Yesterday I posted a run down of what took place on Saturday during the anti-lockdown rally in Edmonton organized by Artur Pawlowski. The part that I thought was the most significant were the clips of Artur's brother, Dawid, being taken into custody. 1/18

They provided a number of excuses. Dawid was arrested for helping a wheelchair user. He was defending "patriots". He was just walking away and he was jumped for no reason at all.

We can now add, "arrested for free speech to the list". 2/18
Artur has continued to insist that it was "antifa" who were to blame. Initially I thought at least he might have present when Dawid was arrested so even if his explanation is self-serving that he would at least have seen how it started.

That doesn't seem to be the case. 3/18
Artur posted a video today which, among other things:

1. Shows he has really no idea what precipitated the arrest and is making stuff up.
2. He tried to escalate the situation further making it more dangerous. 4/18
The first part of the video shows Keean Bexte interviewing Bill Whatcott. 5/18
For reference purposes, here are the articles on ARC where is is the main subject or involved in some way in the story. 6/18…
For the first 5:00 of the video there is no indication that anything is happening other than Larry Heathers' rock'n tunes.

I won't include all of that time, but I will provide enough to show he wasn't present when Dawid was arrested. 7/18
From this point on things get bonkers as Artur screams in the face of the police, Dawid's wife tries to interfere in the arrest, the police fend off "patriots", and Dawid screams he is going to sue the police. 8/18
We also here how much the "patriots" respect the police and "law and order" when they find themselves on the wrong side.

Here we also hear Artur really begin with the "police are Nazis" histrionics. 10/18
Artur continues to act belligerently, calling on "patriots" to come to the bus where Dawid is being held (who is really whining about that fact).

In short, Artur tries to escalate the situation. 11/18
The Star of David is a nice touch in this clip... /sarc

Artur continues to act in a way that would get him arrested if he were a POC... but yeah, they are being persecuted. 12/18
He continues with the "Christians are being persecuted" schtick here, but he also really for the first time blame "antifa".

Recall that Artur was nowhere near where the incident first occurred. He is making it all up as he goes along.13/18
He blames "antifa" again for what happened to his brother.

Again, he truly has no idea based on his own video. He is making this up. 14/18
And of course, he would eventually gravitate to Keean Bexte to tell his story of Christian persecution, Nazi police officers, and "antifa" assaulting patriots. 15/17
Finally, as he walks back to the rally, he talks about Canada as being the Fourth Reich and "Adolf Kenney", Christians are persecuted, and "antifa" and BLM are to blame. 16/17
So the evidence, filmed and posted by Artur himself, does not conform to what he has claimed.

And as witnesses I've spoken to suggest, Dawid may have spat on counter-protesters which if true is assault. 17/17

• • •

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24 Feb
The organizers of the Edmonton torch rally claimed that the focus was on the lockdown and "persecution of Christian pastors" who refused to abide by bylaws 1/17

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They also went after the media. 2/17 ImageImage
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Misty is closely aligned with Artur Pawloswki and Brad Carrigan who organized the rally today. 2/
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Well it seems that the tweet thread I posted earlier in the day wasn't going to be the final word in right-wing infighting.

I'm sure y'all are shocked by this revelation. 1/10

Joshua Switzer-Crowe who goes by The Angry Albertan has been holding his own anti-lockdown rallies at the leg. Today he posted a video cancelling their scheduled rally tomorrow and urging people not to attend the Tiki torch rally on Saturday. 2/10 Image
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Yesterday @EdmontonAgainst tweeted a clip of a @CalgaryPolice officer interacting in what appears to have been a deferential manner towards Brad Carrigan. 1/16

Carrigan is one of the individuals planning a rally at the Edmonton Leg on February 20 along with Calgary street preacher Artur Pawlowski. The imagery on the promotional material includes a torch march from the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville (August 2017) 2/16
That is the rally in which a woman was murdered and several others injured when a car driven by a right-wing extremist rammed into the crowd. 3/16…
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