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Let's review Densities, as explained in Law of One, together ❤🤲

A great explanation can be found in the Gaia series from Mathias, or in the channeled work, Law of One

Also, Aaron Abke's video on YT, which I have surmized and added personal touches to enhance the information
Density = the entanglement of light within a certain vibrational range.
Higher densities vibrate faster/are higher evolved. See Dr. Hawkins Consciousness Map

1st Density = awareness —earth, fire, air, water ; root chakra/atomic body
When the aforementiomed elementa spent billions of years interacting w/ each other,

💥2nd density = growth movement—all bio/chem life w/ autonomous mvmt from microorganisms to plants and animals. Consciousness becomes aware of itself thru communication; sacral chakra
Through this communication w/ itself, it can then learn to interact/ be w/ things outside of itself. Having a pet &giving it a name, one is contributing to that animals sense of awareness/being and their overall evolution
Into 3rd density =self awareness/the choice, chemical body; solar plexus chakra. We are 3rd density b/c of what Ra referred to as duality/polarity, the "veil of forgeting (of our past lives)" This is an intense density b/c of the catalyst for change which is suffering. We are
Always trying to choose b/w polarities/duality of light and dark. The ego also creates the illusion of seperation early on in 3rd density, both individually and as a collective.

The more evolved we become the less wars we fight collectively.
Individially, we realize we are
Souls having a physical experience
We can chose which polarity resonates w/ us. If we chose negatove polarity, we move towards a path of self-service. The positive polarity is living more in service tonothers. Wilcock famously says so long as we are 51% service to others,
We are on the positive polarity. "Consciousness sleeps in the rock, it dreams in the animals and it awakena in the human."

So, we have all lived as every density and have had many incarnations. Ra explains the next densities to us
The 4th density = Love/Understanding, chemical/Light body; heart chakra
RA explains that the incarnation lasta 90k yrs, and that Earth shifted to 4D in 2012—when the Mayans predicted our world as we know it would end. We are also seeing many changes, i.e. Tibetian Monks
Transforming into their Light/Rainbow bodies (which I have an earlier thread about and will link at end of this thread) and many people are just now awakening and realizing their Soul's purpose aka Dharma.

We are also seeing collective shifts in and the veil lift for many
In the social and political arenas. In 4th Density, telepathy becomes the norm. As more time passes and evolution into 4th density transgresses, we become connected to the Akashic Record aka the collective web of all information that has occured, is occuring or will occur
Which means we aa individuals become conncted telepathically, sharing everyones memories, experiences, etc (Think of the internet or a cloud that stores everyones data) and become one giant "solar memory complex" as Ra refera to it.
The 'Social memory complex' comtinues evolving and growing as more and more entities evolve and join this density.

Those on the self-service path skip over the heart chakra (love) and have to incarnate many more times.
The more 4th density we become, the more telepthic, the lesser our ability to even be dishonest b/c we share a memory complex.

As the veil disintegrates l, kids will remembee their past incarnations. We are already seeing this w/thousands of examples of children accurately
Describing past lives that coorelate w/ actual events and ang being cooberated by evidence. (Be on the lookout, as I will be creating content on this as well)

We all have a chemical body, and every density has an energy body that correlates w/ that energy center.
I.e. a rock only has an atomic body, so its ability to express itself consciously is limited..where as we humans have a chemical and light body, so we can express ourselves as self-aware Beings.

When we traverse the asytal realm, we are taking our Light body while our chemical
Body is asleep. Higher density beings are Light bodies naturally. Electromagnetism is responsible for how we interact w/ our realities. All life is electromagnetic, higher densities have higher abilities to express consciousness where as lower densitiea have lesser ability
Our bodies are heavy, dense chemical beings and usually are not capable of completing tasks Light bodies (aka beings higher on the scale of electromagnetism) are capable of. I say usually because there are Monka who have transgressed their physical state and achieved Rainbow Body
5th Density= Light/Wisdom ; throat chakra. This is 4th density but w/ the knowledge of how to transgress the 'service to others' without complete self sacrifice/martyrdom.

These densities can reincarnate as lower densities if they chose tom when they do, theyre usually
Enlightened masters like
Guru Nanak or Sikhism, Jesus, (who all lay extremely high on Dr. Hawkins Consciousness map, Jesus being the Archetype of pure Enlightenment)
These reincarnted higher beings are alsl helping lift humanity into higher levels of collective consciousness.

5th density are not confined to the constructs of time-space, as theyre capable of teleporting through thought, manipulate matter and consciousness, etc anything
That is metaphysically possible, a 5th density being could achieve in our dimension and appear to have "Godlike" powers.

6th density= unity/balance, balance of love and wisdom..Light body ; third eye

Negative beings can reverse their polarity after realizing Love is needed to
Progress up the densities. Essentially, your "higher-self" is you as a 6D being, not comfined to time/space, is trying to help current you embody Love & be more service to others in order for you to transgress polarity/the negative path of service of self.
7th density = Gateway Density & final density of this Octave, Light body ; crown chakra.

Ra hasnt progressed past 7th Density but shares that all peraonal memory is absorbed into the Akashic Record and these Beings serve as guides to our Higher Self and other 6 Density Beings
Everything has a desire to merge into the next higher density. This cycle and evolution of consciousness is infinite, like an infinite amount of octaves on a piano.

Everything returns to Source.
And, as promised, the original thread on achieving Light/Rainbow Body, mentioned above

I hope thos was helpful, seeing it in writing. Please, read and reread the free channeled, Multidimensional work, The Law of One, for a deeper understanding...everytime 🙏🏽

It is available for free via this link
Next thread will be about Dimensions, and I will add the link below this thread as well.

• • •

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1/3 Thoughts control your vibration. Our minds are akin to a TV. If your mind-chatter is always self depricating, your vibration will be low. Then, the effort/action you put forth will be low. Guess what that breeds? Little or no results. Inspiration is not flowing.
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