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22 Feb, 31 tweets, 6 min read
That "good boy, Wangji!" comic by artsy alice, though! 😭It continues to destroy me on a daily basis! I am not joking when I say it informs my characterization of LWJ!

...Look. I am sorry to contaminate this sweet and pure comic with my own vulgar thoughts.

But. I am about to.
Here's the thing!

I just…feel like there was a moment.

In LWJ's childhood.

When NMJ did that.

And LWJ realized that he really like it when big, strong geges tell him he’s a good boy. 😬
Like, he’s a literal baby when it first happens! So he doesn't realize for MANY YEARS why he liked it so much!

But once he got to be around...oh, sixteen, maybe? I think there was a lightbulb moment for him.

THAT'S why he liked it when NMJ told him he’s a good boy! That's why that one childhood incident lives rent-free in his head forever!

That’s a thing he’s into!
Not with NMJ, specifically. NMJ is basically family and I do feel like LWJ generally sees him a surrogate older brother figure.

But. He liked that! And he would like it even better with someone else.

Some other guy who hasn’t known LWJ since he was in diapers!
Some other gege. Some other guy, making LWJ call him 'gege', and then telling LWJ he’s a good boy.

I think LWJ would be extremely Into That, on multiple levels. And I think by the time he's 17, he has acquired that knowledge about himself.

Okay, look. I have been in quarantine for a whole year. It's a Sunday night, and I'm bored. I'm gonna be weird and horny about this for a while longer, okay?

CW for questionable consent/dubcon. And also some D/s stuff!
...SO, LIKE. I think we can all agree that scene where WWX forces/tricks LWJ into drinking was (morally speaking) Not Very Cash Money.

That was bad. He shouldn't have done that! I chalk it up to WWX being a stupid teenager, but yeah. That was some dubious consent, right there.
But? Now I'm just obsessed with this idea?

So, LWJ already knows he has a teeny-tiny submission kink and a considerably larger praise kink. Thank you for that revelation, NMJ.

But after the Drinking Incident, what if LWJ realizes he also has a bit of a thing for CNC?
Just, like. Situations where he is "forced" to do something, or deprived of the ability to say no. Situations where his will is entirely subjugated to someone else.

God, what a way to discover that's your kink, right? I mean, what's he gonna do about it anyway?
Is he supposed to go up to WWX and say, "Hey, that talisman you used to make me drink? Do it again, but this time for sex stuff. And then afterward, pet my hair and tell me I'm a good boy who did a good job pleasing you. :')"?

HE CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. He can only suffer in silence!

LWJ: By Kate Beaton
...I really don't know how this problem gets resolved. But for the sake of LWJ's libido, I need to believe that WWX somehow figures out LWJ's kinks on his own. And they go from there.

If you have ideas for how this might happen, shout 'em out. 😭
Like...maybe they're on a night-hunt? LWJ gets injured, and he's being Mr. Never Mind I Will Just Walk Home On My Broken Leg?

And WWX ties him up with the Binding talisman? Just to keep him still so WWX can get help? Just so LWJ doesn't worsen his injuries?
And he says, half-jokingly, "Now, stay still! Be a good boy for gege, or I'll punish you!"

And LWJ just.

It is the most breathtakingly erotic thing LWJ could have ever IMAGINED, and he absolutely cannot deal with any of this.
I don't know. Between getting tied up/bossed around by his crush and the actual physical pain of a broken leg...I think there's a nonzero chance he might slip straight into subspace.

Which is much fun for both of them.
Can you imagine! Neither of them know what's happening!

But LWJ is suddenly having a Very Nice Time on this night-hunt. 🥴

Meanwhile, WWX is terrified by the way LWJ just went all wobbly and spacey and nonverbal!
I think he'd be tempted to rush off and get help.

But of course, he can't just leave Lan Zhan there! Lan Zhan can't even protect himself like this!
I don't know what happens, okay?

Maybe he just sits there and pets LWJ's hair. And tries really hard to get to get LWJ to tell him where it hurts? Did the creature bite him? Did he get poisoned? Is the pain spreading??
Pain? LWJ has no pain. This is the most blissful experience of his life. Ten stars and five million thumbs-up! 🥴

But he can't verbalize any of that, so WWX thinks he's dying.

...Does he notice LWJ's RAGING HARD-ON, by the way?
Maybe not! Or maybe he just thinks that's proof that LWJ got poisoned by the creature they just vanquished! A strange poison must be affecting Lan Zhan's body!

...Anyway, I don't think it goes any further at just that moment.
At some point, LWJ kinda slides out of it. WWX just keeps patting him and reassuring him that everything will be okay. LWJ is being VERY brave and good, so he just needs to hang in there a while longer, okay?
And then WWX finds a way to scrawl out a signal flare talisman with his own blood, or something. And they get some help, and take LWJ back to Cloud Recesses.

And LWJ is very wrung-out and exhausted and loopy, and everyone thinks it's just his injuries.
"...Gee, cicer, what happens after that?"


Okay, I think LWJ would put the pieces together? It's his mind and his psyche, so I think he'd realize that Wei Ying dominating him like that Did Something.
But he doesn't know anything about BDSM or subspace, so I don't think he'd have any contextual framework for what happened? He might just think he's a weirdo pervert who shouldn't be allowed around the normies?
Dealer's choice how WWX finds out.

I'm thinking he blurts something out to NHS, not even realizing this was a sexual thing at all. Just, like. He's genuinely worried about LWJ's health!

But NHS is like
Presumably, he knows Exactly what just happened. And he hooks WWX up with some BDSM erotica, and explains about safewords and painplay.

...I don't know, I just headcanon that BDSM is very popular in the Nie sect! So NHS be knowin'.
And presumably, WWX is SHOOK.

But it takes him about 0.7 seconds to realize that, if it's Lan Zhan, he can be into this. He can be very, very into this. This can TOTALLY be his kink too. 😳
And presumably, he charges off to share all this valuable information with LWJ.

And that's how LWJ learns he is not a weirdo pervert. Just a painslut who likes to be bossed around and then praised for being a good boy. ♥️
And they live happily and kinkily ever after, the end!

(My UNCEASING APOLOGIES to the artist for getting my filthy kink all over her sweet, wholesome art.)

• • •

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23 Feb
The general consensus was, "Sure, an ebook would be cool!"

So I'm doing an ebook of 'love, in fire and blood'! I'm doin' it!

But I need some help/input for a couple things!
Number one: if I'm gonna do this, I would love a proofreader. I know there are some typos in the fic that snuck past me.

If anyone wants to do a quick-and-dirty proofread (or, better yet, if SEVERAL people wanna chip in, so I can split the chapters up) that would be amazing.
Let me know if you're interested! I'm just looking for a very rough catch-all-the-lingering typos proofread.

Solid English skills are a must. But no prior editing experience is necessary.
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22 Feb
Folks, I am noodling around with the idea of formatting "love, in fire and blood" as an ebook once I'm done with it. With nice little chapter markings, a cover image, a foreword/afterword, etc.
Initially, I just wanted to do this for myself!

Just to formally bring to a close a project that's devoured that last 7-8 months of my life. Just to have a "product" I could hold in my hands, so to speak.
But I wonder if this is something others would be interested in? If I did this, would y'all want to download it?

To be clear, I'm not trying to 'sell' anything. I'm just talking about formatting it as a EPUB/PDF and setting it up somewhere for a free download.
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21 Feb
Okay, but it’s literally a crime that I have yet to see a single Zorro AU for this fandom.

I mean?! Excuse me?!?!
Hidden identities?

A man in a mask, running around seeking justice and revenge?

Sexy swordfights, where one of the parties is wearing a flowing white gown? A gown that gets cheekily cut to pieces, until they’re half-naked? And then their opponent steals a kiss and runs off?
What about this concept does NOT scream wangxian!

I ask you!
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21 Feb
Low-key obsessed with this idea now.

I've seen so much speculation recently about what kind of crier LWJ would be! And I don't know what I think!

But I am starting to think...he's a person who cries a lot more often than you might suppose?
Like, I kinda think he might be a classic Frustrated Crier?

If he's stressed, overwhelmed, or generally annoyed, I think he might just cry!
He'd hold it together in public. Then, in private, he'd bawl. Full-on ugly cry. Just to let those feelings out and regain his famous composure.
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21 Feb
Okay, I know this is probably because I watched CQL a whole month before I learned ANTYHING about the novel.

But it continues to astound me that Chief-Cultivator!LWJ is still something of a contentious issue in this fandom.

...Guys?? It's so funny? It's actually amazing?
People are honestly opposed to this concept?! Why? It's comedy gold!

Every day, I see people being like, "I don't like it, because LWJ would be a terrible political leader."




He'd be awful! The worst! Can you even imagine!
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20 Feb
But really: there are not enough Wangxian/Addams Family crossovers and AUs.

I just get such similar vibes from wangxian and Gomez/Morticia.
Where are all my fics about WWX and Gomez dramatically swordfighting indoors, while rhapsodizing about how their respective spouses are the most extraordinary creatures to ever walk the planet?!
Where are my fics about LWJ and Morticia repotting their poisonous plants in the greenhouse, while discussing child-rearing methods and how every healthy marriage needs some good BDSM?
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