.…
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It sure is, and it was deployed and is used deliberately to get Americans (and others) to accept atrocities. It is and always was A LIE.
That is the greatest evil of the #TantonNetwork. That's also the primary reason they exist, to promulgate and whitewash this horrific lie so its adherents can commit atrocities. They want to harden borders because they think it will help them control the American population.
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Nothing like a Friday #asylum approval for a whole family! Image
It took nearly 7 years. My clients survived persecution in their country and then survived again - over a legal landscape that shifted like quicksand under three administrations.

Having the future of your family on hold for year after year is mental torture.
They didn't choose to become refugees: no one does. Yes, they got it. Yes, justice was served. Yes, they deserved it.
But they had to go through nearly 7 years of mental anguish. The uncertainty eats at you, permeating every aspect of life.
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This was one of those things I never wanted to be right about
Passive eugenics. Remember how I was talking about that throughout 2020? This was what I meant. That's what this is -- not killing people, but removing protections from them so that they die. In the aggregate, you could call it "resilience targeting."
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It's filthy and dangerous ICE is refusing to move the people imprisoned there per the story…
"The report drew a highly unusual rebuke from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and CoreCivic, the private company that runs the facility, with both accusing the government watchdog of staging photos and fabricating claims.
Filthy sinks and clogged toilets, for instance, were in unoccupied areas undergoing renovations, company officials said."
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The butterfly, as I've mentioned before, is a potent symbol of transformation and freedom to the desperate people making the incredibly dangerous trek across the desert to seek asylum in the United States
So of course the far right is going to target a butterfly center at the border…
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And yet they had people in the mix from CIS -- the Center for Immigration Studies -- one of the "population control" groups of the white supremacist #TantonNetwork.
You see what a chokehold these eugenicist groups have on our immigration discussion? And they push disinformation from the start. This is complete bullshit
And yet, in the name of "both sides," we are forced to entertain the hysterical fantasizing of pro-eugenics lobbying groups created by avowed white supremacists. Further reading about CIS, FAIR, NumbersUSA and all the rest of their shell groups here:…
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The #TantonNetwork ensures the borderlands as a training ground
David Duke and Tom Metzger formed what they called "the first citizen border patrol" in the late 1970s. The New York Times covered it in 1977
See? It's always the same people…
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