This is former Monterey County sheriff Mike Kanalakis in a deposition when the topic of whether or not cops should hang out with convicted felons.

Years earlier this was NEWLY ELECTED sheriff Mike Kanalakis giving permission to then @MCoSheriff Sgt. Mike Richards who was asking permission to hang out with David Drew, a truck broker and mutli-felon.
This was a @SalinasPD copper who knew enough to document what he heard while interviewing someone on an unrelated call unrelated to what the copper documented. Mike Richards used people as informants that is go from the County Jail to fire other officers.

* creative redaction

This was soon to be fired Cmdr. Mike Richards in his declaration filed with the Superior Court in 2010 in support of Dave Drew receiving a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Kanalakis was apparently converted because he did it too.

(the first step in a pardon process)

In fact the entire Certificate of Rehabilitation process was started off by then retired Judge John Phillips. 🤔

Seems strange.

Phillips arranged for these public officials to all create normally career ending letter for the benefit of a narco trafficker?

Then retired Judge @PhillipsForSup got shady as hell then Salinas Mayor Dennis Donohue to write a letter.

(Donohue was later hired by Bruce Taylor to work 4 @YourTaylorFarms after a developer had earlier alleged that Donohue created special circumstances so BT could benefit)

Phillips had big plans for @SalinasPD Joe Gunter too. Gunter wrote a bizarre letter claiming Dave Drew was going to be a key figure in helping alleviate traffic congestion problems as an "expert in transportation"

That's rich.

They even got Fred Garcia a then @MCoSheriff commander running for sheriff to write a letter.

Makes it look like divergent voices support Drew.

That's not it. Fred Garcia is just a moron.

Where this went was a lot more criminality from 2010-2018 leading into a wild pardon. Brown let the MoCo scene cool down - he thought, surprise appointed @AGBecerra - Drew is pardoned in 2018.

Despite a body of evidence showing Drew continuing to violate US laws and regs.

The employee of Drew's is a disbarred attorney with Cannery Row associations working for Drew as a "logistics specialist" and "HR director"

The only daily in Monterey County, decimated by Alden Cap, failed to report this and many other details in 2018. Curious.

This is @CASenCaballero home county. Caballero is being pitched as a good choice for California Attorney General to replace @AGBecerra and follow on a woman empowerment theme stemming from @KamalaHarris' lead.

The difference?

Anna Caballero is corrupt.


Where is Caballero on many criminal scandals ongoing in her county?

1. 2017 to present - FBI probe involving corruption, money laundering, RICO, and bribery.

2. Gov. Jerry Brown's pardon of David Drew.


But the takeaway from all this is this is @RepJimmyPanetta's political county. His mom is good friends with @HillaryClinton.

His dad is the most powerful politician in California.

You don't even have to be a conspiracy theorist to say this:

... and who are Leon Panetta's friends again? Mickey Mouse Mobsters.


• • •

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24 Feb
"Callahan, the former president of World Jai Alai, was shot dead by John Martorano, one of Bulger’s hitmen.

Martorano testified he was working for Bulger when he killed Callahan, who was also a friend of his. Bulger wanted Callahan dead"…

"Movies from “The Departed” to “Black Mass” have dramatized Bulger’s brutality. But for Mary Callahan, the sadness remains on a loop. A victim-witness representative from Florida keeps her informed, but she has shared with the Herald that the loneliness is ..."

"a fate that often feels like a sentence all its own, especially in her later years."


Victims of Organized Crime pay real consequences.

In Monterey County we have a guy who has traded on that "joke" his entire career.

Monterey County is a lot like Bulger's Boston. ImageImage
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24 Feb
Isn't it interesting how we will be open to entire serial television shows portraying public corruption in places like Baltimore (@AoDespair)

Lotta corrupt "black" officials portrayed and we know there is a lot of corruption in big cities.

But an insular tourist / ag town ImageImage

run by the most powerful white dude in California - @LeonPanetta12 - and he doesn't even get asked about corruption in real life.

The best capture of Monterey County is when a lot of social justice warrior white women (mainly) have to deal with an abusive man and sex.

But in reality we have it all - really.

A big public hospital - run by a good old boy white dude becomes the fiscal agent for up and comer UCLA educated, Latina attorney - becomes the laundry machine for a legal grant from the Packard Foundation, to fund a $90,000 a year
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23 Feb
... this is @MCoSheriff Derrell Simpson. He is in charge of internal affairs.

Three months ago I had a conversation with Simpson about a probable violation of Penal Code section 115, causing a false document to be publicly filed.

I have accurate information that @SalinasPD's

@AdeleFrese asked the sheriff deputies to perform a welfare check on Salinas Police Officer Gabe Carvey. Carvey wasn't answering his phone and made some comments about his state.

County communications (so @WendyRootAskew's oversight responsibility) manipulated the document

to read "Dana Carvey" so the public would not find this record and be alerted to a growing scandal within @SalinasPD.

It's called burying the clues.

Cmdr. Simpson assured me they were opening an investigation and would also provide me a copy of the record per my request.
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23 Feb
What happened with the woman who was arrested with @RepJimmyPanetta's cousin by @MonteteyPolice?

Well @bradleyzeve didn't report on this important public issue but I will. ImageImage

The individual arrested with @JimmyPanetta's cousin has already negotiated away a jury trial, there was no trial, and was sentenced.

That individual has already violated probation (the probation from the gun arrest with Panetta) and been dealt with by the court, twice. ImageImageImage

If this was a case of Jimmy Panetta and his dad @LeonPanetta12 simply having just one dirtbag cousin that would be one thing.

But justice is for sale in MoCo and it's probable.

And that is what took place here.

The Monterey County DA and the Monterey County bench DID NOT
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23 Feb
Here is @SVMHS former CEO Sam Downing who gave all his friends and family high paying jobs with one of the largest employers in Monterey County.

Sam was in trouble and this was CYA. 2004 & 2005!

SVMH was getting looked at and political considerations kept Sam from prison IMO. ImageImageImage

That word salad between Sam Downing and Wylie Mitchell above is CYA for investigators so they could show Sam's hiring of Roger Duke was all above board. Duke is a self-described Real Estate Developer. The reality is Roger was a Sacramento failure. He once had an office at the

top of Sacto's most iconic Capitol area skyscraper.

The building had just been built in 1985, in 1986 I met Duke in his Capitol Mall building to ask him some questions.

I was a real young guy,
just starting out and have to admit - I thought Duke was the picture of success. Image
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23 Feb
Panetta Institute kicks off with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Guess what? It's too expensive for anyone in the community to go.

Imagine that. From the Panettas.

* The Panetta Institute had its genesis by converting donor funds of outgoing congressman to "Institutes" a rule they wrote.

Another job for Leon Panetta.

Then CEO 4 Oracle created another one. 81 year old Leon brings in about 450,000 per year AND has accumulated $3-4 million in Oracle stock.

Leon Panetta worked for the government his entire life. He is worth in excess of $10,000,000.

The Institute charges a hefty hefty price tag to hear these big name guests like Dr. Fauci.

I wonder if @bradleyzeve paid for @pammarino's ticket or was it @RepJimmyPanetta gratis?

What would that mean? Bradley Zeve runs the @mcweekly for a profit. If the weekly isn't
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