Looks like there’s going to be a lot of great companies on sale today.

I think everyone should be focused on their existing portfolio (including me) so I’m not sending out my new Substack writeup this morning.

Let’s hope for a big red washout then the buyers can step in.
I still believe we are in a bull market with low rates, plenty of stimulus and QE, low regulation, strong corporate balance sheets and and robust economic activity. Perhaps some valuations got stretched but the pendulum always swings too far in both directions.
I will definitely be a buyer this morning because I’m focused on 3+ years for my companies so a 5-10% selloff today is only telling me to add to my highest conviction names.
Big investors love to create a narrative that spooks the market into these mini sell offs so they can put more cash to work.

They know the game and they play it well.

Don’t fall for their tricks and panic sell. Be patient with your top picks.
We’re also seeing strong quarterly earnings — this trend will accelerate as we continue rolling out the vaccine and watch our economy start roaring again. There’s also more stimulus coming plus a possible infrastructure bill. Plenty of reasons to be bullish on stocks.
Short term rates including the 10-year treasury have moved higher in recent months but a lot of that is in anticipation of a robust post-pandemic economic recovery which might cause some inflation but will also be good for corporate earnings. Rates are still very low.

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23 Feb
I've never seen so many growth stocks down double digits at the same time. Insane washout!!!

Even though it was painful it was needed. Now the big funds (that run the market) and have been sitting on cash can put it to work and buy these great growth stocks at cheaper prices.
Should I have been trimming some of my stocks the past few days... maybe... but these are stocks I plan to own for the next few days so why incur unnecessary capital gains?
If I believe most (if not all) of my stocks can 5x over the next 5 years then it doesn't make sense to over-manage my portfolio in the short term.

Sometimes you're better off just accepting these big washouts will happen and adding to positions during the panic selling.
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21 Feb
Just a heads up...my next Substack writeup will go out either tomorrow afternoon (during trading hours) or Tuesday morning (after the open).

I'll provide an update when I know for sure. I've already done half of my due diligence so finishing up today then starting the writeup.
I'm not going to give any hints on my next stock writeup so there's zero chance of any big funds figuring it out and driving up the price.

I will say this stock is undervalued and should have 100% upside over the next 12 months.

You will also feel proud to be a shareholder.
Paid subscribers will get the writeup as soon as it's done. Free subscribers will get the writeup a few days later.

Paid subscribers will get exclusive access to my live interviews with the CEO's of my favorite companies. $CELH and $MWK are confirmed.

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21 Feb
I'll be interviewing @sarig_yaniv, the Founder & CEO of @MohawkGP aka $MWK on March 10th at 12pm EST.

I'll be sending the registration link to the paid subscribers of my Substack newsletter in the next couple days.

Everyone else can watch it on my YouTube channel on March 12th.
Back on Dec 21st I wrote about $MWK when it was a $12 stock jonahlupton.substack.com/p/jonahs-growt…

I added aggressively in the teens and when $MWK hit $20 in early January I said this would be a $100+ stock by end of 2022.

I'm sticking with this prediction although it's actually conservative.
Here's how it happens...

I believe $MWK will do $400M+ this year (2021) and $650M+ next year (2022).

Currently the stock is trading at under 4x sales which is way too cheap so I believe the stock deserves at least 6x sales if not closer to 10x sales.
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20 Feb
Just wrapped up another call with my @fintrics team. Website is 99% done -- just have to few tweaks for mobile.

Launch date is Saturday, March 13th. This will allow us to focus on a smooth launch without weekday distractions.

Signup for the waitlist: Fintrics.ai Image
With 6,500+ people on the waitlist there's no way we can send that many invites at once and then have everyone coming to the website at the same time to signup. It might overload the system and we don't want to take that chance so we'll be sending out 1,000 invites per day.
Even though we're launching on March 13th, there's a chance you won't get an invite for a few days.

The invites will go out in the same order as people signed up which means the first 1,000 invites will go out to the first 1,000 people that signed up at Fintrics.ai
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12 Feb
My most recent Substack stock writeup is now available to everyone including the free subscribers which should be getting email any minute jonahlupton.substack.com/p/tmdx-transme…

The company is $TMDX and I'm extremely bullish on this company. I've been buying shares every day this week.
$TMDX has created an incredible machine that mimics the human body which keeps organs alive and functioning during transport. $TMDX already has FDA approval for their OCS Lungs machine and we believe FDA approval for OCS Heart could be coming soon.
Current method of transporting organs is inside a picnic cooler on ice -- I'm not joking.

This archaic form of transport guarantees the organs start dying immediately which is why only 30% of them are usable by the time they get to the recipient w/ much higher rejection rate.
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11 Feb
People ask me about my investment strategy so I'll try to sum it up in a short thread. Here's what I look for:

1) small/mid cap stocks under $10B market cap
2) at least 30% revenue growth
3) potential of 50% upside within 12 months
4) potential of 5x returns within 5 years
I'm less concerned about valuation on small/mid cap growth stocks if I believe they can sustain 50-100% revenue growth for 3+ years. If they can do this then they'll grow way past any valuation concerns. I love multiple expansion stories.
I look at SPAC investing as an opportunity for investors like me to play the role of late stage VC and invest in high-growth disruptive companies while growth is still in the early innings. Just a couple years ago these companies would've been raising D and E funding rounds.
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