Such an honor to talk #Art & #Bitcoin under a sound money standard with @saifedean on his seminar today. Here's a thread to enjoy along with the episode.

Let's go down the rabbit hole of Fiat Art, Ethereum art, & #BitcoinArt.

1st, "Saif’s recipe for creating great art"👇
Artists should cultivate a very low time preference and the patience to work for months, years, or even decades, for the completion of masterpieces meant to survive for centuries.
Make Art & Music that speaks to the soul and awakens thoughts to higher callings than the mundane grind of daily life
Work on perfecting your craft so you can produce valuable, timeless works. Investing years learning intricate details & techniques, developing skills beyond the capabilities of others, is the unforgettable costliness needed to produce works capable of astonishing the world.
Michelangelo spent four years painting the Sistine Chapel working for most of the day with little food in order to paint his masterpiece. Find your flow state, this allows you to become immersed in your work to the point that all else, even hunger, disappears
Only with such meticulous and dedicated effort over many decades did these geniuses succeed in producing these masterpieces, immortalizing their names as the masters of their craft
In free markets, the winners are always the ones who provide the goods deemed best by the public.
Advances in technology and industrialization make producing artwork far easier to accomplish than it was in the golden era. Take advantage of what’s available to you now in terms of educational and tooling resources!
(Bitcoin QR code embedded within 3D fractal geometry)
In the times of the Renaissance, nobody stood a chance of being called an artist without years of hard work on developing their craft. - Put in your 10,000 hours, gain some level of mastery.
Bitcoin Fixes This, but it's not going to do the hard work for you. YOU have to be the one to Meme Your Dreams into Reality! This is Proof of Work, nothing more.
So that was all @saifedean
above, but here are a few thoughts I’d like to add to round out the discussion;

You can literally mine bitcoin with your time and energy. Anyone with any skillset can point their energy & passion at the bitcoin network be rewarded.
I’m a pleb like you...I have no patron, no formal art training, no gallery, no art world connections, heck I don’t even have a name, I’m a nym! Just one individual working hard at what they are passionate about.
As an artist you can stack sats by creating value. Think of the cost of a canvas and some paints, and the cost of the Mona Lisa, you can do that and transform energy into sats. Earn Bitcoin doing what you love. (You can do this with any talent or skill you have)
@saifedean is a real-world example of pointing your energy at the network, and being rewarded with livilhood. He quit his job teaching in academia because he couldn't teach what he believed in, & brought college-level education in economics to anyone in the world for $100/yr

• • •

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