34.01/ Week thirty-four, March 6-12, 2021, begins here. Last week's thread linked below
34.02/ This just happened:

11yo "What is the word again for throwing things out a window?"
My wife: "Defenestration"
Me: "Yeet"
34.03a/ We've been having Family Movie Night (tm) for these early Sat. nights with me as MC (I've been a movie maven since a wee lad). We went through a three week Bill Murray period (Osmosis Jones, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters) & last night may start a three wk Danny Kaye series
34.03b/ We began with The Court Jester, which formed such a major part of my comedy education as a kid.

Like the Marx Bros. did with mocking war in "Duck Soup" this movie mocks hereditary monarchy (everyone shows great reverence, bowing to a baby's tush)
34.04/ A thread (which started small but once I took it off this main line was able to expand) about another film on Prime: "High Noon"
34.05/ OK, I guess since I'm on a TV/film kick, I've written this as well. I am doing many other things, I promise.

34.06/ Torah thread about why they chose a golden calf to worship instead of any other creature. #ReshetKeshet #GoldeCalf #Parsha #KiTisa

34.07a/ I was happy to read a play-by-play of the #OprahMeghanHarry interview last night b/c (a) while I don't care about the UK Royals, I hate racism, so it was nice to read it under assault. (Lest we forget, see Bugle 213)
34.07b/ (b) This is what I hoped would happen when I purposefully increased the number of Black voices in my twitter feed. 90% of my TL was the interview & it felt like a Superbowl (which scans: Oprah filleting the #Misogynoir at the fountainhead of US White Supremacy, the UK)
34.08/ I'm writing a list of my favorite women on Twitter for #InternationalWomensDay

This year I'm trying to explain what I've learned from them and why I recommend reading them. Naturally, this is taking longer than I thought, so the list is ongoing
34.09/ Getting near the 1 year mark for when we officially shut down. We were already semi-quarantining - Purim got in the way - & I was begging local shuls to show caution (spoiler: didn't work). One observation: the same behavior people showed in 2020 is the same they show now
34.10a/ BD"E. I knew him as Prof. Mudd as I was his student in 1994 at Princeton where he taught a special class in writing and journalism with a primary focus on journalistic ethics. He was quite critical of the state of the field even back then.
34.10b/ While I love writing & love facts, his class (& ashen outlook of the ethical maelstrom even in the 90s) led me to the academic version of journalism: anthropology. And ethics, of course.

He was a gentleman and cared about his field & the students. May he rest in peace.
34.11/ Going through #Passover items and answering questions the best I can. Here's some online resources to use for products etc.
Kashrut-com: kashrut.com/Passover/
OK: ok.org/consumers/pass…
Star-K: star-k.org/passover
OU: oukosher.org/passover/the-o…
34.11b/ For #Sefardim, here's a page with links and downloads for #Passover by Rabbi Eli Mansour.
34.12/ I've been listening to song variations on YTube, eg. from DJDiscoCat, for fun free music. While searching I've noticed a sub-genre of "song reaction" videos, which IMO has a super-creepy vibe. I need to figure out what I'm missing that makes them OK youtube.com/channel/UCI7Nz…
34.13/ Here it is, within a matter of moments, the two things I wanted to most from Biden-Harris have happened, despite depraved GOP obstruction:
1. Stimulus passes, to rebuild the US: apnews.com/article/house-…
2. A fierce & honorable AG to restore justice: apnews.com/article/merric…
34.14/ The early successes doesn't surprise me. Biden is 4 yrs out of office, & recruited the best from the already competent Obama admin. It reminds me of LBJ vs JFK: an expert from the Senate becomes VP who reacted to & refined what his POTUS did badly.
34.15/ First off: awesome!

Second: this is a great example of why even sharing facts isn't enough to achieve common ground. These troglodytes actually think helping people is bad! We see the same facts but they come to different, & horrible, conclusions.
34.16/ This is a really good thread with links to pieces about some of the lesser known/acknowledged characteristics of some common invisible conditions and disabilities. Very nice.
34.17/ This fun video reminded me that I was overdue showing my oldest "Raising Arizona" which came out when I was a teen & I watched it incessantly. Hard to underestimate how much of an effect it had on my brain in every vector of art, humor, & narrative.
34.18/ In news that's only relevant to my planet, TIL (today I learned) that Steve Winwood was a founding member of the Spencer Davis Group at age 14; he left in 1967 to form Traffic
We now bring you back to your pandemic hellscape
34.19/ Obligatory "those who work forces" cross-reference. It's important to shift thinking from 'these are the exceptions' to 'there's too much White Supremacist/Fascist infiltration in our security apparatus to not overhaul, excise & rethink the system'
34.20/ More evidence for the complicity of the NYTimes in normalizing - and here, aggrandizing a withered & humiliated - Trump (ym'sh)

NYT has acted too often as the money (validity) launderer for the fascist propaganda of the GOP.
34.21/ Yes [insert thank you! gif of your choice]

It's been driving me nuts [crazy-pills?] that many people have yawped this. It's galls me that the ex-POTUS huckster said one sentence and people not only give him *credit* but criticize Biden with it!
34.22/ As others have said, this great video was actually a glimpse into the future, we just didn't know it yet. I wonder what we see now as an anomoly will be a new normal (decent things, no 'freezing in Texas' stuff, please)

34.23/ Well, it's been a year of Pandemic, and #Pesach is coming. May we all get vaccinated and then liberated from the death that stalks outside our doors.


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