.@ElieNYC, in my opinion, has spotted the jig: “Promoting women of color cannot be done in a bipartisan fashion. Republicans will not allow it. When Democrats look for nominees … Republicans will vociferously object to any woman of color put forward.” thenation.com/article/politi…
I’m old enough to remember not only what Lani Guinier went through when Bill Clinton attempted to appoint her to run the civil rights division of DOJ — but also how Tom Cotton held the nomination of Cassandra Butts until she died, just to make Obama feel bad.
Lani Guinier, for those not around in 1993, saw her nomination spiked over ‘radical’ views on race and voting rights. In hindsight, though — in the Trump years’ aftermath, and after the rise of #BLM — her basic analysis has pretty clearly won the argument.
(Source for the above: ↘️) prospect.org/justice/lani-g…
Yep. “Mitch McConnell’s commitment to civil rights,” the headline asserts — even as McConnell was in the midst, in 2015, of holding up countless judicial nominees, many of color, to enable the court-packing spree he would begin under Trump two years later.
We could also talk about Republicans’ facts-notwithstanding use of the Benghazi attacks as a cudgel against Susan Rice. Seriously, we could be here all day. mediamatters.org/benghazi-consp…
🎯: “Activists who pushed Biden to nominate a diverse Cabinet are … noticing [a] phenomenon: Many of the president’s Black, Latino, Asian and Native American nominees are encountering more political turbulence than their White counterparts.” washingtonpost.com/politics/many-…

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More from @ggreeneva

13 Feb
Bear in mind, as you consider the following: McConnell railed, this afternoon, that Trump was guilty as hell of what the House had accused.

Yet he *still* voted to acquit.

Republicans can’t be counted on to do the right thing even when they say what the right thing is. Enough.
People of the age of most senators should no more wait expectantly for bipartisanship, at this juncture in time, than believe in the Tooth Fairy. Talk of good-faith working across the aisle sounds desperate and ridiculous.
This should be obvious — that the threat to obstruct now merely stands in for the certainty of obstruction later. Yet here we are, saying it again.
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29 Jan
The wild part of Brooks’ attempt to conscript Black people for his argument is that Black parents — more than the general population — have accepted remote learning as a safety measure against COVID-19. ImageImageImage
The paternalism of insisting “we must reopen schools now, for the Black children!” — when it’s easy enough to listen to or learn about what Black people say they want, which is _not that_ — takes one’s breath away. washingtonpost.com/education/2020…
Yep. Black parents have agency over their decisions — and have preponderantly chosen to avoid exposing their families until in-person instruction is made safe.
Read 6 tweets
30 Dec 20
Stop calling it a “$2,000 untargeted giveaway.” It’s an apology — for the to provide a functioning nation-state in return for the taxes we work our tails off to pay.
I’m not even eligible, under the current means test. But I blew up my budget for extra child care expenses, tuition for the kid we were going to enroll in public kindergarten, and survival checks to our nanny — who couldn’t keep working (her young kids are Zoom schooling) …
… and couldn’t make rent.

Everybody whose net worth has five or fewer numbers before the trailing dot has gotten kicked to the ribs this year — sometimes repeatedly — while the president has golfed and Mitch McConnell has f––ed off.
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29 Dec 20
The Trump administration, demonstrating bottomless incompetence after lofty promises? What a shock. Perish the thought.

When ‘Operation Warp Speed’:
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20 Dec 20
Nate Silver, armed with his aura of expertise, is entering a second day of talking past an epidemiologist telling him, ‘Annie Hall’-style, that he knows nothing about their work.

Oy gevalt.
I meant ‘Annie Hall’-style literally, by the way. The epidemiologist told Silver, in their first reply to him …
And here it is: the liberal rendition of the American habit of considering one’s ignorance as just as good as a professional’s expertise.

“I know a fair bit about COVID,” he writes while shouting down epidemiologists. Okay, champ. Sure.
Read 4 tweets
20 Dec 20
More people deserve to know that Trump modeled the scowl in his presidential portrait after Churchill — because that’s what he imagines “leadership” looks like.
He thinks he’s Churchill leading the forces of Western civilization in their finest hour — when the only possible point of comparison that works is with Churchill causing a massive famine in Bengal because he couldn’t be arsed.
What a preposterously stupid, vicious human being.
Read 4 tweets

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