The real "Big Lie" being perpetrated is the media working together to silence anyone from questioning how the 2020 election was run as if any question is heresy. It’s not heresy to have questions and concerns. It’s very normal when the entire process was changed for a virus.
It’s very normal when:

• Windows were boarded up outside of counting rooms
• Vote counting stopped
• It defied bellweather results
• Key states illegally overruled the laws passed by their legislature
• There hasn’t been a full scale non-partisan investigation of questions
Questions are not conclusions and we need to stop treating questions as if they’re heresy. The best way forward if you think the concerns are unfounded is to answer the questions in a way the American people can trust but instead of doing that they choose to demonize questions.
Tldr: I’m tired of hearing "the big lie". If it’s a lie then it should be in the best interests of America to form a bipartisan team to investigate the questions that many Americans have about the election. That’s a healthy process. Not doing it will speak volumes to America.

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7 Feb
THREAD: ICE policy under @JoeBiden is a threat to the safety of all Americans. It reads like a wishlist for cartels and the far left. Under Biden ICE will no longer deport people convicted of simple assault, DUI, money laundering, property crimes, fraud, tax crimes and more.
Under Biden’s leadership ICE has also now cancelled Operation Talon which was a nationwide operation targeting illegal alien sex offenders who are subject to deportation. Apparently under Biden, removing sex offenders isn’t a priority anymore. This should disgust everyone.
I need you to spread the word about this tragedy waiting to happen. How many Americans will die because of an illegal immigrant repeatedly driving under the influence? How many Americans will be raped by someone who wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for this new policy?
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30 Jan
Wait till all the /WallStreetBets people learn about capital gains tax and find out that Democrats want them to be higher. If elected in 2022, I‘ll propose changing capital gains tax for gains less than $100,000 to a flat 2.5% that’s handled during the sale of a stock for profit.
I figure during the sale is easier and you won’t have to do more planning during tax season unnecessarily. That would be a giant reduction from our capital gains tax. I’d also love to reimagine our tax system so that filing taxes became largely obsolete but baby steps.. Thoughts?
The point of this: We need to make it much easier for retail traders to be able to make money just like hedge funds do. It shouldn’t keep someone away from investing or leave them shocked when it’s time to pay their taxes.
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21 Jan
I want to talk about love. The past 5 yrs have been a wild ride. I set a dream job on fire, knowing it would be set ablaze by coming out as a Republican. I followed my heart because my wife @imatriarch was my biggest supporter. Tomorrow’s our 13th wedding anniversary. (THREAD)
I wish everyone had the unstoppable love & support she has given me. Whenever I wavered, she had the grace and wisdom to tell me I was doing the right thing. When the most vile threats or treatment were directed at her or our kids, she gave a fierce nod for me to charge forward.
I’m not sure what I did to deserve the love she’s given me as my wife for 13 yrs but I’ll always feel like the luckiest man to step foot on this earth. There’s not one time I’ve looked in her eyes and seen anything but the firmest belief that we would do the greatest things.
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19 Jan
This is so dangerous it’s hard to sum up in a tweet. It puts a target on the head of every conservative, calls for war and propagandizes to form a vigilante group that would narc on neighbors. If Hitler or Stalin we’re alive today, they’d proudly use this video. Sick and evil.
Meanwhile Twitter is banning people and suspending people for creating a "risk of violence" by questioning anything from the election but a guy who makes a video like this is left alone despite the fact it explicitly creates a risk of violence and seems to hope for it.
Just look at some of these replies to his video asking them to join an "army" to out, punish and treat conservatives like terrorists for holding different views. These people have lost their minds. This is what genocidal regimes historically push at the start with propaganda.
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13 Jan
We need to deal with a hot issue:

Here’s a question I’ve been getting a lot lately: "How can you even talk about elections? We won’t ever win again because elections are all rigged now."

I expect elections to be largely free of fraud in 2022 for these reasons.....

• Not every state had a serious fraud problem in 2020 — in fact most did not
• The states most seriously in question that flipped things for Biden (MI, PA, WI, GA, AZ) all have one thing in common — all have Republican majority legislatures

Now I’ll explain why this matters
With control of the legislatures in those contested states, Republicans will be able to change our election laws. We can go backwards & complain that they fell for a mail vote scam or move forward to change it. Those legislatures control how our elections will be run from now on.
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13 Jan
Newsflash for D.C. Republicans: Trying to throw Trump under the bus is not only a stupid, losing strategy but it’s also confirmation that you’re out of touch with who your base is. The majority of your voters stand by Trump. If you kick him while he’s down they won’t forget it.
I can tell you right now, just from a pure strategy standpoint, every single one of them will regret trying to "rid the party of Trump". He has the most diverse group of voters in modern times for a Republican & more votes than any other GOP President. You don’t throw that away.
They don’t understand still that Trump can rally everywhere in the country for their primary opponents to kick them out of office and I’m willing to bet that’s exactly what he’ll do to those who stab him in the back. Our party should be unifying right now to resist the Democrats.
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