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Mealy-mouthed nonsense by Tom Tugendhat - another one who seems to have swapped his conscience for a ministerial car. He basically admits there are no safe and legal routes for @MishalHusain's example of a persecuted Iranian woman and just shrugs. ~AA 1/4
And if you think that using the photograph of Alan Kurdi "seared in his memory" was spontaneous, he said exactly the same thing, twenty minutes earlier to @JayneSeckerSky. ~AA 2/4
Tugendhat used to be much more concerned with the plight of refugees, before his ministerial appointment, when they were in Syria or Turkey. But during his leadership campaign, he switched to lukewarm support of the Rwanda scheme, despite acknowledging it was "a totem". ~AA 3/4
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On the #InternationalWomensDay,
Palestinian female captives send a message from inside the Damon prisons.

“From inside Damon prisons, we send you a greeting; a greeting of freedom to every woman in the world in general and every woman in Palestine in particular.”
“We are 29 female prisoners, and each one of us has a story, a steadfast woman who went through the experience of detention, suffering and ugliness, and paid the price for her love for her land and her right to defend her homeland, to spend the years of her life in prisons,”
“We miss our families, we miss our freedom and everything of our lives, and we dream and wish to wake up in the arms of our mothers, but fate wanted us to wake up to the reality of our prisons cells surrounded by high walls that were built by hateful hands.”
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Coming up at noon, this month's Heritage Guelph meeting. This is the preview:…
Chair Epp has called the meeting to order.
First item, Nomination of Heritage Guelph Member to Serve on Naming Committee. This committee is exactly what you think it is, a group used by the City w/ staff/community members who determine new names for City assets and then submitted to council for approval.
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Good afternoon from #Naarm

Featured in this tweet and the one following are all pieces of street art from Naarm (some legal, some sneaky) that celebrate First Nations Australians. Perhaps some of you recognise where they are from?
The tram one should be familar to most Victorians and is part of @risingmelbourne 2022 First Peoples art trams… It is called Blak Love and is by Dr Paola Balla (Wemba Wemba-Gunditjmara)
This afternoon I want to start by saying that both illness & lack of internet coverage down in Somers (on Bunurong Country) threw a real spanner in the works for my @WePublicHealth tweeting 😥

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How was your #InternationalWomensDay ?

@WOWisGlobal got 24 likes on their pinned tweet@
@GIWLkings got 6
@fawcettsociety got no likes at all on this tweet (In which they announce they are launching a Stonewall Champions-type scheme for employers)
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Trigger warning: #Delhipolice seen beating a youth for allegedly playing #DJ #music on loud volume during #Holi celebration in Kalindi Kunj area of Delhi

#KalindiKunj #Delhi #Pakistan #Hindumisia #Holi
Delhi Police PCR van ran over people playing Holi

This video is said to be of GD Colony Mayur Vihar Phase 3,

@DelhiPolice @CPDelhi #Delhi #Pakistan #Hindumisia #Holi
Neither this is #Pakistan nor #Bangladesh, it is #KalindiKunj of #Delhi, the country's capital, where #Hindus were thrown out of their homes and beaten because they were #celebrating their #festival by playing #DJ. Are all restrictions for #Hindufestivals?

#Holi #AAP #Kejriwal
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Happy #InternationalWomensDay! But let's not forget the alarming trend of toxicity in gaming towards female players.

Bryter's Female Gamers Study shows that 72% of female gamers face this issue, up from 64% in 2021.

And it gets worse.
Take your pick from the horrible menu items below!

And this is from the women that HAVE reported negative behavior.

Only 38% of women feel that there are adequate processes to deal with toxicity.
Now, how can we change it?

When you see it, speak up. Report it. Send them a supportive note.

Ultimately, it boils down to letting them know they aren't alone and you have their back.

If you're a top-tier gamer, use your clout to set an example.
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Let's do some education on contraception here. A thread (that I doubt you will ever read but here I go)

#abhealth #abpoli #ableg
1. Universal coverage of contraception is not a subsidy to insurance companies. Insurance companies only cover a percentage of meds, rarely 100%. There is still pay out of pocket costs, and for young women, even this small cost isn't always affordable
2. IUDs can be up to $500. Insurance companies will only pay for 1 per year. So if it falls out, gets embedded, there's side effects, etc, they can't get another through insurance for at least a year. This usually falls on the doctor to find a "free" one
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#Gender biases in capital punishment proceedings expose the discriminatory, inhuman and arbitrary nature of the #DeathPenalty and the urgent need for abolition.

Find out more at…

#WomensDay #IWD2023 #WomenOnDeathRow #IgnoredNoMore
Below are the stories of 3 women subject to the #deathpenalty. Tragically #WomenOnDeathRow , and in prison, are largely ignored even on #InternationalWomensDay
Ending the #deathpenalty is part of the fight against gendered violence and must be part of #InternationalWomensDay & our work everyday to create a more gender just world.
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On #InternationalWomensDay we salute all women who have helped drive the #animalrights movement. Here are just a few without whom ADI would not be what it is today. ADI President Jan Creamer & Yani Mateus of ADI Colombia sending off big cats to a new life at #ADIWildlifeSanctuary
CSI star & ADI Ambassador @JorjaFoxofficia promoting #StopCircusSuffering campaign. ADI veterinarians Ines Nole, Eva Chomba & Jimena Delgadillo taking care of Smith during Peru rescue. ADI’s Jan & Jett (Executive Director of our LA office) care for Rolex during Peru rescue.
Dr Lo Sprague & Rev Dr Gwynne Guibord, founders of the #ADIWildlifeSanctuary (ADIWS), whose documentary ANIMA was produced by @GuibordCenter, for ADI. Actress Kim Matula hosted most recent Congressional launch of #TEAPSPA. ADIWS Director Karen Williams during recent dental work.
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I’m home after 30 much-needed days in a specialist in-patient treatment centre for PTSD. Here are some things I learned, or re-learned, or consolidated (and yes, I watched Good Will Hunting for the first time in rehab):

1. Really bad things happen to really, really good people.
When I arrived, a therapist told me that it takes a village to recover from trauma. “Here is your village,” he said, motioning to the other patients.
And what a village they were. It astounds me that people can be so kind and caring in the face of their own unbearable suffering.
They taught me about reciprocity in relationships. Trauma patients often believe that the only way to form connections is to care for others without expecting any care in return — because we feel we don’t deserve it, or because the people around us haven’t had capacity to give it
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“fuck it, i’ll do it!” —black women

Black women are routinely erased from public memory and historical narratives of resistance.

Black women powered the civil rights movement, but rarely became its stars. #InternationalWomensDay

Aunt Polly Jackson, was an escaped slave who worked as an agent on the Underground Railroad helping others escape.

She was known for fighting off slave catchers with a butcher knife and a kettle of boiling water
Harriet Tubman, the woman who escaped slavery then fought and freed hundreds of slaves.

She reminded us that bravery and refusal to accept injustice can change history.
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Hoy, a favor del #InternationalWomensDay en #8M2023, dentro del ciclo #EnsillArte, sobre la #silla como objeto del #arte, para el #TwitterCultural, dedicó el hilo a una Aino Maria #Marsio-#Aalto, arquitecta y diseñadora inmensa casi borrada de la historia del arte.

Sigue⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
Aino Maria #Marsio fue esposa del gigante de la arquitectura mundial Alvar #Aalto.

Como a otras muchas mujeres, su esposo, compañero o socio la opaca, la tapa en una sombra oscura, queriéndolo o sin querer. En el ciclo ya hemos visto varios casos similares.

Sigue⬇️ Image
Lo vimos en la silla #Barcelona, que aunque se atribuye exclusivamente a Mier #VanDerRohe, probablemente fue diseño de su compañera la diseñadora Lilly #Reich. Otra mujer genial a la sombra de un hombre genial.

Todo para aumentar la fama del "maestro" de turno.

Sigue⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
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Happy Wednesday (and #InternationalWomensDay) allies! Here is a brilliant thread on 'Feminists in the #Ukrainian Resistance'. Remember to #standwithukraine is to stand with humanity.

Source/photos: Solidaritycollectives IG
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Did you know that at least half of the state legislators in Nevada and Colorado are women?

On this #InternationalWomensDay, let’s take a look at some more fun facts about the women legislators who are breaking barriers across the country 🧵
Right now, nearly a third of state legislators nationwide are women – a record high!

When women are serving in seats of power, issues like reproductive rights, child care needs, and paid family leave get more of a voice at the decision table.
Nearly two-thirds of women state legislators are Democrats.

We're proud to be the party that's helped elect more women leaders than ever before!
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Right lovely people. While they are doing the hunter-gathering, I'm going to bring back a little feature I used to do months ago. Some of you might remember it, it's the return of #WonderWomanWednesday for one week only in celebration of #InternationalWomensDay. 1
All these ladies are truly magnificent and I am honoured to know them. So, without further ado here we go. (The regular #BCLI will still take place on Friday as usual)2
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Last year, I wrote a text on transnational feminist solidarity, asking questions of the Western and Global South feminists who signed 'anti-war' manifestos, which did not support Ukrainian self-defence against a Russian military invasion

The questions 🧵
The various feminist anti-war manifestos written last year all appeared to be well-meant and yet, while presented as solidarity with Ukrainians, most were not authored with Ukrainian feminists and centred around their agency and demands. Hence the questions...
Can a feminist manifesto responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine be even considered feminist when it dismisses the voices, agency and demands of the women whose lives are concerned?
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#InternationalWomensDay #BlackWomensHistory #BlackCoaches

The first coach in men’s or women’s basketball history to take three different schools to the Final Four (Cheyney in 1982, Iowa in 1993 and Rutgers, in 2000 and again in 2007),
C. Vivian Stringer has been a pioneer, visionary and leader during her four decades of success on the hardwood.

One of the most recognizable names in all of college basketball, Stringer – mother, teacher, coach - has built an illustrious legacy highlighted by countless
unforgettable moments through a tireless work ethic and desire for excellence. Stringer once again made history as she eclipsed the monumental 1,000 career victory milestone during the 2018-19 campaign, further adding to her legacy as one of the most influential faces in
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@egldwomen is a free mentorship program for women interested in learning about the #blockchain, especially @MultiversX

Led by @georgianabirdan from @nftrmarket and her team, they joined the @egld_initiative to enhance the content creation on #mvx

@egldwomen X @BoredLadiesX led to creation of @xagendaio spotlighted here:…

Now they released an #NFT collection called Tyche and 70% of funds raised with be used for #xEmployed platform, currently under development on #Devnet
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Coming up at 1 pm, the monthly Social Services Committee at Wellington County. This is what we're talking about:…
Chair Anderson has called the meeting to order. He begins by noting that this is #InternationalWomensDay, and invites everyone to take a moment to appreciate the women in their life.
Declaration of Pecuniary Interest? Nope.
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Sappho, Hypatia, Agnodike, Artemisia, Aspasia, Cleopatra, Themistoclea, Theano, Hipparchia, Arete of Cyrene, Diotima and Sosipatra...

#Women of the Greek world: scientists, generals, warriors, queens, philosophers, poets, friends and family.

Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay Image
While they lived in difficult times when women were deprived of many rights or privileges, they managed to show their personalities and to carve their names with golden letters in history.…
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It's #InternationalWomensDay and while I love celebrating women, let's talk about what supporting women does and doesn't look like...#IWD2023
Supporting women looks like offering them opportunities because you value their expertise, not because "you need a women" #IWD2023 #InternationalWomensDay
Supporting women looks like checking your healthcare provision covers issues that disproportionately affect women #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2023
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