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23 Feb, 25 tweets, 6 min read
Are you familiar with the other domains inside Ravenloft, the Demiplane of Dread? Barovia is just one... there are a few other domains.

Lore time!
Let's use this book.…
And that's the lore around domains. Thanks for coming to my TED talk... Actually, I'll take a raincheck, it's a lot to go through and I'm tired. :)
I'm sure we'll see Adam, Ravenloft's Frankenstein's, eh... Mordenhein's monster...
Tristessa is a banshee whose been broken by grief over a dead child. Tristessa in Spanish means "sadness".
Meh. Home wifi dropped. That’s a sign. No lore tonight! 😚
Lord Soth from DL resides in Sithicus, a domain made up of natives of Krynn.

Lord Soth is Vader-esque fallen knight of solamnia who becomes a death knight.

Sithicus is Sith like. Draw your own conclusions.
NO, really, he's a Darklord of Sithicus.

Could it be more telegraphed?
Here's what I think. Pay attention to the stories around the NPCs in this new book. Any references to other worlds, like Krynn with Soth, might be a clue about what's coming next.
Ravenloft is a melting pot made up of descendants of many places across the multiverse.
And there are different domains... So the Core Domains are where places like Barovia and Sithicus (come on man) are.

Then there are domains in islands floating in the mists...
Like Kalidnai, which was a region lifted from the world of Athas... Dark Sun...
In the land of Odiare, if you lie your nose grows.
Here's a thread with a list of the domains. There are a lot. Barovia is but a small part of Ravenloft.…
There is a Ravenloft branded product set on Gothic Earth, an 1890s version of Earth where fantasy creatures exist only in the shadows of civilization. "Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales" is the product's name. It is not an official domain of dread. It should be.
Red Death leaves it ambiguous as to whether or not it has anything in common with the domains of dread, but at some point after the pyramids were built and stonehenge erected, darkness took over the world.
I digress. Back to the domains... Oh look, Vecna.
Vecna had all 25s in his ability scores back then because F YOU that's why.
4e added domains, and I hope they make it into 5e's Ravenloft. These were lifted from the ancient empire of Nerath, 4e's setting, and would validate that setting as still "existing" in the multiverse.

Give us Nerath as a full setting, you cowards!…
Anyway, there's more to Ravenloft than just Strahd and Barovia. A lot more. Maybe you'll hear about it soon. Or not.
I don't know.

Here are domains within Ravenloft with links to other settings...
Lots of space to add new domains from Eberron, Wildemount, the Magic worlds... etc...
Alright, GN.
Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft.

They said we were getting three classic #dnd settings, here’s #1.
“Newbie, how do you know so much dnd lore?”

Dnd made great bathroom reading as a kid when we didn’t have smartphones.

• • •

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23 Feb
Tobias Beckett got this really cool ship, The Rampart, in one issue of a comic, & never been featured again or given a model no.

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Obviously not gonna go through the whole set. 😂
I like them because regardless of edition, you can use them to show players some art, tangible, not off a screen.
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