This is just delightful. @kathygriffin has set legal precedent! Some of the Covington kids sued her - not for defamation, not for any cognizable claim - but for "invasion of privacy and terrorism" for writing tweets about the viral video they were in. They sued in Kentucky....1
...claiming that the federal courts had jurisdiction over her based on a long-arm statute in Kentucky (which is probably why the claims against her with odd - they would potentially kick in long-arm jurisdiction if upheld.) Well, a unanimous court ruled "can't do that." Just...2
...tweeting from CA doesnt mean you can be sued in KY. So finally, the limits of KY's long-arm statute are set. Americans from across the country can thank @kathygriffin for when nonsense lawsuits filed in KY against those in other states are tossed out.…

• • •

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25 Feb
As someone well versed in the Bible who attended seminary, I cant express my anger at Cafeteria Christians like @gregsteube who cherry pick the Bible they don't even understand to justify hate. Nothing screams hypocrisy than those who quote Leviticus, ALWAYS to condemn others...1
...start with foundation: Under Christianity, we're all sinners. So why is it GOPrs think they can say "Oh, we can treat these people terribly because we think they're sinners." By what right, @RepGregSteube? You believe the power to judge is yours, based on part of Leviticus?..2
...but the good thing, @RepGregSteube is that under Leviticus 22 - one of the more repulsive parts of Leviticus - you need to know: Was your wife a virgin when she married you? If so, bring her to her father's home and invite the men of her city to come stone her to death....3
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23 Feb
GOP lies disrepect the people - including children - whom they kill. In Texas, we knew in 2011 that state faced a power collapse if plants werent winterized. Dems put forward a bill requiring plants to winterize to prevent the collapse. GOP voted it down because "freedumb"...1
...and "the free market" and the endlessly bogus incantation "jobs!" when winterizing would have created, not killed, jobs. Reality: Winterizing, requiring power reserves through long term contracts and not just depend on spot market, would cost energy companies money. And...2
...they are the biggest bribers - i mean, GOP campaign contributors - in Texas. So, it saved some money. But this didn't change reality. The report from 2011 and the science made it certain that the power system would collapse. GOP scoffed and laughed, as they ALWAYs do when...3
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21 Feb
.@GregAbbott_TX: These kids are some of the 1000s of Texans you killed in past 8 months. This time, because of your deals with energy buddies. The kids died in a fire lit as they tried to stave off freezing.

On you, Greg. On you.

This is a thread of children you’ve killed...1 is an 11 year old boy named Cristian. He was freezing, the power was off because of your corrupt deals. Climbed in bed, to get under a pile of blankets.

He froze to death. As he drew he last breath, @GregAbbott_TX, you were on Fox, lying that wind power caused this....2
...think about that @GregAbbott_TX. You were too stupid and corrupt to do anything to help us. Instead, there you were, soft skinned, well fed and warm as you appeared on Fox to lies, time you could have spent helping. As lies passed your lips, Cristian’s lips turned blue...
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20 Feb
How to not run/and run a business:

In 1976, my family was Big Thompson River flood. 2 hotels survived -locally owned one we were in, which let people stay free & doubled up rooms, & Holiday Inn, which tripled rates. I’ve never again stayed in HI for 45 years because of that..1
...we’ve seen the opposite in Texas disaster - a community minded business that wins public affection & is better managed than the state. @HEB is beloved in TX, more so since the recent crisis. In a town where people were in financial trouble, HEB gave away groceries for free...2
...literally, you would walk into the store, head to the cashier, and they would thank you and send you on your way. They were prepared for a disaster. Why? Because at the beginning of the pandemic, this grocery store chain -GROCERY STORES! - commissioned John’s Hopkins to do...3
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17 Feb
The answer is yes, @texasdemocrats. They just don’t care.

@GregAbbott_TX was given a report last spring on how to open Texas safely. But his business buddies wanted to open everything at once, so Gregg fired folks who wrote safety report, threw it open knowing it would kill....
...and let 1000s died. Also, @texasdemocrats - @GregAbbott_TX knew that the communities with highest infection rates and death in Dallas were the minority and poor communities, so our leaders sent vaccines there first to save lives and slow the spread. But Greggs rich buddies...2
...wanted to go shopping, and certainly didn’t want to wait in line with folks down at Fair Park so, like a good Trumper, he used the vaccines to blackmail us. He told Dallas, @texasdemocrat, if we didn’t stop worrying about the poor and highest death minority communities....3
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17 Feb
For those of us suffering & dying in Texas, the sociopathy of @GOP that leads to an astonishing lack of concern about our lives by evil folk like @GregAbbott_TX @GovernorPerry @TuckerCarlson @DanCrenshawTX et al who blatantly lie about what’s happening...1…
...just to score political points - and protect the profits of energy companies - is almost incomprehensible. These are people who would claim Social Security caused 9/11 if it was convenient. What caused this catastrophe is vast vast majority from gas, then coal/nuclear...2
...then wind. The ONLY source of power that is delivering more than expected in budgeting is wind. But that’s not convenient to say for the oil/gas/coal industry, so the @GregAbbott_TX @GovernorPerry @DanCrenshawTX stand atop our dead bodies lying to protect the companies...2
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