Groceries are still spares in Fort Worth, Texas - this video was taken today
Not much chicken either
Beef is being stocked right now -
Bread is pretty much out of stock - dry foods seem in decent supply this weekend but most essentials are hard to find especially in larger quantities for bigger families

• • •

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21 Feb
Got some very sensitive inside intel how Trump actually was able win 2016 election when in fact Hillary was inevitably going to win - if true, they have been fortifying elections before 2020

It also explains why Trump winning was such an upset & why Hillary was so bitter
It’s really not as complicated as you would think

@TIME already explained how his opposition adjusted the rules and standards to ensure a legal Biden win

But this information implies this is not the first election this has happened and won’t be the last

Crazy if true -
Also, with the Democrats saying Trump didn’t win through the natural system over the last 4 years shouldn’t then shock anyone

I’m not mirroring leftist propaganda, but they knew 2016 didn’t execute as planned and spent $30 million + investigating why

But they knew what was up
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31 Jan
CDC: Only 6% of COVID deaths currently recorded have COVID-19 as the leading cause of death

Flu/Pneumonia was listed as a co-morbidity on 153,620 deaths

Hypertension listed on 69,492 deaths

Diabetes on 54,928 deaths

& Alzheimers on 52,091 deaths…
They also state that 6% is probably an overestimation as many of these deaths probably had underlying causes as well, but the healthcare providers were unaware
While COVID was listed as the underlying cause of death in all of these cases - It's important that we are regularly reminded of who is most vulnerable from this virus as we weigh options during the re-opening of the economy

81% of deaths were in the 65+ age category
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27 Jan
(Thread) Fact checkers flagged my Instagram post about Biden’s first 5 days in office as false. Here is their actual response to my quotes. What a joke

"Energy prices rose" This is misleading and lacks context. Some energy prices went up slightly in the last week, some did not
“Some of the highest COVID death rates" COVID-19 death rates are undeniably high in the U.S., but there is no evidence that Biden, who hasn’t yet been in the job for a full week, has had enough time in office to impact those metrics.
"ISIS has miraculously appeared again"
This is wrong. ISIS, the Islamic militant group that seized control of territory in Syria and Iraq starting in 2014, has largely fizzled out over the last few years but it was never completely defeated.
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7 Jan
IMPORTANT: This is a video I captured inside one of the offices of Nancy Pelosi after dozens of alleged Trump supporters occupied it

It seems that staff left in such a hurry that they forgot to lock the doors because there were no signs of forced entry

Some vandalized it
Not only that, but one of the staffer’s computers in her office was left unlocked, leading to concerns of security compromise

I did not see anyone accessing these computers directly but I took this image because it shows how quickly people fled
I previously deleted this picture out of caution for privacy concerns

After I was alerted it may have contained sensitive information, which it did not

So I re-edited it and am providing it here with the warning visible so people can see how quickly staffers reacted & fled
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15 Nov 20
I want to make this clear

The Million MAGA March is a major wake up call for anyone who loves America

Trump supporters are made to feel like foreigners in their own country

The police will not protect them in big cities

They are on their own
They are treated like second class citizens

Bullied in public

Victims of endless political violence

Mocked by every major institution

Ridiculed for their patriotism

Their crime?

Standing up for the values this country was built upon

Being against the global agenda
This misguided love affair with law enforcement is insane as well

It’s so sad to see police intentionally fail to help them in bad situations

Make no arrests of agitators

Then arrest Trump supporters for defending themselves

& then Trump supporters chant “back the blue” WTF
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8 Nov 20
YouTube demonetized my network friendly election video with @TheLaurenChen

Their Reason: "Exposed breasts or full nudity, sexual acts, animal mating, discussion of fetishes, or a video thumbnail with sexual content"

I can guarantee you no one on that show exposed their breasts
It's become such a joke now. Exposed breasts or nudity and gross discussion of sexual acts would age restrict he video

They know there was nothing of that nature

We did talk about rigging the election, the Gospel, and a few other things, guess that's adult content now
They ask us to do everything to censor and follow guidelines

We literally take the videos and clips from monetized networks & editorials

Add them into our videos. The original content remains monetized. Our gets demonetized

It's okay for others to post, but not us to criticize
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