I have been tracking my metabolic fitness rigorously with @levels since May 2020

Not only did I discover berries affect my glucose levels the same way pizza does, but also found the impact sleep and workouts have on my metabolism

Here’s a bit of my learnings 👇
Fasting helps regulate my glucose levels

I fast 23hr/day on weekdays, eating only for dinner. On weekends, I fast 16:8.

This helps me regulate my blood glucose levels during the day & gives me the most energy. Here is a day with all day fasting + tennis, then dinner around 7pm
Getting enough sleep is essential

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause an increase in glucose responses. I get 8-9 hours of sleep each night.

See my top 8 sleep hacks here:
Regular exercise keeps things in balance

HIIT and any cardio and resistance training can improve your glycemic control if done regularly.

I noticed that I get a glycemic index spike after higher intensity workouts that then stabilizes through the day.
I avoid sugar, processed foods, and carbs before bed

I found that eating carbs closer to nighttime spikes my levels to the 150s and creates subsequent spikes during the night.
Add fats and proteins to your diet

You can “preload” your meals with fat & protein to help minimize quick absorption of glucose into your bloodstream. (ex: eating bread with avocado) This can help mitigate any spikes in blood sugar.
Read more about preloading your meals in this article by @levels: levelshealth.com/blog/12-glucos…
How you metabolize foods is very personal

For me, berries spiked my glucose levels more than pizza, so I try to stay away from them now. In contrast, I found that certain Mexican meals that include meat, guac, cheese, and also carbs in tortillas do not spike my glucose.
Taking a walk after meals helps

I like to take a walk after I eat, especially if I eat a larger meal. I find that walking helps regulate my glucose levels better than if I was just sitting down after eating.
As much as possible, learn to control stress

If you are under prolonged stress, your glucose levels may spike.

To try and reduce stress, breathing techniques can be very useful, find more info here:
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After yesterday’s win, @TomBrady is a 7X Superbowl Champion, with 4 of those wins coming after the age of 37.

At 43 years old, sleep and recovery are crucial for Brady’s longevity. Here’s exactly how he sleeps 👇
No food 2 hrs before bed

Brady not only follows a strict diet, but also stops eating well before his bedtime of 8:30pm. If he eats dessert, he’ll eat it only after lunch so the sugar doesn't keep him awake.

He also avoids alcohol & caffeine, which can lead to sleep disruptions.
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Recovery and wellness play a major role in his life 👇
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Brady credits pliability for his longevity in football.
3/ He prioritizes sleep.

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- I categorize each meeting based on 4 tiers (urgent, high, medium, low) to determine when to schedule & if they overtake my “power time”
- On Sunday, I receive a report of how I’ve spent my time across these different areas and see if it matches my priorities
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Diet and sleep are entwined. Improving one can help you improve the other and viceversa. Let’s focus on how sleep impacts your diet.
Scientists have found that as people lose sleep, they experience physiological changes that can nudge them to seek out junk food.
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