💥Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
🌕 sun, moon, rising & Venus

I figured this would be a really straight to the point reading only because it’s more confirmation for people who’ve been in a confused state from there mind. Right now a lot of you are feeling the collective-
Energy. It’s intense! I felt it today & was all over the place. Mind you, we do have the full moon on the 27th/28th of this week. For some of you here there seems to be some upheaval in the family/friends connection. Some of you are realizing who really is friends & who to lean-
On right now for support. Others of you are dealing with family issues with home some of you with a father. It’s almost like a cleansing is happening to wake some of you up to what you can’t take with you on this new chapter! Now what I am also getting is a lot of you may be -
Picking up to travel , or move somewhere! They are showing me apartment, bags in the car! Which is definitely needed for a lot of you. A lot of you have been craving change & here it comes babes! The thing here I am getting is a lot of you are not being true to yourself. Why is -
That? Almost a energy of you not trusting yourself with your own decisions in regards to where you need to go on your journey & love. Yet you knowwwwww but you still 21 questions everything. Have something to say. Shhh... quite the mind! Literally! There is a sense of -
Judgment, being open & shining your light. Like I don’t want people to see? Are they going to say something? What’s going to happen? No i won’t do that it’s not really .. yeah no one will care. Yet you don’t know that 😉 you haven’t even gave it a chance & on yes this is even in-
A love connection for a lot of you! I can see some of you aren’t talking to this person to much though. Interesting. Anyways, you can’t hide for too long until your tired of complaining & not advancing. A lot of you are entering into a time where your intuition is key right now-
In regards to money! I’m proud! Some of you are really going to receive some advancements 😍 also a big job offer for some of you that requires a relocation! They are telling me networking will be your best friend right now for many of you working from social media ❤️ tik tok & -
Filming so I guess YouTube since I did that for 11 years! Yes I know. Now I am getting that a lot of you still tend to think really impulsively when things don’t go to YOUR plan or come about. This is even being shown in the way you may view someone. Like they better do that-
Why don’t they do this instead of that? Honey. Not everyone is like you. Actually wait? No one is. Take them off the pedestal & see them for who they are. Human like you babe! So when you see or someone does something you just go crazy! This can be in the sense of blocking -
Impulsively cutting someone off, messaging, and just saying things out of your own personal triggers in regards to your emotion. Since you don’t like it. Awww .. I love you guys hahah but you’re trying. Yet they are showing me that a lot of it comes from a people pleasing habit -
You genuinely have a sweet heart but is that why doesn’t anyone do that for me? You have a unconscious need for someone to at least do the same. Yeah & when that doesn’t happen oh boy! People pleasing meaning trying to keep people happy, up all the time , neglecting at times our-
Own boundaries & such. Is doing a disservice to ourselves because it’s not based off of true intentions. Say no, you don’t want to, say no. Want to save money and stay home. Say no. Don’t feel like getting someone some pop from the fridge. “No” you know you can’t fix anyone-
You may know what it is that could “help” someone but the best thing you can do is have that much self respect for yourself to know when to back off. When to just trust the process & let go. Still continuing to be at PEACE & stay true to your values. This is a lot I was not-
Expecting that. In good news though I’m so happy! I’m seeing so much love energy here like YASSS! Some of you will be meeting someone new at a new job & they are showing mutual friends 😍 most of you this someone you know that’s coming towards you with a cup of love for you-
I can feel the tension of impatience here 👀 😭 well damn guys! I know I know! You’re like will me wishes ever happen. It’s this true? Fine 😣 *throws tantrum* haha guys I know! This person for many of you has matured. They want to work on this connection with you. This person-
Thinks about traveling! I’m a little shocked because a lot of you will just end of in commitments by the end of March. Ugh I don’t like giving time but they gave me the green light! Only thing is I don’t want all of you hold on so tightly it sabotages it to the core! Also -
They are showing me that you may not believe it all of this because of motives. Not being open to the idea. Like “yeah right” when people want to help you & do things it’s like okay now I have to give back in return. Is that a guilt thing? Did someone make you feel you ALWAYS -
Have too? In all honesty from what I am seeing is a lot of people genuinely just want to help & doing things out of love. That’s what they are talking about. Learning to love yourself so much & be open to a lot of this abundance. You deserve it honey. You don’t have to feel like-
It’s a transactional thing that someone may have may you feel like in the past. Mostly traumas from growing up. People always having some shit to say & more. They wanted to get out that you guys need to step back into things that bring you pleasure to get you out of the mind & -
Bring a lot of that excitement energy! BE WILD! Omg! DO IT! Fuck! SHAKE YOUR ASS! Dress up! Make that fucking tik tok! GET BACK INTO LIFE! excuse your I’m my TRIBE & you haven’t branched out! What am I doing? Guess I’m not pushing you guys enough! Honey good shit is coming-
🌕 I hope this helped you tribe babes

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🌈sun, moon, rising & Venus

I started typing this at 11:11pm! Haha! Wow! Can you say abundance! Angels like we are gonna give them a a little clarity because some of you don’t even believe your going to receive your karma payout -
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Darkness. Even when they trigger your darkness. Even when they feel unworthy of love. I’m being shown here that there is a lot of contemplating energy. Slight worry & definitely reap what you sow energy. Things are shifting because we even have the 7 of pent & chariot to confirm- ImageImage
Someone wants to rush forward & have a beautiful beginning with you no doubt but there is a lot of inadequacy on their part if their even worthy of this. Would you even love love them? This person may shame themselves a lot. Really put themselves down about past mistakes, things-
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🔮sun, moon, rising & Venus

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