I have first hand, seen the results of bad decisions made by Pregnant Women because they hate CS and "it's not their portion". The most painful one was the one who after 5 years of searching, got pregnant, we discovered the baby was too big and she'll need CS. She kept quiet.
The baby was also not in the right position. We counselled her appropriately for CS. She said she has heard. Only for her to visit a TBA where the performed "External Cephalic Version", something that OBGYNs only perform under guidance in a well equipped facility.
The Baby suffered Cord Compression and strangulation and they rushed the child to us when they saw there was no other way. We did CS only to deliver a dead baby. I cried deep inside and was so furious!

The man later confessed to us what really led to it because I investigated.
If not for the husband, I won't have known this woman stubbornly decided not to do the right thing, rather choosing to listen to that devil called TBA Nurse.

She learned her lesson. In a hard way

Good news though. She's pregnant again. She came to us immediately.
Don't be like this. Learn to make informed educated decisions. Doctors aren't just telling you to do CS because they want more money from you (although I know some evil persons do this) however, you need to ask and seek opinions of verified Professionals all the time.

• • •

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23 Feb
Lemme say this again, there are two forms of Normal Delivery known to man, there's Vaginal Delivery, and there is Cesarean Section. Each of them have their indications. Women who ought to deliver through CS and refuse are the reason for high maternal deaths in Nigeria.
I mean how can you have an Obstructed Labor due to an Inadequate Pelvis and you expect to push your baby through a bony obstacle? Howwwwwww? You want to kill yourself? Or you want to risk a Vaginal Delivery with Severe Preeclampsia/ Imminent Eclampsia? Ọmọ!
Just few weeks ago I had a Vaginal Delivery that despite Episiotomy, the woman still sustained massive tears from her Vagina down to her anus and almost bled to death. Many women are literally willing to die on this hill of "I'm a Hebrew Woman, I must push my baby", and they DIE.
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15 Feb

A few days ago I said that people who have Hypertension can actually have little or no symptoms and that's why it's called a silent killer. Today let's share a few tips to maintain a good BP. The final tip is interesting if you're a Nigerian.
The first thing I'd like to share is what I refer to as the safe range of blood pressure. The safe or normal range is from 120/80mmHg. There might be lesser deviations from this point which are also normal however just note this number, especially if you're Hypertensive.
First tip: Eat healthy. Diet is very important. Africans in general have a very high sodium intake since we cook almost everything with spice and salt. Reducing your salt intake can help you keep a very good blood pressure so start practicing how to do that now.
Read 9 tweets
16 Jan
There are some of us that don't have the pleasure of being able to consume milk products like we wish because when we do, it is accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal pains and bloating.

Sorry my dear friend, you're lactose intolerant. Let's talk about lactose intolerance today.
Lactose intolerance is a common disorder and is due to the inability to digest lactose into its constituents, glucose and galactose, secondary to low levels of lactase enzyme in the digestive tract.

So when you consume milk, it contains lactose. This lactose must be broken down.
Lactose in it's original form is a disaccharide, but for it to be absorbed by your small intestine, an enzyme called Lactase is required to break it down (hydrolysis) into a monosaccharide. In those with Lactose Intolerance, Lactase is absent. So Lactose remains a disaccharide.
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13 Jan
So FAM... the ministry is moving. Nightshift Podcast will be hosted in a Game Night format every Fortnight (Fortnite psych 😁😁) on Twitter and YouTube. On Game Nights, it's You and Me LIVE, Heart to Heart, play games, win gifts, donate to a charitable cause.

Rinse and repeat 😍 Image
So before we begin I just want to run a poll on details of the live podcast so that we all can be a part of it

Would you prefer it to be on Weekday Nights or Weekend Nights?
Would you like an opportunity to call in during the live podcast?
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19 Dec 20
I spoke with a Consultant on the shared percentage he receives whenever he performs a procedure in my facility, when I did he screamed!

But this sacrifice is why I, a small boy, can call a Consultant by 2am and they show up in less than 30 minutes.
Part of my training, from Childhood and during my Medical years, was respect and reverence for Senior Colleagues, I choose to reflect this in how I relate with them, and how I pay for the services they render to my patients.

For me, I'll choose relationships over profits.
We are yet to make big profit margins and all, however, I know that with the relationships I have with the best Professionals in the field, it's just a matter of time we get there. As a principle I choose long term gains over short term gains. It's bitter work though.
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19 Dec 20
Thank you to all those who tuned in. For those who didn't, here's an ICYMI thread.

2020 is ending. What a year it's been. COVID 19 has affected everyone on the planet and it ravages on. It's time we are more deliberate about our health goals.

This is why we need a Health Diary.
A health diary is a personal health tracker and journal that tracks your overall health. It will include key moments about the state of your health in that time frame. Here are a few things that could be added to your Health Diary.
1) Hospitalizations: Were you admitted to the hospital? When? Why were you admitted and for how long? When were you discharged. These are important data for you to remember, especially in people living with Sickle Cell Disease.
Read 10 tweets

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