In the next 12 hours, we will surpass 500,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. That means more American lives have been claimed by this virus than any individual event except for the pandemic of 1918 and the Civil War; both of which will likely be usurped by COVID by early summer
This is not meant to undercut any of the amazing work that the Biden administration is doing to set us on a path to recovery. It is just an undeniable fact that we must face because we had worse than no leadership when this hit us; we had someone actively sabotaging our response.
We are struggling with so many overlapping crises right now that mental health professionals are finding it difficult to differentiate clinical anxiety and depression from simply the normative response that we should be experiencing from the incalculable losses we have suffered.
The main thing that isn’t getting talked about amidst all of this is the toll that this crisis has taken on all of us. Even those who haven’t personally lost a loved one have been impacted. Personally I feel like we were suffering from some degree of PTSD before COVID even hit.
The amount of loss we are currently facing is simply beyond what we are capable of processing as human beings. I can say the words “500,000 deaths” a hundred times and still be unable to truly grasp the epidemic of grief that we are being forced to contend with as a nation.
Please know that if you are suffering right now, you are not alone. You are seen. Your feelings are valid. Millions are grieving with you and professionals are working tirelessly across the country to provide you with resources and support. I am proud to be one of those people.
In the coming weeks, I will be sharing a guide for those grieving in the wake of COVID-19. This was put together by one of the nation’s leading experts on grief & loss and will be available online for free for anyone who may benefit from it. I look forward to sharing it with you.
Tomorrow’s @nytimes front page. Every dot represents a life lost.

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20 Feb
No, @tedcruz didn’t tweet “I’ll believe in climate change when Texas freezes over.” But he did:
—Help incite an insurrection that killed 8 people
—Help acquit the guy responsible
—Left his constituents & dog to freeze to death w/ no heat or power
—Blamed it on his daughters
Trust me, we don’t need to invent fake quotes/tweets to illustrate the abomination that is @tedcruz. Here’s just a few of his actual quotes on everything from Climate change to ISIS to Obama & the ACA. He’s a human trash can (apologies to trash cans, as they are actually useful).
What’s so remarkably atrocious about @tedcruz is that he is an immigrant who defends a guilty ex-President whose entire tenure was devoted to demonizing them. He is a climate refugee who fled to Cancun and abandoned his constituents and pet.
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18 Feb
Currently, more than 4 million people have been without power in Texas for nearly 48 hours in the coldest temperatures Texas has faced in 30 years. It’s @GOP Governor @GregAbbott_TX and senators @tedcruz and @JohnCornyn couldn’t care less.
While many people are still without power or essential items, multiple nonprofit organizations are providing supplies, while warming centers have been set up throughout the state. 
Here are some helpful resources:
@lakewoodchurch has a list of warming centers.
.@AustinEHM have activated 24 hour cold weather shelters that accept anyone in need.
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18 Feb
The @GOP and right-wing media has expressed more heartfelt condolences over the loss of a pro-slavery, white supremacist, anti-gay, domestic terrorism-denying misogynistic conspiracy theorist & propagandist than they have for the nearly 500,000 Americans that have died from COVID
Rush Limbaugh’s legacy was defined by his own words, rhetoric, and actions over the course of his life. Here’s a rundown of what that looked like. Pretending he’s someone worthy of praise or honor is simply ignoring reality. This is who he was:
Here’s a thread I wrote last February after Trump gave Rush the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which normally designates prestige and honor but coming from Trump was basically a “Worst Human On Earth Award”
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13 Feb
So we have an official list of Republican senators who believe it’s fine to incite terrorist insurrections that kill police officers and threaten to overthrow the U.S. government. Let’s make them famous and start organizing to remove EVERY LAST ONE from office right now (Thread)
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8 Feb
If only there was some solid evidence PROVING Trump incited the deadly violence at the Capitol on Jan 6th....

Oh wait, him and his surrogates and family members are ON VIDEO calling for his army of terrorists to lay siege to it
Not enough? Ok, how about satellite data showing the location of all of his rally attendants on January 6th. Watch the time and their location.
And while I’m glad Trump holds the distinct “honor” of being the only “President” in American history to lose the popular vote twice and be impeached by the House twice, he needs to actually be convicted. Because his “Presidency” was just a crime spree.
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2 Feb
The Constitution does NOT require that a person still hold office to be impeached OR convicted. And the 1st Amendment says you can’t be arrested for what you say; it does not say that there are no consequences for lying about a “stolen election” to incite a terrorist insurrection
I’ve written threads addressing both of these arguments and why they are incorrect. The 1st amendment one can be found here:
Here’s the one about how Trump not only can but MUST BE CONVICTED even if it’s after he leaves office:
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