Narendra Modi Stadium and clueless bhakts (A thread).

Remember that Bandhgala suit, that had PM Modi’s name embroidered all over it. Liberals called PM Modi a narcissist, and Modi Bhakts quickly shifted to back-foot. The suit was gifted to PM Modi and he auctioned it for lakhs.
The suit or the auctioning of it were not the take aways from this incident. Bhakts’ almost immediate shifting to back-foot was the net take away from the incident. It was probably for the first time that fans of PM Modi showed how easy it was to shame them into submission.
Most RWs feel the urge to please everyone. Their generous usage of the word “but” is a proof of it.

Okay demonetisation was bad but...
GST caused issues but...
Modi ji may not be the best but...

Sorry “but”, when you’re issuing contradictory statements, you’re pleasing no one.
So what are the main issues about the Narendra Modi stadium?

1. He is doing the same thing as Congress.
2. Is Modi ji a cricketer?
3. Ram Ram he is still alive yaar

Liberals call PM Modi a narcissist and Bhakts switch to back foot immediately. Again.
Most people in any country are not political. They don’t indulge in political discussions. They seldom read about politics. Psephologists call them fence sitters. It is this group that rallies, manifestos and promises affect. Core supporters or haters don’t change their views.
And it’s this group that gets most affected by the conditioning of the subconscious. Imagine an apolitical guy taking off at Rajiv Gandhi Airport, Hyd, landing at Indira Gandhi airport, Delhi, taking a cab that whizzes past Jawarlal Nehru University.
He idolises Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna puraskar awardees. He has availed many of the schemes named after the same gentleman. He sees a dozen Nehru Engineering and medical colleges everyday, not to mention countless parks, statues and stadiums. How does his subconscious mind react?
The Nehrus and Rajivs are deified in the subconscious mind of an apolitical person - the prized catch, the one who can change the fate of elections. Congress has been doing it as a tool of mind control and very successfully so. But the BJP can’t. Because Bhakts won’t let them.
If the cricket association of the state, of which Narendra Modi was the CM for 3 consecutive terms wants to honour its most iconic modern day leader, what is wrong with it? I say nothing. Should a person die in order to be immortalised. I say no. Is PM Modi aping INC. I say NO.
INC leaders honoured themselves. PM Modi got honoured.

Rajiv deserved nothing. Nehru deserved less. PM Modi deserves this and much more.

Should NaMo not be honoured for his contribution towards rebuilding Bharat?

Should all of us feel guilty because liberals want us to?
You write your history or someone else will write it for you. Look at how democrats are hell bent on destroying Trump’s legacy, they are even denying him a presidential burial. If congress comes to power, they will try to erase NaMo from the hearts and minds of people too.
But even a 100 years later, some buildings, stadiums,roads and schemes will keep retelling the story of the sun called Modi that once shone in Indian skies. It’s not andhbhakti. There is nothing to be ashamed about. It’s about standing up to those who use our morality against us.

• • •

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10 Feb
Mamata Banerjee: Hamba Hamba ramba ramba kamba kamba dumba dumba bumba bumba Kamba Kamba

PM Modi should provide best possible treatment for Mamata Didi after winning Bengal.
Could it be logorrhoea? Logorrhoea also known as press speech, is a communication disorder that causes excessive wordiness and repetitiveness, which can cause incoherency. Didi must seek immediate medical help and I am not being sarcastic here.
I think it started with the famous Joi Bisnu Mata video where she went on to chant the names of every Hindu god/goddess that she knew about. She was doing it to prove that she is more Hindu than PM Modi.

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8 Feb
I have seen people shyly confessing that they are fans of PM Modi especially in their “faith diverse” friends/colleagues group. I have seen Modi fans abjectly surrendering even when the “other” folks would go to any lengths to defame him. This is what gives them narrative control
You tell your truth or someone else will say it for you. Being vocal on social media is one thing and being vocal in real life is another. I have corrected cab drivers, co-passengers in trains with facts and data or have reduced them to their bare hateful selves at the very least
You stand for a politician. You stand for an ideology. Stand. Don’t cede your ground to your belligerent and more vocal ideological foes. Don’t back out to “avoid confrontations”. Those who back out of righteous confrontations are run over. Take the narrative control back.
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7 Feb
So how dangerous is Joe Biden for India?

Short answer - very.

For long answer follow the thread:
About Trump first:

Donald Trump had made India the foundation stone of his “Indo-Pacific” policy which the democrats have again started calling “Asia Pacific”. Trump and PM Modi shared great personal rapport and both went the extra mile for each other.
Trump openly supported Hindus, talked in Hindi, attended a predominantly Hindu gathering first in Houston then in Motera, and openly criticised Islamic terrorism, an emotive issues for Hindus. It was just the push Hindus in America needed.
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5 Feb
Thanks for liking this tweet thread so much. My inbox and mailbox got flooded with congratulatory messages. Some people also asked me to re-post the tweet in Hindi so that it reaches far and wide.

I think that's a great idea. So here it is :-)
ग्रेटा, मिआ और रिहाना एक अदृश्य शत्रु के वित्तपोषित प्रतिनिधि मात्र हैं जबकि वह अदृश्य शत्रु स्वयं वित्तपोषित नहीं है। इसकी शत्रुता इसके भय से उत्पन्न होती है। भय एक जागृत भारत का, भय प्राचीनकाल के भारतवर्ष का।

अब मैं इस सिद्धांत का विवरण करता हूँ।

चलिये गुप्तवंश की अवधि में चलते हैं। भव्य भवनों और राजपथों से भरे और जन-कलरव से गुंजायमान एक से बढ़कर एक विशाल जनपद हैं। लोग धार्मिक हैं और विधि व्यवधान का अक्षरशः पालन करते हैं, राजकोष प्रचुर सम्पदा से युक्त है।

वहीं पश्चिम पूरी तरह से अराजकता में लिप्त है।
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4 Feb
Greta, Mia and Rihanna are paid foot soldiers of a faceless enemy but that faceless enemy itself isn’t paid. It does it out of fear. The fear of a truly awakened India, the Bharatvarsha of yore.

Let me explain how.

Let’s wind our clocks back to the Gupta ages. There are bustling cities with proper roads, drainage systems and every other facilities. People are religious and law abiding, state treasury is flowing with money.

The west at the same time is in utter chaos.
Varahamihira and Aryabhata, are writing about planetary motions, Kalidasa is writing the story of Shakuntala. Vatsyayana is writing the Kamasutra, a book about carnal pleasures and Susruta is writing his Samhita on Ayurveda.

West is still busy fighting.
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2 Feb
China had a simple method. Build new cities and then abandon them. New cities need cement, bricks, water, roads, electricity and a 100 other things. A new city leads to a chain of economic activities thereby pushing the GDP up. An investor sees a prosperous China.

And he parks his money there, China gets fresh funds which it uses to recover the cost of the city and abandons it. So it got money for virtually doing nothing, and got to keep its GDP growth rate artificially up.

I’m not trying to prove how smart China is but...

The lesson is that that building more is the sure shot way to push GDP up. It creates jobs, makes existing cities better and creates new cities. But we are not China, we don’t build to abandon.

But there is so much scope in India to build more anyway.

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