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Can you really reverse
self hatred?
your insecurities?
the low level of confidence you live your days in?

Can you really reverse your record and history
of “failures”?

but you see this all the time right?

reverse it!
battle this & conquer that Image
i don’t know about you

but that sounds like way too much work for me
think about it... when something is going at full
steam force ahead, along its track

forward motion, barreling ahead
and then to come in and REVERSE that?

yeah...a lotta work

and unnecessary
so, TODAY, is there another way available to us?
an alternative to what everyone else drones
on about?

give me simpler
maybe even funner
certainly lovelier
can you make a change,
do better get it together get right
“reverse” what’s NOT correct

can you force-stop the process of falling into
the ways/habits of what’s NOT right for you?

and do so *successfully*

with less strain
less fuss less bother
less work less effort
less turmoil less confusion
less heartache less mental or emotional pain

why don’t we look into?
cos right about now,
with everything else we’re weighed down with

i really don’t believe we’ve got access to
a surplus of left over energy to power us up
to STOP the push/pull of our incorrect habits
so, instead of getting yourself caught up in a thing

and THEN working to do something to counter it
to go against the rhythm or pull of it

to loosen the grip of its “bad” ill effect on us
- to naturally reverse your way OUT of constantly
falling into the cycle of it...?

in this moment, let’s make it easy on
your heart AND head


you should make it very clear in your mind
- like crystal -

precisely what it is

1) you no longer want (the pull of this bad)
2) all the ways that it sneaks up into & throughout
your days (in action thought emotion circumstance

...and 3?
well...before we travel any further down this road

i SHOULD warn you up front

the one tiny bit that if you actually do it — you gon’
be STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE to make whatever
change you desire
strong - like nobody AND nothing will be able
to stop your butt

as you move forward in your “i’m gonna reverse
this madness/mess” mode

because of that?
#3 is also the intellectual treasure,
the soul-balm your enemies want to keep
OUT of your hands

and they work day and night to do just that

(enemy = anybody on the face of this planet who
DOES NOT want you to reach or ever EXPERIENCE
your highest good
and anyone who CANNOT/will not stand
for it if you

have and stand up in & own
a TRUE knowing of who you ARE

to BE your beautiful self

to LIVE at a level that’s beyond the muck
and the mire they want you to always
reside in...)

#selfdevelopment #helpyourself #selfhelp
um kay...

so what IS this super duper,
fiercest bit
of soul-freeing ammunition that destroys
the social conditioning/the matrix
hold of the world on your heart AND head...?

it’s this 👇🏿
3) HOW society and the world around you

through movie media song story myth
urban legend news historical account

(= the matrix of society)
makes it look like this “bad” is actually good,

or okay,

acceptable, the norm, part of life,
as good as it’s gonna get for you,

just another lack/missing element you to have
to suffer with/in or without

#madeformore #morethanthis
on it goes...

these things are
a (family, ancestral, racial) curse, your lot in life,
something you ain’t never gonna be able to get
away from

or work out
or overturn and overcome

ALL of that?

..in other words

3) is where you gotta dig into the reasoning
and the social conditioning aspect of whatever
element you’re changing

so to recap:

the BIGGEST thing, which also looks like the
littlest, most insignificant thing possible of the 3
(why is it that it’s always like that?)

the HUGE mindset shift you can slide into
“reverse” whatever low level habit or activity
you want to step out of
in order to change, transform, DO BETTER
in the face of

a lack of self love, no confidence, feeling
without hope, seeing a situation as a dead end etc
is to SEE recognize and realize in your daily life

the many ways you *unknowingly* strengthen
these habits

and how the world cunningly makes it seem
“okay” or “normal”
to do whatever that harmful habit might be
through the current,
prevailing attitude/social habits
cultural ways acted out and (re)enforced

not right is made to look right


you know by the beauty of your own lived
experience it’s anything but

‘cos your caught up in ways of life
you’re looking to change now, right?

these social standards are enforced

— by people around you and their mindset

— whomever you cross paths with and how
you relate

— the content you consume and fill your mind up with

— every thought and feeling and emotion and activity
that rises from within you…
no doubt about it!

as you take into consideration every last bit of THIS

you’ve dipped into a scintillating matter of mindfulness for sure

like brain on 🔥
sizzling crackling and fierce!

#mindful #mindfulmarch
do you see it though?

this sizzling mindful is NOT the deep fake
trick you trap you mindfulness you hear about

where if you do this and this and this
they claim you’ll be more _x_
(productive successful spiritual balanced
emotionally intelligent kind or a good person
bla bla bla)


this be that *Buddha* mindfulness

powering you up into someone who uses
your mind as a sharp tool
as an upgraded device

to discover and define
to measure and master low elements

as you do the work to examine the falseness
of the world around you, the lies that threaten
to keep you going round and round
the same tiresome tracks, cycles, spins

a mindFULL-ness that carries you
lifting you UP OUT of the same old
...and BEYOND

this is 👉🏿 YOU

can you imagine what your morning tomorrow
would be like if you wake up, roll outta bed
and you’re...
no longer affected infected rejected
no longer worked up worked on worked over by junk
no longer tricked blinded pushed around by it all

doesn’t that sound far more yummy than
dealing with the mayhem of that whole “reverse”
and conquer mode?

yeah...i think so too



• • •

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