1/ The problem of introducing hatred of women (misogyny) as a hate crime: Sections 145 and 146 Criminal Justice Act 2003 (in England and Wales) allow criminal courts to increase sentences for aggravation related to disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity.
2/ What matters in the current criminal hate crime legislation (not to be confused with the Equality Act provisions) is the offender’s perception. It follows that if one is 'gay bashed' it doesn't matter whether one is actually gay; the motivation is the offender's perception.
3/ The danger is this framework is being superimposed on the proposed framework for creating woman-hatred as a hate crime. There are only two sexes & the woman-hatred that women face, at a criminal level: harassment, assault etc., is coming from men & males. Period.
4/ Yet the proposal, soon to be the law in Scotland & under consideration by the Law Commission in England & Wales, is to make woman-hatred / misogyny subject to the offender's perception, completely ignoring that being a woman is not about perception.
5/ Being a woman is a lived reality, whether or not one is perceived to be a woman or not; whether one looks female and feminine or not.

By using the language of existing hate crime legislation, based on perception, women are actually being quietly written out of their sex-class
6/ Enter the nonsense of "different types of women". Let's be clear, this is not a reference to transmen, who would be afforded no protection under the current proposals; or butch masculine women. No, it's all about including trans identified males, transwomen.
7/ Should transwomen enjoy protection from hate crime? Absolutely & they already do because transgender identity is already on the statute books as an aggravating hate crime characteristic. But I accept the matter is more complex.
8/ What about the transwoman who has truly transitioned and presents as a woman and lives as a woman and catches hell as a woman? Should she enjoy protection, as a woman? Should she have to out herself as transgender in order to achieve justice? No, I don't believe she should.
9/ And therein lies the huge complexity and dilemma: the move away from transition to declaration of trans status has meant that the ranks of transwomen are now flooded with every variety of male person, including cross-dressers, identifying as women.
10/ Should these poorly transitioned males, who are obviously male, enjoy the protection of hate crime legislation designed to protect women against woman-hatred, when it is this cohort of males who visit breath-taking levels of hatred against natal women? No way.
11/ We are living through one of the worse misogynistic moments in our lifetimes. Woman-hatred is running rampant. It's terrifying because our politicians & the organisations that we imagined would be there to protect us are all drunk on the trans elixir.
12/ What matters is not that women are being pursued out of their jobs, threatened with rape & assault online and in person for the crime of advocating for women as a sex-based class. What matters is to hand trans identified males another weapon to use against natal women.
13/ None of this complexity is being acknowledged. Instead people that should frankly know better are replacing anxious scrutiny of the issues with vacuous TWAW mantras.

This is a truly sinister development that must be resisted.

1.1/ *racially & religiously aggravated hate crimes are also on the statute books, again on basis of presumption / perception.
11/ *worst

• • •

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10 Feb
1/ We’ve allowed trans inclusive language to permeate society without being allowed to consider how & why it’s the language we use to describe women, our bodies & our biological reality, that is seen as problematic, that needs to be neutralised or erased.
2/ Why suddenly do so many females wish to identify out of womanhood, femaleness?

Breasts are being bound & this is no longer an act of self-harm but of liberation; a female is pregnant but rejects being either a woman or female; this is not self-hatred but self-affirmation.
3/ Instead, even considering that we are witnessing shocking levels of self-hatred among our young women, is what offends & causes alarm.

That increasing numbers of females regard their bodies as unacceptable unless rebranded & labelled male or at least non-female is just fine.
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6 Feb
1/ Last year, when my crowdfund was pulled down, I didn’t get a chance to read most of the comments. So I was determined to spend today reading them all — just in case! They are manna for the soul.
2/ Please take a moment to read the comments, including from my original crowdfund, which crowdjustice removed from their site when they pulled my page down. My lawyers asked for them & we’ve reproduced them in a link in the comments tab. They are equally inspiring.
3/ The money is very welcome and necessary but the comments are a contemporaneous record of how decent people: women & men; gay & straight; liberal & conservative, feel about what has been done to our sex-based rights & protections. It shows the depth of support that‘s out there.
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21 Jan
1/ @JoeBiden - People should be able to live without fear because of who they are and who they love, this includes WOMEN.

GIRLS should be able to to access toilet & changing facilities without the presence of MALES
2/ GIRLS should be able to pursue school sports & compete for college scholarships against other FEMALES & not lose out to inferior but stronger MALES.

In seeking to end discrimination on the basis of gender identity, you have instead heralded a new era of discrimination ...
3/ ...against WOMEN & GIRLS.

The prohibition on discrimination in employment, housing & healthcare is welcome. Opening up WOMEN & GIRLS sports, toilets & changing rooms to self-identifying males, pursing their ‘gender identity’ is not. It’s deeply regressive.
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18 Jan
It’s worth remembering that the grant of leave to appeal does not change the judgement of the court.

The rule of law will and should run its course. In the meantime, all any of us can do is to follow the law as it stands.

Don’t trust anyone that suggests otherwise.
2/ Here is the original order of the court in Bell v Tavistock dated 2/12/20 para 3 of which grants a stay of the order pending permission to appeal, until the Court of Appeal determines permission & the stay. Permission granted, was the continuation of the stay too?
3/ The Tavistock implanted the order almost immediately by amending its contract with GIDS, despite the stay. The rationale for that hasn’t changed. The judgement & Order were so emphatic that I think it would be a brave or foolish clinician that would not seek to implement it.
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7 Jan
1/ So, so many emotions this morning. Relief & anger amongst them: just imagine if that crowd storming the Capitol was Black.

Never thought I’d be grateful for @VP Mike Pence - but I am. He gave one of the finest speeches of any politician last night.
2/ But most of all, despite everything that happened overnight in the US, I never thought I’d feel fear about a Democratic president, with control of both Houses of Congress - but I do.
3/ I’m a Democrat. I’m also a Black British feminist & a lesbian. I believe that sex is real & immutable. I believe passionately that gender-diverse & transgender persons must be protected from discrimination, but not at the cost of erasing ’woman’ as a sex based legal category.
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1 Jan
1/ Judith Butler once again demonstrating that a minority of women are capable of being woman-hating, penis pandering, vicious zealots. All the while imagining that they’re being deliciously transgressive.

Woman-hatred is not new. It’s not radical. It’s just disgraceful.
2/ Feminism & recognising females as distinct from males, safe spaces, safeguarding & enforceable, legal protections from men, were not based on the belief that “ALL men are rapists or that the penis wields this nefarious power”, just that there exists a profound statistical risk
3/ Butler accuses JKR & therefore all survivors of having “fostered hatred & misunderstanding & perhaps capitalised on a history of sexual trauma”.

It‘s a special kind of woman that would say such a thing, of another named woman, who has been bombarded with threats & abuse.
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