my take on 10 trends in wellness & intimacy tech:

1. Peloton for the 🧠
2. Group therapy
3. Serendipitous relationships
4. Audio = Intimacy
5. Mindful productivity
6. Sleep Tech
7. D2C Psychiatry
8. Psychedelics
9. Closed social networks:
10. Children & elderly m-health

1) Peloton for the 🧠

Application of EEG brain activity sensors & HRV to mental health will become more rampant.

Because mental improvement is hard to see, devices that close this loop through bio-feedback will make mental wellness as measurable as physical fitness.
2) Cohort-based Group Therapy

Group therapy lowers the cost of access, while combining the therapeutic benefits of authentically connecting to a community.

We’ll begin to see group-based cohorts aimed at every demographic, stage in life, mental health illness, occupation, etc.
3) Finding Friends/partners becomes authentic and serendipitous.

Social media has morphed our digital presence into manicured squares.

Connecting with others authentically (with all our idiosyncrasies) and serendipitously (outside our immediate social graph) will be the future.
4) Audio lowering the barriers to spontaneous intimacy.

With podcasts/Clubhouse, the voice has lowered the barriers for connection and intimacy.

The immediacy of voice is far more meaningful than words on a screen. Instantaneous audio = the love language of the digital realm.
5) Mindful Productivity in response to the Attention Economy.

The burden to prune ones digital consumption diet and limit its pervasiveness falls upon the consumer.

As a result, more tools will emerge to help us reclaim our time and give us psychological freedom.
6) Rise of sleep tech: physical & digital.

Meditation is a vitamin, sleep is a pain-killer.

From hustle culture to holistic wellness, America is now woke to the importance of sleep.

Tech is now rushing in to bolster our sleep practice with data, self-awareness, and tools.
7) D2C Psychiatric Medicine

1 in 6 Americans take a psychiatric drug.

Vetting psychiatrists, staying on top of filling prescriptions, and adjusting medication amounts, is hard.

A new wave of tech cos now enable ordering meds & seeing a psychiatrist all from your phone.
8) Alternative “medicine” coming into the Mainstream:


Similar to cannabis, a new wave of start-ups will support their distribution/education.
9) The next decade of social media will move from:

open → exclusive/semi-private

curated by algorithms → curated by trusted connections

ad-driven → community-owned

designed to collect data → designed for privacy

growth as key success metric → trust as key success metric
10) Mental health for polar ends of the age spectrum: children & the elderly.

Esp as children become more vulnerable to mental health disorders and the elderly become increasingly isolated.

• • •

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2 Jan
Did you know?

91% of us will not meet our New Year resolutions

- But 9% of us will (according to studies) 💪🏻
- It takes 21 days for a new habit to form.
- 66 days for that behavior to become automatic

1) & one mental model to help you get through it 👇
2) 1st Stop: Discipline > Motivation

- Motivation: (n) The general desire to do.
- Discipline: (v) To train by instruction and exercise.

Motivation only exists as a noun. But discipline is a verb.

In other words, discipline is something you do, motivation comes and goes.
3) 2nd Stop: Valley of Pain

Pain is a good sign. A rite of passage on your way to the promise land.

😈 learn to recognize its demons:

- fear & resistance
- research & productivity tool masterbation
- excuses & illusion of time
- telling others about your goals
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25 Dec 20
My favs from @lesswrong's 100 tips for a better life:

1) Success 💫

• The best advice is personal/comes from somebody who knows you well

• How you spend your days is how you spend your life

• Discipline > motivation. The former can be trained, the latter is fleeting
2) Cooking 🍵

• Steeping minutes: Green at 3, black at 4, herbal at 5.

• When googling a recipe, precede it with ‘best’. You’ll find better recipes.

• Food taste can be made much more exciting through simple seasoning.
3) Productivity ☕️

• You can automate mundane computer tasks with Autohotkey (or AppleScript).

• Reward yourself after completing challenges, even badly.

• Keep your desk and workspace bare. Treat every object as an imposition upon your attention, because it is.
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9 Dec 20
1) Today @calm raised a series C at a $2B valuation.

Although I only recently joined the company as a PM, I've been a Calm meditator since 2016 🧘🏻‍♀️

These are the reasons I've chosen Calm over any other meditation/wellness app from the POV of a user 👇 Image
2) Back when I worked on DoorDash's growth team, we used @Amplitude_HQ for product analytics.

Calm was always referenced on customer calls as the gold standard implementation. Their exps were always featured in presos.

They've built a data/user-driven culture from day 1. Image
3) Unlike Headspace's illustration centric design, Calm's design is based in nature 🌲

Ecopsychology is an emerging field that touts nature's healing role in our mental health. Forest bathing is an actual therapy in Japan.

my mind subconsciously feels calmer in the Calm app. Image
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12 Nov 20
Adam Smith’s is most known for the Invisible Hand - how self-interest in a free-market leads to economic well-being.

However, many don't know his 1st major work actually was on ethics, charity, and being virtuous.

1/ In 1759, he wrote the Theory of Moral Sentiments 👇
2/ Within it, Smith argues a simple yet subtle tenant:

Being loved and being lovely are two completely separate concepts.
3/ Anyone can be loved. It is bestowed upon us by the identities, possessions, and deeds we take on in order to win the affection of others.

The pursuits of money, fame, or power are all part of the same temptation—various paths to being loved, paths to being noticed by others.
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24 Aug 20
1/ I took a week off to ponder my ever-evolving definition of success:

Could the success I thought I wanted.. actually prevent me from doing the thing I actually wanted to do?

a thread 🧵on the downsides of wealth and fame, and upsides of autonomy and creative expression 👇
2/ We all aspire to be rich and successful. But what we don’t realize is that with it come limitations.

Napoleon once wrote: “Today, I’m sort of a mannequin figure that’s lost its liberty and happiness. Grandeur is all very well, but only in retrospect and in the imagination.”
3/ @tferriss on fame: “If I’ve learned anything, it is this: fame will not fix your problems. Instead, fame is likely to magnify all of your insecurities and exaggerate all of your fears.”…
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21 Aug 20
🧵ongoing thread to locate the futurists and philosophers of the Internet who are pursuing deep learning and thinking.

Below are fascinating Internet niche communities (that aren't reddit) and long-form publications I've come across:
1) Antilibraries is a community for celebrating books unread, and exploring more broadly the idea of learning from the unknown. We're all about the voracious pursuit of knowledge, creative potential, and shared discovery as a community catalyst.
2) Ribbonfarm is a longform blog devoted to unusual takes on both familiar and new themes. It was founded in 2007 by @vgr, who serves as Editor-in-Chief.
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