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"Too many companies have this misguided thought that hiring disabled people is fundamentally charitable. You're doing it out of the kindness of your heart. That's absolute fucking bollocks." I talk to @Chad_Sowash @joelcheesman HR's Most Dangerous Podcast…
"Every company should be falling over themselves to hire disabled people, because that is how you give yourselves a competitive business advantage." I talk to @chad_sowash @joelcheesman in Part 2 of my HR's Most Dangerous Podcast interview:… #Diversity
"Disabled people are some of the most ingenious, brilliant and creative people you'll ever hire, because, as @elizejackson puts it, "We have to hack life every single day."I talk to @chad_sowash @joelcheesman Part 2 HR's Most Dangerous Podcast interview:…
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1) My Theme:

Rose to Full Bloom

Teamwork with my fav @chickenwangs43
2) A couple of days ago @RoseMcGowan caught our attention with these tweets
3) She'd previously accused Alexander Payne of sexually assaulting her as a teen.
Payne claim's they met in 1991, when she auditioned for his first directing job, a “comic short” for Playboy Channel.…
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Wowza. Today's Grand Rounds with @reshmajagsi addressing #genderequity in academic medicine was pure 🔥🔥🔥.

Hard to capture the absolute tour-de-force talk...but here are a few pearls.

#MedTwitter #HerTimeIsNow #WomenInMedicine @UMIntMed @umichmedicine @UMIMEqualMed

Dr. Jagsi started with reviewing the absolute dearth of women in #leadership positions within academic medicine. Term limits may be part of the solution: at current rate, medical students now (>50% women) will be retired before we see gender parity.

@AAMCtoday @NEJM

And it’s not just #leadership positions --> there are large gender inequities in research authorship, editorial positions, grants, and salaries.

This is IRRESPECTIVE of institution, speciality, type of K-award, parental status, etc.

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Sasan + Scott: our ongoing issues just degraded exponentially. We need to discuss overt #WorkplaceViolence, #Ableism #AntiBlackRacism #Collusion and bad faith termination practices @Intuit. Please email if you're willing to be truthful; otherwise stay tuned here ... #TimesUp
Guess who got a wrongful dismissal for standing up to a racist colleague who attacked my Black colleagues at our water cooler; for complaining about workplace harassment and wanton collusion ... guess whose investigator lied and misled me on behalf of my employer? #TimesUp
How can any workplace investigator ethically apologize, substantiate allegations and describe the managers' wrongdoing sheepishly, while colluding to set up my wrongful termination for blowing the whistle? Reprisal action is against the law. Period.
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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Today we’re going to talk about why survivors sometimes stay in contact with their perpetrators, or praise them.
thread 👇🏻
It’s important to note that survivors of sexual violence are not a monolith, and each survivor has the right to handle their experience in whatever way works best for them. If you need support, here is a list of resources:…
First, let’s get to the root of this misconception. Why do people think that a survivor who contacts their perpetrator or praises them is no longer credible? This is what is called a rape myth.
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Recent press for #TaraReade:
THREAD 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

“Journalists should be asking [Kamala] why there was a smear campaign on me & why [she] was so aggressive & assertive with Kavanaugh [when] she knows there is a credible sexual assault accusation against Senator Biden.” #WeBelieveTaraReade…
“Both [Trump & Biden] have serious allegations of sexual misconduct. That alone should be disqualifying for both of them.” - @ReadeAlexandra
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LISTEN TO THIS. It is a statement for all men to hear and understand. @AOC names @RepTedYoho's abuse toward her, quite rightly, as the daily abuse women are *expected* to tolerate in our broken culture. Yoho's behavior disgusts me. When will all men step up and finally end this?
@RepTedYoho also intended to unnerve and silence Representative Ocasio-Cortez. This is the GOP's hard line bullies coming for any who speak out. Rest assured, they are coming for all of us soon. May we show the same level of courage, power, and dignity as @AOC in that moment.
While @RepTedYoho may be hiding behind the fact that he has a wife and daughters, it is not possible for a man to show this level of rage *publicly* against @AOC and not have done so many times before in private against women with far less power. He needs to seek treatment.
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Los que viven cancelando actores, hablemos de Amber Heard: Está probado que era ella la que maltrataba y golpeaba constantemente a Jhonny Depp, utilizó la historia de abuso sexual de su asistente para decir que le ocurrió a ella y en la corte ha demostrado todas sus mentiras
también como supuesta víctima e integrante del movimiento #MeToo utilizó historias comunes de violencia doméstica y abuso e incluso acciones que ella misma realizó contra Depp hasta el punto que todo su testimonio se contradice y su evidencia más bien ha demostrado que miente...
Y esto es solo el juicio de Johnny Depp vs. The Sun por difamación en una publicación en la que le dicen "golpeador de esposas". Está pendiente en EEUU el juicio por difamación Depp vs. Heard por su art. en el Washington Post y posiblemente otro juicio en Australia contra Heard
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Online abuse takes many forms...including sexual predators who use anonymous tools to solicit explicit photos of students for money and favors. Male students. Good-looking students. And the sugar babies. Ground Zero: @FAMUSJGC82. I know. 😡 1/
As an administrator, my job was to ensure the safety of my students to pursue their academic careers. That was everywhere instruction occurred— in the @FAMUSJGC82 building, on campus, in internships, or online. Within my first month on the job, I would be challenged. 2/
We discovered a homeless person living in our building. He was gaining access to labs and hiding places in the building. We had video of him exiting the building and hanging out in library spaces @FAMUSJGC82. 3/
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Thread: #BLM
For 2 weeks Ive been playing C O O L by Le Youth on loop, dancing around my house...
So many remixes... so good...

But something felt really familiar, and I couldnt place it...
Wiki says Le Youth "heavily samples" from Cassie's Me & U.

So I checked out Me & U.
#ST Image
2. Le Youth/ Wes James: White, American, male, DJ.
C O O L was his debut single, in 2013.

Cassie: Black, American, female, singer.
Me & U released in 2006.

When Wiki says he "heavily samples," he really does.
3. When Wiki says he "heavily samples," he really does. Everything including the sexy way Cassie says "So cool," which is really the zing of his song and then even became the very title of his track.... this white boy has taken from Cassie.

Cassie & her team, not credited.
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I think it’s time for the truth to come out... dirty secrets are not my burden to carry.
I’ll start by saying up until a few years ago, I was fully indoctrinated into toxic police culture. I fully bought into it. If I heard anything like my story I wouldn’t believe it. I’d hold popular opinion that she’s crazy/incompetent/vindictive/lying/slutty and a bitch.
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I want to commend the bravery of schoolgirls from LGS on calling out these sexual predators. I did my A levels more than a decade ago and some of these teachers called out existed back then too...
A thread
I personally never took any classes from these teachers but their inappropriate behavior was common knowledge amongst the student body. Thanks to social conditioning, most of these experiences were laughed off and normalized by many. However, #TimesUp !
All of these conversations brought up repressed memories of harassment for a majority of women. For me, it really brought to the forefront the first-hand harassment I and many of my women colleagues experienced while working in the banking sector.
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I stand in solidarity with the women who have come forward about Hardeep Singh Kohli. I have spoken publicly about his behaviour towards me previously, but was scared to name him for fear of getting into trouble, becoming less ‘employable’ or simply not being believed.
He approached me about a project too. A women’s rights documentary he wanted me to co-present. He wanted to come to my house to develop our on-screen chemistry and pick out outfits for me from my wardrobe. He also sent me 3am texts with photos of dresses and HIGH HEELS he thought
I would look good in. He told me that he didn’t fancy me, and wasn’t looking for a date, but that he wanted to fuck me when he first met me. When I turned down his advances, the documentary suddenly didn’t exist. I doubt it ever did. He told me he would be good for my career. He
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Fired Florida Covid Dashboard Architect Claims She Was Asked To Manually Change Numbers | via @Forbes #GOPGenocide #Sadism #DeathPanels #MAGAMasochism…
Texas city and county leaders ask Gov. Greg Abbott for authority to implement local stay-at-home orders via @TexasTribune #StayHomeTexas #GetOuttaTheWayGreg #GOPMalfeasance #GrossNegligence…
More than 30 Texas bars sue over Gov. Greg Abbott's recent shutdown order | via @TexasTribune #Cult45* #COVIDIOTS #VultureCapitalism #MAGAMasochism #Sadism 🦊🤡…
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We keep saying #TimesUp but truth be told, its not.

While so many brave women come forward with their horrifying accounts of harassment, we have government representatives endorsing a man (because of a desperate poll he posted) KNOWN to sexually harass countless women.
The mindset in this country has not changed. Every woman I know has been the victim of some form of harassment by friends, colleagues, teachers, strangers.

If women spoke out on every single incident of this sort, we wouldnt be done for decades. That is the scale of the issue.
So before you doubt & slander the women, please know that what is being said is quite literally JUST the tip of the iceberg.

If you REALLY knew what women experienced, you'd know a conversation or even calling out is not enough.

If you knew, you would demand a charge sheet.
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2 Metropolitan Police officers were tasked to guard the bodies of sisters, Bibaa Henry,46, and Nicole Smallman,27, who were stabbed to death in a Wembley park.
The police officers allegedly took "inappropriate pictures" aka selfies with the dead women and shared them around. 1/
When sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were reported missing police took no action. Their mother, Mina Smallman said:
“They looked at my daughter’s address and thought they knew who she was. A Black woman who lives on a council estate.”
[17.42] 2/…
“A 46 yr old professional woman and 27 year old professional. Why would you not take it seriously?” said Mina Smallman.

36 hours after the sisters went missing, friends and family (not police) found the murder weapon. [17.42] 3/…
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Obama’s 2d inaugural invoked a throughline “from Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall.” Brett Kavanaugh has surely been itching to object since. In dissent yesterday he wrote: “Seneca Falls was not Stonewall.”

I know more about both of those things than he does. So, a primer.🧵
Things the women’s rights conference at Seneca Falls in 1848 & the Stonewall uprising of 1969 have in common:

* Both were led by radicals Sepia portrait of 19th century woman Lucretia Mott in a bonn
* Both featured important Black leaders
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Misinformation campaign: This will forever make me feel sick, that’s exactly the reason why we are here in the first place and why Amber Heard has got away with abusing so many people for so long. #MeToo #TimesUp #DomesticAbuse #JusticeForAllHerVictims
“Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, Johnny Depp, I Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim too of domestic violence. And see how many people believe or side with you.” - Amber Heard
“I didn’t punch you. I was hitting you. I’m sorry I didn’t hit you in the face in a proper slap, but I did not punch you. I did not f***ing deck you. I f****ing was hitting you. I don’t know what the motion of my actual hand was, but you’re fine. I did not hurt you.”- Amber Heard
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#AntifaTerrorists will be dealt with. #TimesUp You get what you deserve
The #QAnon Drops in order #2645
#QAnon drop #839
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Recently, my alma mater Harvard Law School asked for a donation for my 15th reunion, a class I’ll always share with the guy who sexually assaulted me when I was a teenager and completely got away with it. THREAD
It’s a part of my life that I wanted to keep buried forever because it filled me with such shame, not just the fact that I was sexually assaulted, but the fact that the faculty of Harvard Law School actually voted on whether to take away my degree for speaking up about it.
I was only 18 when it happened, having skipped several grades, gone to college at 13, a first generation immigrant, a young woman of color who had overcome poverty & beaten the impossible odds to get in. The last thing I expected to happen to me at Harvard Law was sexual assault.
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"So the next morning on April 19, 1775, when the 700 British troops arrived in Lexington, they did not find the sleeping village they had hoped, instead they found an armed and waiting militia".
"The shots that were fired that morning became the first of the American Revolutionary War".
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