This year is the 40 year that I have had Serious arthritis. Thankfully at the start of my illness with this very painful disease there was the Labor Government of Hawke and Keating. I was treated well by centrelink when I became too ill to work. in 1996 my life changed and I
became a pariah. I was treated with contempt and like I was some kind of criminal. There was no drug to treat my condition and as well as constant pain that was enhanced and exacerbated by the pain of Liberal government condemnation. You see the liberals don't believe in
disability, they believe in heartlessness and grinding people into the ground. During that time I was audited by centrelink 5 times in 18 months. First they would send me the papers and 3 months later they would sent them to my wife. The last audit was face to face ad when i
asked the centrelink office why we had to do another one of these he said, we have to make sure we are not overpaying you. I asked him why they had to do this for the fifth time. he wasn't aware and when he realised I was right he was uber embarassed. Then we had a brief
spell again under the labor party and we were left alone. but in 2013 Abbott lied his way onto the treasury benches and the assault on the disabled, the unempolyed, the underemployed reached new heights of nastiness under the liberal party. The illegal Robodebt started where
over 2000 people committed suicide, the Indue card started for the poor indigenous population who can't fight back. A policy laced with racism and hate. And all the while they attack the unions who were formed to make sure that workers were safe at work and didn't come home
injured of in a box. The people who have been fighting for over 300 years for social justice from the people who think they are better than the workers. Their politics is laced with hatred. Hatred against the aged, the disabled the unemployed, people of different colour and
religion, but not only are they so intellectually weak minded that they stoop to the bases of these despicable ideas, they are champions of the dirty joke, the snide remark and the Misogynist snark. Remember the way they treated our first Female Prime minister? An absolute
disgrace and now in their midst they have an alleged Serial rapist who worked in the house where the laws are made and when he broke those laws against young women, they appear to cover them up, to sanitise the crime scene and to lie about who knew what. These are the worst of
their traits. I haven't mentioned going to an illegal war in Iraq and the demonising of the Asylum seekers who in despair sought peace in what they thought was a decent land. Only to be locked up for 7 years and treated worse than farm animals. I haven't mentioned the plethora
of alleged wrongdoing swept under the carpet or the gross misuse of public funds to purchase votes. I haven't mentioned the denial of the science of climate change. Now I am tired and on the verge of despair. That as an aged pensioner i will be denied a dignified end of my life
that I will be hounded to my death by a bastard Liberal party intent on elitism and wrong doing. Because of all of this and because I have a thick hide I will till my dying day vote for the labor party. They may not be perfect but they don't treat me like shit. If you want to
read more about the crappy government of the liberal party go to read about how they cut Pensions and put 400,000 under the poverty line, read about how they destroyed the car manufacturing industry and more read about their grants rorting schemes.

• • •

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12 Feb
Yesterday I posted all the grants schemes analysed. Now I am going to Post them one by one. Starting with the Sports administration Grants. Value $100 Million Image
This analysis took me 4 days because I had to manually check every electorate and Post code. (Did you know there are 17,500 postcodes in Australia?). Today is an interesting day as the Senate Select Committee into Sports Administration grants (Sports Rorts) sits at 2pm today..
If you want to watch go to the Watch Parliament web site and see them doing their thing. While you are at it, go and look at this web site…
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10 Feb
This is a pie chart of all the grants programs I have analysed from 2013 to 2020 (7 programs incl Sports rorts). The total value is $3,178,910,475 ($3.178 Billion Scholars)
The graph shows the reason why the Coalition are in power. Basically they are using our money to buy votes to get back on the Treasury benches. They use the tactics of the GOP in America, but they use Australians money to fund their objectives. Sports rorts was the tip of the
iceberg. it was only worth $100 million. Since the grant connect webpages where they report these grants have been live (1 Jan 2018) $45 billion in grants has been distributed by Government. So my $3 Billion has only looked at the tip. If you want to learn ,more Visit
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20 Dec 20
As a result of listening to The ABC News breakfast this morning and the complete mischaracterisation of the Victorian second wave and the inane questions asked by the stand in presenter, I thought i would put a few things into context. Firstly has anyone heard of insurance?
I have and I understand it's a way to mitigate loss in times where the extra ordinary happen. Buying insurance involves some money and also a deal of planning. It's all about risk. So what do we do as a country when there is a risk? We make laws and we spend some money planning
all sorts of things to mitigate that risk. That is why we have a Police force,Border force and a whole raft of other forces who are there for when something might happen. So what did we do about Novel Viruses? In Feb 2003, we had Sars…
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20 Dec 20
Send three and fourpence we are going to a dance. NSW stats last 24 hrs.
And here are the federal figures for the Last 24 hrs.
The message should be. "Send reinforcements we are going to advance" This is the competence of the liberals Both in NSW and federally. Can't even get their stories right.
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30 Nov 20
I can't help thinking that Australia (under a completely incompetent Coalition Government(s)), always gets Australia into trouble. Think Vietnam, think Afghanistan, Think Iraq. The liberal Party and the nationals are gung Ho a bit like a b grade War Movie, where the war could
have been avoided with intelligence and a bit of quiet diplomacy. It's also the best economic option. It costs a lot less for a diplomatic post than an army, Navy and airforce. It's the same with the overboard World trade scheme. We allowed a very liberal Trade deal with China,
including allowing their nationals to come in and work on jobs in Australia. That side letter which Robb signed and which the liberals crowed about has now come back and bitten them (and Australians) in the arse. The whole trade deal has come crashing down around our ears. All
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16 Nov 20
@TheRealPBarry 4 corners and Porter and Tudge goes way beyond Sexual stuff. What the program failed to highlight was that these people are the people who make the Laws which govern us. They are the people who had something to do with Robodebt and I remember a Judge recently
said something about Criminal behaviour in a court case by one of them as well. Tudge is interested in Education, It's his political thrust, Porter's is the Law. Both of them are in Senior positions in the government of the day and making decisions each day by regulation or
making laws in the parliament of Australia...about things which govern Australians lives. Laws are essentially about how the Population behaves in society generally. The norms of Society. We have certain accepted Social norms and also laws which we must obey, upon penalty of
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