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1. These are subjects that require far higher levels of comfort and boundary respect than conventional themes.
2. These subjects attract creepshow MFs that make it ick.
3. There are games that cover it to various degrees but they aren't #DnD so they don't get press. #TTRPG
If you want to explore romance in games, the first game to come to mind is Blue Rose by @GreenRoninPub. This is some romantic fantasy inspired action built on the AGE system. It's a good game, fun setting, and very LGBTQ+ friendly.
The other game I know of, and have gone off about before in a good way, is @bleongambetta's Pasión de las Pasiones, a telenovela based game where it's all drama and all romance all the time. With extra drama. And close ups. And shocked faces. It's great!
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Re: 5E DMG. #dnd

A lot is made of chapter order (start by creating a pantheon of gods!). That's easy to point to, but is really only representative of the more fundamental problem:

The designers didn't have a clear vision for the structure of play. Cover of 5E Dungeon Master'...
So there's a bunch of stuff, but very little of it is actually connected to any clear function. It seems mostly sourced from other D&D books and a vague sense that this is "cool" or "should be there."

Which makes it tough for the reader to come to grips with it.
It's like a hoarder's garage. If you dig through it, you're occasionally like, "Holy crap! There's a 3D printer in here!"

The print head is missing and you'll need to track down some filament before you can use it, but... 3D printer! Wow!
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== Jack’s Spellbook #335 The Resurrection Spells ==
There are five spells in #dnd5e that can raise a creature from the dead: Raise Dead, Reincarnate, Resurrection, Revivify, and True Ressurection. I’ll be reviewing them all together today.

#dnd #dnd5e #ttrpgs #JacksSpellbook Chance for Glory by Bram Sels
Each spell has its own costs, requirements, and drawbacks for bringing a creature back to life. I'll be reviewing them in ascending order of power.
Revivify is a 3rd-level spell that costs 300 gp worth of diamonds and resurrects a creature you touch that has been dead no longer than a minute, raising them to life with 1 hit point.
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== Jack’s Spellbook #334 Pyrotechnics ==
Pyrotechnics is a spell that's almost good, except it requires a preexisting nonmagical flame to do anything.

#dnd #dnd5e #ttrpgs #JacksSpellbook Explosive Welcome by Mathia...
You choose a 5-foot cube of nonmagical flame within 60 feet and create either Fireworks or Smoke.

Fireworks cause each creature within 10 feet of the fire to make a CON save or become blinded until the end of your next turn.
Smoke creates a 20-foot-radius sphere that goes around corners. The area is heavily obscured and lasts for 1 minute or until dispersed by a strong wind.
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== Jack’s Spellbook #333 Purify Food and Drink ==
Purify Food and Drink's effect is so specific that the vast majority of players won't ever get the opportunity to cast it.

Despite its rare usability, it's very efficient at what it does.

#dnd #dnd5e #ttrpgs #JacksSpellbook Deglamer by Zoltan Boros & ...
This 1st-level Ritual affects all nonmagical food and drink in a 5-foot-radius sphere centered on a point you choose within 10 feet, purifying it and rendering it free of poison and disease.
This spell allows you to eat bad meat or poisoned water without getting sick, as well as potentially restoring a whole family's store of poisoned food with only 10 minutes of Ritual casting.
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So I was the texture artist for all the Kobolds in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. #dnd
However, I found it rather confusing that they had become little lizards. It was around 4th edition when the game came out and they pushed for the new Kobold direction. Image
I grew up with dog faced Kobolds you see, being a child of the seventies and gaming mostly with older modules we could afford.
Though I am not a fan of little Lizardman Kobolds, I also don't vibe with the "slap a dogs head on a human body" thing I have seen of late.

I like my Kobolds as kind of whacky fun encounters.
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200 new followers since yesterday. Folks asking where to find my other writing, so I'm making a pinned 🧵.

My first published story, "The God Whisperer," appeared in Writers of the Future Volume 31.

You can read it free on my website:…

1/ Image
"The God Emperor of Lassie Point" is a MilSF/Space Opera satire, about a Laundryman 3rd Class who accidentally becomes a messianic leader.

You can find it in the anthology ALIEN ARTIFACTS:…

2/ Image
"Mistaken Identity" is a satire on the superhero genre, particularly Batman.

An Assistant DA becomes the unfortunate target of an unhinged vigilante called The Night Mallard.

You can find it in Unidentified Funny Objects 5:

3/ Image
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Child Alex: You’re big.

Boot. You rude. No say.

CA: Are you sick?

B: No.

CA: But you throw up lots and your belly… en-large-ed.

B: Ugh. I with child.

CA: Yeah, I’m a kid. You’re with me.

B: No what mean. I pregnant.

CA: Really!? Baby brother!

C: This complicated...
B: Is no you brother or sister. I no you mom, I only protect. I… no you family.

CA: Sorry.

B: No sorry. No tears. You good child, just… no can be what you want. Must be this way.

CA: I get it. Nobody wants me.

B: I no say!
B: You wanted, much. I want… not like is though. You… understand when older.

CA: You haven't even told me your name.

B: It… *sigh* Lace. Name Lace.

CA: What’s your favorite animal?

B: Eh… uh… Like rats. They cute and toothy!

CA: Gross!

Both: *laughs*
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Wizard: Oh, dear! What happened?!

Dragon: It was a trap. They attacked me. I’m hurt pretty badly.

W: What about all the gold?

D: I didn-I lost it.

W: Did you lose your temper again? You’re so unreliable.

D: I’m sorry…

W: It’s fine. *sigh* Let’s fix you.

D: Thanks...
Trigger Warning: Emotional Abuse

W: Wow, this is pretty deep. What did they hit you with?

D: Some crystal thing. It started covering my face.

W: I told you to watch out for that.

D: You did?

W: Yes, I did.

D: I don’t remember that.

W: I know you don’t.
W: But I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about this bleeding gash.

D: Oh I uh… I don’t feel so good.

W: Don’t worry, you know I take care of you, in spite of everything.

D: What does that mean?

W: Nothing, just words.
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Succubus: Hey mom, I brought you a soul!

Demon Queen: Thanks honey…

S: It’s a ripe one, full of experience. Just like you like.

DQ: …

S: Mom? What’s wrong?

DQ: It would have been your brother’s birthday today.

S: Yeah, I know… I miss him too.
I'm not telling these stories in a linear fashion. Here's more of these characters.
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HUGE thank you to DM extraordinaire @ToddStashwick for a #DnD one shot I won’t soon forget in his unbelievable Nerd Lair™️ — with the best adventurers & friends @TerryMatalas @SilviKnight @JeriLRyan @MicaBurton @cwmonfette ImageImageImageImage
“Please step out for 10 minutes.” We came back to THIS, people.
Also @MicaBurton has the most impressive collection of dice ever? This is like 1/100th of what she brought. Image
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Olá, cultistas! Apresento a vocês o Receptáculo Macabro, uma adaptação dos Ovos de #qsmp para o universo de Ordem Paranormal.

⬇️Segue o fio

#GrimorioParanormal #OrdemParanormal #DnD #RPG #Catarse #qsmpfanart Image
Para ter acesso a ficha e token da criatura, você pode clicar no link abaixo ⛏️🌎:…

#GrimorioParanormal #OrdemParanormal #DnD #RPG #Catarse #qsmpfanart Image
Apoie o Grimório Paranormal em:…

Acesse também o:
• Nosso Discord:
• Nosso TikTok:

#GrimorioParanormal #OrdemParanormal #DnD #RPG #Catarse
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Fighter: Our trap will be here, right in the middle of the caravan.

Barbarian: Finally, we will cleave the head of the serpent!

Cleric: Are we sure this is a good idea?

F: With all those people and all the gold we planted, it’s dragon-nip.

C: That’s what worries me.
F: What do you mean?

C: It just doesn’t feel right.

B: I disagree. This trap is nearly flawless.

C: No, not the idea. It works but… these people didn’t sign up for it.

F: Nobody signs up for a dragon attack.
F: The best keeps attacking, it keeps killing. It is a monster and needs to be put down by any means necessary.

C: Even if that means sacrificing those fleeing from it?

F: …

C: …

F: …yes.
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Orc: You've grown quite formidable.

Bard: Strong enough to carry you.

O: Ha! You cannot lif- WHAT ARE-

B: *grunt* I got you.

O: ...

B: Are you *pant* ok?

O: I have not been lifted since I was young.

B: Oh, sorry. Are you uncomfortable?

O: No. I am incredibly aroused.
Orc: Remove your clothing.

Bard: We are... kind of in the middle of the training yard.

O: Yes, my apologies.

B: Let's go to b-


B: Oh lord...
Owner: Hey, just clean up when you're done.

B: You're ok with this?

Ow: Yeah, as long as we get to watch. Purely to see your form, of course.

Or: This is acceptable?

B: I... uh... I GUESS!

Or: Lie back.

Ow: Make sure to engage your glutes.

Patron: And lift with your legs!
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Orc: I wish to breed.

Bard: *sputter hack cough wheeze*

O: Are you injured? Has another witch cursed you?

B: No, I’m just… That’s abrupt, even for you.

O: I will not apologize for my desires.

B: Nor would I ask you too. Just uh… are you sure?

O: Absolutely.
B: Ok… well… with who?

O: I wish you to sire my children. This is not obvious? Why would you ask me this question? Do you doubt my commitment to you?

B: No, I just wanted to hear you say it.

O: Devil. You know of my great affection for you.
O: You have proven yourself to be a capable lover, more than able to complete the task. You have met my family and shown great humility and kindness towards them. I have seen your love first hand and, as a result, I wish to create and raise children with you.
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Skeleton: Why did we come into this dungeon?

Barbarian: We *ouch* needed gold.

S: You’re injured.

B: I will survive.

S: No, you will not. One moment… it should be- ah. Here it is!

B: A potion? Where did you get that?

S: Secret compartment. Dungeoneers are predictable.
S: If you let me fight more, you wouldn’t need to get hurt so often.

B: We have replaced your arm and food once already. I can not heal you beyond giving you new parts. What if you are utterly destroyed?

S: You will have failed your quest.

B: I would literally rather die.
S: *snap*

B: Your hand! Why would you do such a thing!?

S: So you have to replace it.

B: With what, pray tell!? I do not have a collection of bones simply stored away.

S: A sword.

B: Pardon?

S: Replace my hand with a sword.

B: Will that work?

S: I will make it work.
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Me: I've been really out of the loop, what's going on in #DnD land?

*five minutes later*

Me: Nope.
We got Pinkertons being sent after people for unboxing videos, streaming fandoms going to war, and several instances of massive accounts sending harassment after relative nobodies.

And that was just my glimpse. Please for the love of all things holy tell me indie #TTRPG is OK.
Because I'm seriously afraid to look after the D&D peek.
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Sitting down to a Saturday afternoon #DnD game and the GM just dropped an April Fool's element: We all got pasted with magical pixie spitballs that gave us each a minor magical curse, randomly determined by which chair we chose for the game. Here's mine:
Update: Fighting a gelatinous cube. My fancy, dignified, reserved elf is finger-gunning the hell out of this thing. Turns out that magic missiles and minor magical finger-gun curses go together pretty well.
Further update: Uh-oh. Our paladin is in trouble.

Also, his minor magical curse apparently involves farting. A lot. Especially when he uses his dragonborn breath weapon. Thank goodness I didn't draw that one.
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1/20 Let’s look at the budget of a TTRPG project and break it down! Hope it’s helpful and you release lots of cool TTRPG stuff! I also hope it helps ensure paying collaborators fairly (or even great)!

#DND #DND5e #TTRPG #Pathfinder #GameBudget #GameDesign #RPG #GameDevelopment
2/20 Here’s a sample budget, based on the brilliant @jefftidball’s Budget Template v1.1:
• Google Doc:
• Excel:

So start with a title. Easy enough.

Thanks to the late Brian Dalrymple for sharing this so many moons ago. Image
3/20 So first things first—the word count expenses. Unless your project is stock art or maps, this is likely the most important expense. Let’s say you think there will be 800 words per page, without art. Let’s say 10,000 words total. It will then calculate… Image
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Been thinking about how magic in #DnD / #Pathfinder (High Fantasy, Vancian, "scientific" magic), etc., would influence culture. The more I dig and question, the more frustrated I get with most #worldbuilding. From very high concepts to mundane things, magic changes EVERYTHING...
Let's look at one small (but extremely culturally / economically important) thing: bread. Every culture makes bread, in some respect, whether it's flat, leavened, fried, baked, etc., it's ubiquitious with Human culture on Earth, and therefore probably with sentient ancestries.
The form bread takes is highly dependant on the culture's technologies and cooking equipment. Leavened breads arose because bread was made en masse enough that dough could ferment and release air bubbles from the yeast. A culture without a sedimentary working lower class wouldn't
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let's talk about the wacko racist crap a little bit. it's not just @NateSilver538 farting out tales of Chinese evil scientists creating all the world's diseases. the whole @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @MrAndyNgo / QAnon-ish set is super into whackadoo nonsense about "cabals".

the "gender critics" of the @bindelj / @Docstockk camp are super into conspiracy theories of their own; @HJoyceGender copied antisemitic fantasies from Jennifer Bilek into her own work, blaming the existence of "TRAs" on some murky Jewish doctors' plot or other.

@HogwartsLegacy is an *entire game* pitching antisemitic blood-libel trash to the fascıst #JKRowling / #HarryPotter / @RGalbraith fandom—bigots are Rowling's chief base of support, and the Rowling fanbase no doubt overlaps heavily with the @mtaibbi / @NateSilver538 fandom.

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Here, here. Rather than debating the OGL 1.0's revokability maybe we should take WotCs hint that they want a bigger slice of the hobby they overwhelmingly dominate and move on to other games and systems. Maybe we should let 1/#dnd #ttrpg #DoneDND…
WotC keep all their versions of the OGL and move on to the myriad of other wonderful existing games or those that will rise out of this mess. Maybe it's time to let WotC's hubris dethrone the king. IMO there are too many awesome games to continue allowing D&D to be the hobby's 2/
primary ambassador. For those looking for other games to break the Dragon's stranglehold on the hobby check out my ongoing list of #100ttrpgsIdRatherPlay/3
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Unpacking a whole lot of data around #dungeonsanddragons

Last week I wasn't expecting to study the implosion of the Dungeons & Dragons brand owned by Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming.

#Hasbro #wotc #criticalrole #wizardsofthecoast #dnd5e #dnd #ttrpg #pathfinder Image
As a company Wizards of the Coast did over a billion dollars in revenue last year.

After one week of brand damage millions of dollars have been shaved off this revenue and it appears to be getting worse day by day. It will likely evolve into double-digit percentages.
Just on Youtube there were 500+ videos covering the topic this week. Fan creators and influencers generated over 10M views across hundreds of videos that generated millions of hours of view time and 110K+ comments spreading to every other platform.
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Interesting news in the #RPG world:

D&D has been under an open license for 20+ years which has allowed content creators to publish #DnD-compatible material free & clear, but the giant corporation which owns the game (Hasbro) tried yanking the rights & the community is revolting:
This is an interesting study in a situation where a game really has become community property (socialized, you might say), and a mega-company tries to step in & pocket all of the third-party content -- not just "fan art" but a huge cottage industry of writers, designers, etc #dnd
The D&D third-party content producers range from people making $1/year off of some monster stats to people raising $100K off of a Kickstarter for a major project employing dozens of writers, artists, etc. The license change would've destroyed that overnight -- currently on pause.
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