They don’t hate us because of the trigger warnings and disclaimers.

They hate us because they hate brown people, they hate gay people, they’re terrified of the mainstreaming of trans people, and they’ve been brainwashed into believing the socialists are coming for their guns.
The trigger warnings and disclaimers - even for something as benign as The Muppet Show - are just ammunition for their side to make us look absurd and oversensitive.

But it could all stop tomorrow & it would not make a difference, because it’s not why they hate us.
DISNEY: Hey, there was some racist stuff in these old kids’ TV shows that was accepted as normal 40 years ago, but rather than throw out the baby with the bathwater we’ll just include a short disclaimer before we rerun them unedited

Make no mistake: conservatives’ biggest problem with “Cancel Culture” is the critical reevaluation of things that they had previously considered acceptable

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21 Feb
The staff at Trump Hotel had very specific instructions for how to serve Donald Trump his Diet Cokes, which I cannot read without remembering the elaborate ritual required to serve the Monseigneur his “happy chocolate” in A Tale of Two Cities…
To wit: (1/2) Image
(2/2) Image
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22 Jan
R: You Democrats say you want unity, but you keep saying mean things about Trump supporters

D: He’s a racist pathological liar who sent his goons into the Capitol Building to overthrow an election that he lost, and you supported him every step of the way

D: For the record, our main goal was not “unity”; we wanted Trump gone because he is a deceitful & destructive presence

R: Well, how can we call you hypocrites unless we actively distort your message

D: You got me

R: When we call you “HYPOCRITES”, it means we win the argument
R: Go ahead; try it out. Say anything about Trump

D: OK; he incited an angry mob to attack the Capitol

R: HYPOCRITES! What about BLM rioting and looting?

D: That doesn’t mean you win the argument

R: Good luck convincing anyone on my side of that
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18 Jan
GOP YESTERDAY: BLM protesters are anti-American agitators whose relentless rioting & looting are destroying our cities

GOP TODAY: MLK was a Republican, you know

GOP TOMORROW: BLM protesters are anti-American agitators whose relentless rioting & looting are destroying our cities
Yes, I maintain that your reaction to the Black Lives Matter protests are the closest indicator we have to how you would have reacted to Martin Luther King’s activism if you’d been around sixty years ago
Anyone over the age of 70 who was actively aware of the Civil Rights Movement as it was happening is welcome to compare & contrast
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17 Jan
After Biden is inaugurated and the Senate impeachment trial is over there will really be no reason for Trump to be on TV all the time and since he won’t be yelling at us on Twitter every day let’s hope this “Cancel Culture” works as well as Republicans keep telling us it will
I’m trying to imagine what Trump’s post-Presidency life will look like and he’ll probably show up on OANN & Newsmax and he might even continue with the rallies but without his Twitter/Facebook megaphone I can’t imagine they’re going to be as popular as they were before
I’m fully aware of how much oxygen Schmuck a L’Orange is draining from the upcoming Presidential Inaugural and with all due deference to President-Elect Biden it’s not like we’ve ever had an openly seditionist lame duck kicking and screaming and refusing to leave before
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15 Jan
HA HA HA HA HA oh, nice try Mister Tuberville
Yes, let’s delay the inauguration until the pandemic, which the current President has done fuck-all to fix, is “behind us”
We already know this idiot believes there should be zero obstacles to Trump staying President forever; there’s no need to pretend “public safety” is of particularly grave concern to him, especially him light of what his allies are willing to do to keep Dear Leader in power
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10 Jan
Welcome to life in 2021, where the lion’s share of what passes for political discourse consists of Explaining Extremely Obvious Things to People Who Refuse to Listen
- Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Any “fraud” detected was minimal, & did not affect the outcome in any state.

- Several states were not allowed to count mail-in ballots until the Election Day ballots were complete. They were not mysteriously “found” in the middle of the night.
- There was no valid evidence for fraud; just hearsay and viral rumors on the Internet.

- Despite 60 attempts to prove fraudulent behavior, none of Trump’s evidence was considered legitimate in a court of law.
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