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My grandmother passed away. Her funerals were today, but here I'd like to talk about the most important thing I couldn't spend too much time on in her eulogy: her love for Dungeons & Dragons. #DnD
She started very late, at 75, only a little over a year ago. One day I simply asked her if she'd like to try, and, like always when presented with something new, she said "Of course!". So we grabbed my PHB and built up a character together.
My grandmother chose to be a forest gnome because they seemed the most happy of the races and she really liked the fact that she could talk to small animals. She went with druid just to double down on the animal-friendship theme.
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This morning I was reminded of my high school friend Jim's #DND #RPG campaign. A low-magic, low-powered world somewhat set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. It was… harsh and not fun. (This'll be a thread.)
It was so low-magic that all spellcasting classes were incredibly rare, even as PCs. Our party didn't have a cleric. We basically had no healing magic, even from potions, that resting was the only way we recovered hit points.
I remember being overjoyed that we were hand-waving the details of a two-week sea voyage because it meant my character could spend 14 days resting and recover 14 hit points. Because I was a 4th-level fighter walking around injured all the time, being at 15hp out of 34 was common.
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This is one of my all-time favorites.

It's a brilliant design from 1987 that was decades ahead of its time.

Or, to be more accurate, it was right in its time and the rest of us are decades behind.
Re-reading my copy now. So much to talk about in these rules!

I feel a thread coming on. It'll probably have to wait until tomorrow, but there will be thread. An illustration of Rocket J. Squirrel introducing the rules to The Bullwinkle and Rocky Role-Playing Party Game.
"Fortunately, this isn't a normal roleplaying game."
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I've been thinking more about this, and about the surrounding conversation in @Alphastream's thread, and I have a few further Thoughts.

Some #rpgtheoryjuly musings incoming.
#DnD's lore is tied to its chargen mechanics in a supremely satisfying way. The "choose one from column A and one from column B" of selecting race + class is VERY MUCH a Feature of the system.
What's brilliant about it is it provides just enough restriction to spark creativity in players. This feels counterintuitive to people who don't like this type chargen, but the possibilities of recombining those two axes are genuinely inspiring.
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I’ll be unboxing this on twitter later tonight. Join me! #dnd
Tip: it’s not where the board games are at Target, where you’d expect to find it. It’s on an endcap between the toy aisle and electronics.
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Alright, lets take a look at this book, kindly provided for review purposes by @Wizards_DnD.

There. The disclaimer’s out of the way.
Worth noting: I am not a fan or reader of Penny Arcade. I also have zero real knowledge of the Acquisition Incorporated characters. I don’t know who played what character, nor what their story is about. I am going into this really fresh.
Before I even crack open the book, because this question always comes... yes. There are player options. There is a new race.
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Und weil es die liebe @chra war die mich wegen @KhazAndCrit drauf gebracht hatte, gibt's den #Duetgame Thread jetzt auch noch in deutsch für die #pnpde #ttrpg Twitter Blase 😘

Duospiele - 1on1 oder Duetgames - was ist das?

#Duetgame = 1 #ttrpg, 1 #GM / #DM + 1 Spieler

Du kannst ein Duetgame mit den Regeln von so ziemlich jedem #ttrpg spielen

#ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #pnpde
Ich habe die meiste Erfahrung damit #DSA und #DnD / #dnd5e Duetgames zu leiten, aber ich habe auch schon #Duetgames in #Shadowrun und #Vampire the Masquerade gespielt und es hat super funktioniert und hat so viel Spaß gemacht!
#ttrpg #pnpde
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One of the best pieces of advice I've received from the OSR is to actually use dragons in #DnD. Writing a random encounter table? Throw a dragon on there. What's in the abandoned abbey? It's a dragon. Players need things to run away from occasionally.
A related DM tip: there are a million hilarious, dramatic, or surprising ways that a DnD encounter can go, and you'll never see most of them if you keep using balanced encounters.
Lets look at the kinds of situations you don't usually see in "balanced" campaigns, where the opposition has been designed to be killed.
1.) Players surrendering.
2.) Players allying with the enemies, only to betray them later.
3.) Monsters fleeing from the players.
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So, leafing through the Ghosts of Saltmarsh, something struck me, and I think it's a key to a lot of the issues I've been ranting about off and on in #DnD over the last few years. I'm calling it "Outsider Writing Bias" right now, but I probably come up with a better term.
The crux of the idea is that #DnD modules, materials, and so on are overwhelmingly written from the perspective and in the mode of outsiders (the adventuring party) arriving in location, taking things in hand, and saving the day while the local yokels watch in awe and amazement.
Which means that when the location the party is going to shifts to a non-European coded area; things get racist and colonialist fast because of the extra baggage around it and an implied, if not meant or intended, White Man's Burden vibe that happens because of the approach bias.
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I think I want a #dnd movie that's a cross between The Princess Bride and Guardians of the Galaxy. Most of the movie is the in-game actions, but every now and then you cut to the RL game, with the players doing player-ey things. Similar to @ZombieOrpheus's "The Gamers" series. 1/
What we've gotten in the past is just vanilla fantasy movies with D&D-isms. We don't need that; we already have tons of fantasy movies. What we need is something that casual and uninformed audiences can see to get a glimpse of what a D&D game is like on the big screen. 2/
I've been on the "BIG FANTASY MOVIE" bandwagon for a long time, but that isn't going to make a D&D movie stand out. Give us "The Gamers," but on the big screen with a big budget. don't focus too much on the RL table dynamic but give just enough to show what it's like. 3/
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#DnD Take:
Monks should be rebranded to "Martial Artist" to remove the Orientalism aspects, and the ascetic aspects should be shunted to a subclass to reflect the dedication involved in that lifepath. Make them a dedicated melee combatant, high HP, low AC, high damage.
This also removes some of the cultural baggage from the class, making it easier to integrate into any setting or culture without having to wonder *how* it got there, and avoids nomenclature issues with non-Asian coded monks; in turn opening the door for more variety of monks.
It also means that the martial arts of the world open up to non-Asian ones. And there are a lot of non-Asian martial arts that are dope AF that would set D&D on fire. I'm taking Pankration using wrestlers taking down an ogre chief, or a Capoeira user hauling ass on a dragon.
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Dear #dnd #battlemap and encounter #map users and designers: A musing thread...
About 25% of my way-too-much gaming is #dnd. As a long-time user of battlemaps (vs. terrain), I prefer to use printed or printable battlemaps at the table when I run dungeons (I use more Theater of the Mind when running heists and other non-dungeon action sequences).
And I've been using battlemaps from DAY ONE of my D&D life, because I started with The New Easy to Master Dungeons and Dragons Game boxed set that came with that amazing vinyl(!) Zanzer's Dungeon map.
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Alright. Lets... dive... in.

Get it? “Dive in”? Ah man. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Let’s take a look at Ghosts of Saltmarsh. #dnd
First, the setting...The village of Saltmarsh is unequivocally set in Greyhawk. It says so in the book. This is not set in the Forgotten Realms, nor in some ambiguous generic world. This is Greyhawk.
So remember how in UK1, Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, the village itself was largely left for DMs to populate and create? Not now. Saltmarsh is a living breathing place with 3 factions vying for power: Traditionalists, Loyalists (to the Kingdom of Keoland), Scarlet Brotherhood.
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¡Vamos a construir una dungeon entre todos! La bárbara goliath está haciendo un descanso corto junto a la hoguera...#DnD
¿Qué arma utiliza nuestra bárbara? ⚔️
Usar un hacha a dos manos da hambre, pero por suerte otro miembro del grupo ha aprovechado el fuego para preparar la cena
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⚠️‼️Spoiler Alert‼️⚠️

*a lot* of women play #dnd
(and I do mean A LOT)

We just avoid gaming stores & online dnd forums because nobody likes being harassed by some gate-keeping asshat.
“wELl I’vE NeVEr SeEn a GIrL pLaY!!”

maybe.. that’s because ➡️you’re⬅️ the problem, my guy.
⚔️Don’t forget to check out my friends at @Mod20Gaming ⚔️

They stream #DnD every Friday night and it is a ton of fun to watch. My husband sometimes joins too.
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There's a deep connection between how much time I spent in the arms and armor wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC as a kid and my love of #DnD.

A thread. 1/7 Knights on horseback
Think old-school D&D's fondness for an endless variety of polearms is excessive?

This is one of like four cases of them in this wing. If it's on Gary's equipment list, it's probably in this room. 2/7 Polearms
Go on, try to tell me the person who owned this axe-pistol wasn't a player character. 3/7 Axe-pistol
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I feel comfortable saying this for the Forgotten Realms setting: Sun Elves are the literal worst. They've done more damage to the world (literally), committed the most heinous crimes on it, and yet act like they're just on an unfair downswing in life. They are the worst. #DnD
Moon Elves aren't as bad, but they're accomplices to it all because they cheerfully take advantage and benefit from Sun Elf nonsense. The big victims were the Dark Elves and Sea Elves, who had to, on multiple occasions, rebuild their civilizations because Sun Elves...1/2
2/2... destroyed them with all the care of "Oospy-doodle, sorry I wiped out your thriving metropolises and left untold numbers of you dead, now can you please leave? We're planning the next world altering bullshit we want to try."
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So, the #DnD kids have managed to come up with the best improvised weapon I've ever heard of. Henry the Hazardous, an angry scarecrow on a stick. Here follows the saga of Henry.
My #DnD5e youth group were attacked by a scarecrow. The barbarian decides to grapple him, and succeeds. He then wants to hold the scarecrow aloft by its pole, so it can't reach down and get him. Sure, but you have to roll Grapple again to restrain, I say. He succeeds.
So now he's got this scarecrow waving over his head like an angry Wacky Wobbler. But Emily, I hear you say, doesn't the #DnD5e scarecrow have two legs and move like a humanoid? Yes, but I described it as resembling a classic scarecrow tied to a pole at the start of this fight.
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Last year I went to a local game store on their free TTRPG to run #DnD and I volunteered to DM. Only 1 other DM
I proceeded to watch the table next to me fill up with upwards of 16 people.
1 willing player came to me. Good bean.

But that’s how Phantom Rollbooth was born.
I had previously been on the fence about it.

Running the Rollbooth is a lot of work in addition to the other streams I am on, writing projects, 60 hour work weeks, and art.

But it’s worth it.
@ColinItLikeISee was pushing for it years prior and I wasn’t on board.
But because of him and us doing this I don’t feel unwanted anymore.

The scene I described broke my heart. anyone who has ever been dismissed or uninvited from a table for being themselves knows that feeling.
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Here's a thing: stop describing fascism as Lawful Evil. It's not.

Fascism creates a society in which laws are used as a tool of oppression and control but don't apply to the oppressors, who are by the system's fundamental design outside their reach.

That's Neutral Evil. #DnD
A much more useful example of a Lawful Evil society would be (some periods of) the USSR, under which senior party officials were subjected to the exact same crushing, bureaucratic malevolence if they stepped out of line as random citizens were. #DnD
Neutral Evil looks upon laws and codes as useful tools that can be used to pursue some other purpose, like wealth, power or racial purity. If laws ever get in the way of that goal, they can be discarded just like any other broken tool. #DnD
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In creating the planeshifter and survivalist, the biggest question we had to answer was, "How do you bring nature-focused classes to a science fiction game?"

In the traditional sense, nature plays a relatively small part in sci-fi. There's a heavier focus on tech. #ttrpg #DnD5e
We've been calling the upcoming supplement 'the nature book' because of the two classes that are its capstones. But how does that work in space? What's a druid to do? Not much flora and fauna to see if you're not on a life-sustaining planet.

So we started by redefining 'nature'.
The void is part of the natural world, and so are any creatures that inhabit it. Asteroids, moons, celestial bodies - all these constitute nature, even if they're inorganic! Add in spaceship and station greenhouses and weird beasties and plants and you've got plenty to go on!
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I see a lot of bashing of early edition D&D around here, but I wonder how familiar people actually are with the game. 1e AD&D has a lot of rules people don’t know, and many of them are interesting and well designed. #DnD #ADnD
So I’m going to do a series of tweets where I outline the brilliant rules in AD&D. THIS ISN’T A KNOCK AGAINST ANY OTHER SYSTEM, it’s a celebration of what works well in early edition D&D (not everything does!) You might find things you can pinch for your game.
First off, people often ask how to make NPCs more interesting, enter the Personae of NPCs tables! You can improvise this stuff, but in a pinch you can also roll for characteristics like personality, piety or interests.
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Rather than padding NPC text, I think WOTC should look at better presenting encounter areas. I suggest we need only ever have the following headings:... (1/x) #dnd #dnd5e
Area Name/#, Features (light, terrain, ceiling/dimensions), Creatures, Traps/Hazards, Exploration, Interaction (2/x)
Area Name/# is self explanatory: "1-5. Goblin Barracks."

Features includes light (natural, dim, dark, 'lit by torches' etc.), ceiling height (indoors), cover options, difficult terrain. Save more complex stuff for the Traps/Hazards heading. (3/x)
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This is a constant conversation I've been having with friends and industry people since D&D 5th Edition launched.

Why has #DnD surged so much in the past few years and what ingredients came together to encourage this upswing in visibility and enthusiasm?

Lemme thread this-
In no particular order:
- A young audience hungry for unique experiences and looking for personalized entertainment. Tabletop RPGs like #DnD are infinity customizable and don't have to be expensive.
- The game can be dramatic and nuanced, or slapstick-silly. Strategic with minis and grids or highly narrative. You can play with kids or get a group of adults together and be raunchy and "inappropriate". All with the same basic framework and rules.
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