Can God/Source experience him/herself without creation? Imagine being pure awareness. You have no body, and there is nothing else to interact with. There's only infinite, timeless you. The only thing you can experience is simply being.
Everything that you know about yourself is an effect of you having a body (an interface into this reality) that allows you to interact with surrounding environment.
It is this interaction that enables you to learn about yourself, about your preferences, capabilities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc. It is the environment and life experiences that fuel the expansion of your consciousness.
Now again, imagine God/Source in its original state of beingness craving to experience itself, to expand itself, to become more, to learn more about itself. It doesn't take much to realize that without nothing to interact with expansion is not possible.
That's where creation comes in. Creation implies more than one, as there must be the Creator and the Created. God being the only being out there must have created other things from its own being/material, its own consciousness. Thus everything that is, IS GOD.
Consciousness is all there is. However, consciousness can compress itself and "crystallize" itself to form energy which acts as a "clay" out of which things can be created. Matter is crystallized energy. Those things can be imbued with consciousness/spirit.
The double slit experiment proves beyond the reasonable doubt that the observer influences the experiment with his/her consciousness. That means that the observer and the observed are one. The connection is not visible but it exists through the quantum field.
God is unlimited & it craves to experience itself in all possible forms & situations. God values all experience and doesn't judge it. There is no right, nor wrong. There is only experience and expansion. Since God knows there is only God out there, it loves itself unconditionally
You are a Divine aspect of God through whom God can have a unique experience that can only be provided through you.

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20 Dec 20
There is no time. It doesn't exist as an independent thing. It is created by consciousness in order to experience its creation in chronological way. All possibilities already exist and are experienced in parallel worlds/timelines.
Imagine you have a movie on a roll of film. You don't roll it out and watch all movie frames all at once, even though they do exist all at once. You put it into projector and you watch frame by frame. Since the frames change faster than you can notice, you see seamless action,
The same is with consciousness. By interacting with probability waves chronologically it creates time. But time really doesn't exist. The double slit experiment with delayed observation (quantum eraser) proves scientifically that we can affect events in the past.
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19 Dec 20
What the nature of our reality? Here is my understanding: Time doesn't exists. Time is an aftereffect of our consciousness shifting its focus from one frame of reality to another. Each frame of reality exists as information encoded in an interference pattern (IP).
That interference pattern exists in what science refers to as "Quantum Field." All possibilities already exist in that IP and that includes possible past, possible present, and possible future. All exist at once in the same now moment.
Each frame of reality represents smallest change within a quantum system (Planck Time). The most efficient way of storing information is not in 3D but in 2D. 3D information can be stored in 2D as interference pattern.
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19 Dec 20
There's only one being out there. That being is called by many names: God/Source/Great Spirit/All That Is/Consciousness, etc. That God is infinite and unlimited. It exists beyond space and time. It is pure presence and awareness.
Imagine being pure point of awareness within an endless void. What can you experience? The only experience you can have is pure beingness. There is nothing else outside of you, no point of reference, so there is nothing else you can experience.
Even if you move, you are still in the same space as you are surrounded by infinity. Even to experience a simple movement, a point of reference is needed so you create another focal point within the void. It is also you.
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17 Dec 20
God is infinite, therefore God is all that is. Nothing can exist apart or outside of God, because then, God would not be God. God is in all creation, in you, and in other people.
That means that if you believe in angry and judgmental God, you will attract and manifest people with those qualities in your life, because they are part of God.
If you believe in God that is forgiving, and who offers unconditional love, you will attract and manifest people with those qualities in your life, because they are part of God.
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30 Nov 20
Is it possible to slow down aging? The answer is YES! I have mentioned before that our thoughts and emotions affect our etheric body which serves as a blueprint for the physical body. We constantly receive light/energy from our I Am presence/God and that energy is neutral.
Through our states of consciousness we can qualify that energy (increase its vibration) if we are in state of peace, joy, and love. We misqualify that energy (lower its vibration) whenever we engage in negative thinking, worry, sadness, anger, etc.
Misqualified energy over time disturbs our energy systems (our chakras and energy bodies) and that in turn, has negative effect on our physical body. Energy blockages may cause disease and accelerating ageing.
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29 Nov 20
Your etheric body serves as a blueprint for your physical body. The etheric body is what Rupert Sheldrake refers to as morphic field. It's the energy of that field that affects the gene expression of our DNA. All cells have the same DNA yet they function differently.
Our etheric body is influenced by our higher bodies and those are the mental and emotional bodies. Any energetic blockages in the mental and emotional bodies, over time distort the energy flow in the etheric body. This in turn affects energy flow within our physical body.
Any part of the physical body or even the entire physical body will succumb to disease and accelerated aging if it doesn't receive ample amount energy (vitality). Distortions in the etheric body over time will be reflected in the physical body.
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