After getting a LOYAL partner; you ought to know briefly on how to calculate an infertile phase which will help u figure out when to smash it RAW to avoid pregnancy... A THREAD🥂
How do you love your sex?

Safe period is that portion of the menstrual cycle of the human female during which conception is least likely to occur and which usually includes several days immediately before and after the menstrual period and the period itself.
The best method is the CALENDAR METHOD. Which is you knowing how to keep track of your fertile and infertile window.

These are examples 👇👇
it involves tracking your ovulation so as to prevent pregnancy.

You need to keep track of the length of your menstrual cycles for at least 6 periods.

there’s still a possibility pregnancy could occur if u have sex during your safe period. that's why condom remains the best!

1. For 8 to 12 months, record the day you start ur menstrual period & count the total number of days in that cycle. Note that the first full flow day of ur menstrual period is day one.
2. Then write down the longest and shortest number of days from your monthly tracking.

If the cycles were 26, 28, 28, 26, 28, and 31, then the average cycle length would be 27.8, which you would round up to 28.
3. Find out the first day of your fertile window by subtracting 18 days from the length of your shortest cycle. For example, if your shortest cycle was 26 days, subtract 18 from 26, and write down day 9. 👇👇
• Count from the first day on the calendar to find your first fertile day. Next, pull out your cycle for the current month. Find the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) and count forward by the number you got as your result. 👇👇
4. Subtract 11 from the longest cycle in your record. Look back over your recorded cycles to find the longest cycle on record. Then, subtract 11 from the total number of days in this cycle

For example, if it was 32 days, you’d get day 21.
• Count forward on the calendar to find the last fertile day. Start at day 1 on your calendar again and count to the result you got by subtracting 11 from your longest cycle.
So the 27nd is your last fertile day of this cycle — you can start having unprotected sex the next day😋😩
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Preventing pregnancy with a fertility calendar is not foolproof! It requires meticulous tracking and even then there is still a chance you may become pregnant.

I remain your fav sexologist
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You can still contract an STI if you have unprotected sex, so using a fertility calendar is only recommended for partners in a monogamous relationship.

If you have any questions please drop it here on the comment section, I'll reply them asap. @preshdeyforyou
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You need to consistently track your menstrual cycles for at least six months before the method can be considered reliable.
You need to abstain from sex or use backup contraception during your fertile days.
This method has a higher failure rate compared to many other forms of birth control, such as condoms, diaphragms, and birth control pills, patches, or injections. But if used correctly, it can be just as effective
If you have irregular menstrual cycles, this method may be a poor choice for you. Use other birth control options..

I remain your fav sexologist
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