🌕Water signs: cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
🔮sun, moon, rising & Venus

Decision time! For many of you! This full moon energy is jammed packed! I can see a lot of you are feeling it! Now what I’m being shown is CAREER a lot , yes love is here but money is like the forefront - ImageImage
Why don’t you believe in your abilities? Having a hard time ? Someone may be have money problems but they are showing me that’s about to be taken care of soon for a lot of you! Almost like unexpectedly! So people here I am getting advancement in careers & such. They are also -
Telling me if you haven’t branched out on a idea of yours. I keep seeing video for someone do it. The divine wants me to pin point a couple of things here about why you went through a certain situation & what some of the lessons are for some of you. They are pinpointing-
Feelings of lack , the mindset as well about your life & the way you view people/things. Furthermore you’re on wounds. Many of you I see father wounds. Lien a father figure who’s emotionally distant with you, could have been in & out. Doesn’t communicate well. It’s a lot so-
A lot of you dealt with a masculine energy who ( not gender know energy por favor ) already gave you that thought this is how men or whatever are. The feeling of being left out, you most certainly have been in connections ( friends ) included who could be the same. Distant & such
There’s a energy you may avoid deep connections with friends because of trust issues so you hermit. Don’t get close! Tend to point the finger easily at there before yourself yet you know better! A lot of you I am being shown use to abandon yourself in love connections , hmm-
Even some friendships but it’s not as deep as love from what I’m being shown. Like you overextend, give give 👀 some of you do it with expectation someone will do it back ( unconsciously) like I did this for you but why don’t you do it back. My love the divine only speaks through
You’re soul. So from what they are showing me you get exactly how you soul REALLY is. Some of you I’m a little like 👀 oh my! But truly a lot of you are beautiful beings just wanting to feel safe with someone , & affection. So the divine brought you lessons to open that wound-
To look over that, working on your own self worth, learning not to abandon or neglect your wants & needs honey. At times lean on yourself & I’m being shown you’re own community for help. I keep getting job offer for someone! That was random but I keep seeing that!-
Learning to accept only the best & not less of what you deserve for that companion you always wanted. Not wanting to be totally alone! Which from this you most certainly won’t. Well it’s your choice! I’m getting into it! I’m channeling here 😭 A lot of forgiveness is needed-
Both on your part & for people who’ve wronged you. Especially this person. A lot of people are only trying to survive because we’ve lived in that state for DECADES! Do you hear me? You’re even having to unblock yourself from your own belief system & programming that’s passed-
Not excusing behavior! Not at all honey but learning that everyone right now is having a TOTAL SHIT SHOW! Haha like what reality were we living in! Getting out of that matrix! This person triggered that wound for sure & boom here you go that did this! You asshole! I’ll never -
Love again, your this, your that, blah blah! Anger , resentment, whew! It hurts hon! I know I know! But when will you let it go? You both have the same darkness? For a lot of you? Yet it’s easy to push it on someone else. Yes I know the feeling. They are showing me a lot of you-
Already have / will be receiving communication from someone about what has really went on behind the scenes. Why they didn’t give you their all? Why they were slow? This is hard for them but the divine is pushing it so that you both can feel released. This is going to lead -
Meaning of you into commitments with someone because you may not have known some things. They didn’t share it! That’s not for a lot of you! This person couldn’t even support themselves from what I’m seeing. I’m seeing the word relapse! Negative patterns? Alcoholic? Drugs?-
That’s not for all of you! Someone was dealing with some major family issues for sure! Struggling with money! This person is going to talk to you all about it. The communication is going to leave you 😳🥺😳 like wait what? Why didn’t you just? What hell ? I feel almost for -
Some of you! A lot of you are in separation or just separated! There is a lot going on. I do see someone moving soon perhaps! Let move in together vibes with people trying to make things happen work! I can feel the energy of a lot of you wanting to give up on this connection-
Like all in your head & so is this person. This person has a lot of emotion for you no doubt! I’m seeing negative thoughts patterns a lot, projection! Someone may project & treat you like how an ex treated them! Thought you were like them. Comparing but you’re not!-
Acted a lot in their who but no there isn’t anyone else! For a lot of you no! They aren’t showing me others parties so get that out your head! They are showing me a lot of you are hesitant about this new beginning. You must hear this a lot huh? Like this is looking pretty -
Amazing yet your still hesitant & keeping yourself bond in your mind honey. They want you to follow your intuition & get grounded. The divine is taking care of this person because like I said they have the same wounds as you. Both of you sharing the same darkness almost. They -
Want to tell you everything but in a way scared you’ll reject them, react or really feel disgusted by them. Which is why getting to know them deeply on is needed. This person is a good! Amazing actually & for many has grown. They want to work on this so definitely be expecting -
Some clarity soon coming in. Who’s getting married? Wow! Some of you are keeping yourself isolation as well! You’re not expecting this at all! Soo I didn’t want to know this but uh someone like sexual fantasies about you at night even in the dreams 😆 oh my! Like this person -
Literally is sending major sexually energy towards you. They are trying to even strategize how to win you back, for some seduce you & get you back! This person really fears you’ll reject them! So they are trying to plan out like a mother fucker 😭😂😭😭😂omg -
There goal is to have the ten of pentacles but ummm sure why the flirty stuff like what? Non communication having ass 😂😂😂😂 just stay opened minded & curious if you get approached like so!-
🌕 I hope this helped you tribe babes

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That may not be for everyone just a small group. There’s a scene where you may have a child with this person & they want to marry you! They are also showing me a energy of your going to end up having a baby with this person & getting married. Both of you going to the court -
House & doing so! There is a lot of fertility energy in the air so beware. Remember this reading is all energy so this can go on for weeks & happen when ever! Yet I am getting soon, like now! lol 1:11am as I’m typing! They are showing me that someone here may have been someone -
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💋Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
✨sun, moon, rising & Venus

Ah, A lot of you will be getting to relax! Again! I can’t stress enough about the astrological transits! Be sure to pay attention because that has a lot to do with what’s going on! Did someone say MONEY- ImageImage
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Security aspect of you life. This is showing me someone may have asked if someone was trustworthy?... yes. You have trust issues. I have no clue why they made me be so straight forward but I let them control me! That’s mediumship for you, it’s a takeover & sometimes paranormal-
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