Malcolm had FBI agents trailing him during his later trips abroad. He went over and confronted one of them and recounts the conversation in his autobiography. Hoover personally approved electronic surveillance of his home the year before his murder. He was a target.
His FBI file was over 10,000 pages long. You think he got shot and they were just like “oh wow that’s a shock”?
Like the CIA abroad, the FBI made use of prevailing tensions and forces in a given situation and used money, coercion, violence and fraud to move things in the direction they wished. I have no doubt that happened here, to what extent I don’t know.
That’s an essential thing to understand about US covert operations. They’re always using political and financial influence to push already-existing forces one way or another, and only occasionally must they ever do the deed themselves (though there are many cases of that, too).
If you can read any of the handful of defectors’ books about these agencies that are out there I promise they’ll be worth your time. Philip Agee’s Inside the Company: CIA Diary is a good one.
The FBI has declined to comment on the newly released letter.
Am I talking about the CIA too much on here? I don’t care.

• • •

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More from @babadookspinoza

19 Feb
The real history of the CIA will always sound like wild conspiracy theories to people who don’t understand that conspiracies are all the CIA does.
They tried to kill Lumumba with poison toothpaste, Fidel with an exploding cigar. These are not normal people.
For their operations against Sukarno they produced a pornographic film with an actor in a latex Sukarno mask in an attempt to discredit him that nobody bought. They released Lucky Luciano from prison to set up a heroin trafficking operation to generate funds for Gladio. Etc. etc.
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31 Jan
We’re being given a one-time payment of $1,400, months after a one-time payment of $600, nine months after a one-time payment of $1,200 for a total of $3,200 to live on for over a year, and meanwhile billionaires made $4 trillion during the pandemic and that money came from us.
Also not exaggerating or being figurative: that money literally came from us.
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30 Jan
TW: suicide

We need to be talking constantly about the spike in mental illness and suicides that’s accompanied the Covid pandemic not only so that people realize the value of limiting isolation as much as possible, but also so that desperate people realize this isn’t permanent.
A big factor in depression turning to suicide is the attendant feeling of hopelessness—depression makes us feel we will always feel this way. Having a concrete and (hopefully) temporary cause to point to can be huge in getting people to stop blaming themselves and despairing.
We had a patient yesterday who had stayed sober for years and was beating himself up for relapsing. I told him that a lot of people who had been fine for years are suddenly relapsing now. He honestly hadn’t even considered that the pandemic isolation might’ve been a factor.
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29 Jan
Relapse is part of the recovery process. Every time you resolve to quit and succeed in abstaining for any length of time, you’re building up a skill set that will eventually allow you to quit for good, or at least for longer every time. It’s not failure, because failure is final.
Obviously that’s not a reason to allow yourself to relapse. Relapse still fucking sucks and always makes the next stage of the process that much harder. But it is a process—sobriety isn’t a state that you achieve at some point and then that’s it. It’s a constant struggle.
Honestly if you never relapse then it probably wasn’t an addiction. People who’ve never been addicted have no fucking idea how hard it is to quit—they literally can’t even imagine it, so don’t judge yourself by their standards of how your recovery should be going.
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27 Jan
The US can’t run out of money for the same reason it will never pay off its national debt: through coercion and violence, the US has pegged almost the entire world’s monetary system to the value of the dollar, and US dollars come into existence as debt.
The US dollar isn’t backed by gold; it’s backed by 800+ overseas military bases and 6,185 nuclear warheads.
Don’t get me wrong: returning to the gold standard would be idiotic. But know that the excuse of “how will we pay for it” is a lie EVEN IF you insist for whatever reason on not raising taxes on the rich. But the ruling class is desperate to limit inflation, which hurts the rich.
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26 Jan
The entire conversation around the minimum wage is framed as a question of entitlements or “handouts” when the issue is really this: of the value produced by a worker per hour, how much should employers be prevented from stealing?
All the wealth generated by companies is ultimately produced by workers’ labor. Worker productivity is at record levels, but wages stopped increasing alongside it in the ‘70s. These are the “handouts” you’re looking for: stolen wages taken from those who work by those who don’t.
Minimum wage workers create FAR more value per hour than $7.25 or even $15, but the law allows bosses to keep all but the tiniest pittance for themselves. Why isn’t the law changed regularly to ensure that workers keep enough of the value THEY produced to live comfortably?
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