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My grandmother Selma had this nice piece in @Independent yesterday for #InternationalWomensDay:

"In the US, a mass movement led by black single mothers (never acknowledged as part of the “women’s movement”) fought for welfare."…
And here's some video of my mom @sotrueradio, a founding member of Black Women for Wages for Housework, speaking at the L.A. International Women's Strike event on Saturday #InternationaIWomensDay:…
My mom, who helped stop the Grim Sleeper, sent me this photo with the caption: “Black and Indigenous women standing together at our strike event recognizing missing and murdered Black and Indigenous women and girls. Moving and historic, lifting up victims and their families.”
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This article was recently posted using my photo, and it reminded me of the double standards I've experienced with the press as a working class woman in the recent general election.
In the general election i was the only candidate in Broadland and probably one of very few in the UK holding down a full time job, being expected to continue my cllr responsibilities, complete university assignment deadlines and run my own campaign with every second I could give.
I signed up for that and I don't expect sympathy. But I have never been given a freeride by the press like the above story and I never will be, the fact they are painting a rich white bloke who ran in a safe tory seat as the hard working saviour of Norfolk stinks.
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I'm annoyed with myself for not tweeting about this yesterday on actual #InternationalWomensDay but OH WELL.

I am one @YorkCycle's co-chairs, and I am proud to bring a much-needed female voice to the overwhelmingly male-dominated worlds of cycling and transport planning. /1
The national gender split of cyclists is 70/30 male/female. In York it's a little better at 60/40 but that's still not good enough. Often it's put down to women not liking cycling or having other priorities, but this lazy, false narrative allows the status quo to continue. /2
In countries where cycling is given a reasonable amount of thought and funding, the gender split is equal (in fact in the Netherlands, more women cycle than men). Not only that, but more people with disabilities cycle, as do more older people, and children. /3
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On this #InternationalWomensDay , I want to honor two young women who sadly are no longer with us. Gina Montalto and Jaime Guttenberg were amazing, kind and generous young women who gave a lot of their time to share their talents with the world...
..Gina was a creative artist and Jaime was a talented dancer. I got the chance to know them at the Friendship Initiative Organization. They made their fellow volunteers and participants smile. Sadly, on Valentine’s Day of 2018...
...Gina, Jaime and 15 others were tragically killed in the Parkland massacre. Their losses were huge blows to the now named Friendship Journey. But, their names and Leagacies live on with the Gina Rose Montalto Foundation...
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For #InternationalWomensDay, I thought I’d introduce you all to my lady hero and leading lady in Fighting for Space, JACKIE COCHRAN. #IWD2020
Jackie learned to fly at age 26 in 1932 with the goal of covering more ground for the cosmetics company she wanted to start. She got her license in 17 days! #IWD2020
By the end of the 1930s, she’s won all the major aviation awards including the Harmon Trophy, the Collier Trophy, and was the first solo woman to win the Bendix Transcontinental Air Race. #IWD2020
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My opinions on #WomensRights on this #InternationalWomensDay in this thread.

✳️ It is a fact that women of he world are generally oppressed, sometimes by other women and sometimes by men.
✳️ Also a fact that weak is oppressed by the strong in the world; weak poor oppressed by strong rich, weak Palestinians oppressed by strong Israelis, weak Muslims in India oppressed by strong Hindu nationalists & similarly, the weak women are oppressed by strong men & women.
✳️ It is a responsibility that all humans and Muslims stand up for the rights of the weak against the strong. And hence, we should all do our best to ensure that the rights of the weak women are given to them; to that extent I am a feminist.
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On #InternationalWomensDay, we celebrate the women that make our world a better place and we recommit ourselves to fighting the inequality that many women face every day. (1/3)
That's why I promise to be a champion for Arizona women in the Senate, by working with them to ensure their voices are heard in Washington. (2/3)
I’ve had the privilege to work alongside some brilliant women at NASA and in the United States Navy. There were two women who taught me the most important lesson of getting back up when you’re knocked down — my mom and @GabbyGiffords. (3/3)
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Every #internationalwomensday I see lots of posts about uplifting women and especially about raising kick-ass women. But, are we raising our boys to be supportive partners? #IWD2020
This is primarily a hetero question because it’s my hetero sisters I see struggling the most with balancing it all. #IWD2020
This isn’t yet another thing mothers need to be responsible for, this is for the DADS. We expect way too little of dads, but this is on THEM. Dads, raise sons who can care for themselves, who can care for others. #IWD2020
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A thread for #InternationalWomensDay
My g-g grandmother (and a character in my novel “The Virgin Cure,”) Dr. Sarah Fonda-Mackintosh (1836-1903) was an early graduate of the Women’s Medical College of the New York Infirmary for Indigent Women and Children. 1/4 #WomenInMedicine
The Women’s Medical College of the NY Infirmary (shown here in a Frank Leslie’s illustration from 1870) was founded in NYC in 1868 by sister-Drs Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell. 2/4 #histmed #InternationalWomensDay #WomenInMedicine
When Sarah was admitted to the Medical Association of New Jersey in the early 1870s she was the first female physician to be admitted to any medical association in the United States. 3/4 #WomensHistoryMonth #WomenInMedicine #InternationalWomensDay
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To celebrate #InternationalWomensDay , I'd like to acknowledge a few of the fearless #WomenInTechnology that I am lucky to be surrounded by. I am so grateful to have these women in my life to motivate, support and inspire me.
💡I'll start with @beeonaposy because I got this idea from a similar post she did a few years ago.

Caitlin is a lead #DataScientist, co-founder of @RLadiesAustin, advocate for women in tech, mom and all-around inspiration. Check out her blog:
🩺 @ValueVictoria is a leader in the healthcare data field. She co-founded @RLadiesAustin, which has served as a great motivation and support system for women in #ATXData to connect and learn.
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#HappyInternationalWomensDay to the brave & suffering women in #Idlib #IdlibUnderFire #IdlibUnderSiege #SyrianRefugees suffering in #Lebanon #Jordan & to the #Children, husbands, family members they have lost. #IFOnlyYoudListen #IfOnlyYoudTry 💔😢
#IfOnlyYoudListen If only you’d try if only you’d open your heart & let love in Reach for me take my hand if you hear a child cry when they fall, wouldn’t you run to them & answer their call? Where are your tears? #WhereIsYourVoice Time is running out but we still have a choice💔
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This is your daily pension announcement: The enemy is in retreat edition! Shandy is trying to negotiate a surrender with the doctors.

I thought that in honor of #InternationalWomensDay I would again point out Travis' record in this area.
#ABLeg #handsoffmypension
After all, he was the one who failed to reappoint two highly qualified women to the ATRF Board in December. Including one who was the only Board Member with an accounting designation. (Which, I can tell you from personal experience, is important for a pension board.) #ABLeg
And, instead appointed a man without an accounting designation, without a CFA, and without any DB pension experience at all. For the pension board of a profession that has a majority of women...
(Travis left one spot empty on the ATRF Board rather than reappoint.) #AbLeg
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Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

I’m celebrating by hanging w a diverse group of #Michigan women ahead of Tuesday’s #MichiganPrimary.

Watch this clip and then tune into ⁦@Morning_Joe⁩ tomorrow.

It’ll be 💯promise. “Dems for Fems“
Lulufemon cameo at Michigan Dems for Fems.

Your voting essentials here:
Never tweet from a coney restaurant w a bottle of Clorox. 😁

It’s @Fems_for_Dems
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The Dahomey Amazons are the only documented all female official frontline combat arm military unit in modern history.

They were a sub-saharan band of female terminators who left their European colonizers shaking in their boots. #internationalwomensday
Foreign observers named them the Dahomey Amazons while they called themselves "N’Nonmiton", which means “our mothers”.
Protecting their king on the bloodiest of battlefields, they emerged as an elite fighting force in the Kingdom of Dahomey.
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#महिलादिवस #WomensDay
Sorry for the late tweet but plz ekada ha thread vachal 🙏🏽😊
एका महिन्यापूर्वीची गोष्ट आहे...मी व माझ्या 2 colleagues आमचे LIC inspection संपवून संध्याकाळी साधारण ४.३० ला पुण्याकडे निघालो.Car मधे आम्ही ३ females आणि
आमचा २३-२४ वर्षाचा driver होतो.साधारण ५.३० च्या सुमारास २km जेजुरी च्या पुढे अचानक करकचून ब्रेक मारला driver ने पुढे २ cars थांबलेल्या, काय झाले हे समजण्याआधीच मागून 2 cars आल्या आणि आमच्या गाडीच्या parallel येऊन एकमेकांना धडकल्या...
आणि पुढच्या १ मिनिटांत २५-३० drunkard माणसं कुठन आली माहिती नाही आणि आमच्या driver ला लाथा बुक्क्या मारायला लागली.Cars चे दरवाजे उघडायचे आणि काचा फोडायचा प्रयत्न करू लागले. They were not asking for money...they wanted to take out the driver out
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1/ The world would be a far better place if there were more women in positions of power, if the disparity in pay and opportunity between women and men was eliminated, if women around the globe had more freedom and autonomy over their lives and bodies. #InternationalWomensDay
2/ In my travels over decades, I have seen women get things done, often against great odds. When I would arrive at a place for a story, it could be Peoria or Peshawar, I would try to get a handle on what's taking place. Often the men would tell you. But the women would show you.
3/ We have all seen that when given a chance, even a sliver of opportunity, women demonstrate they can be, at a minimum, the equal of men in business, politics, science, and every other line of work you can imagine.
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Happy #InternationalWomensDay

A quick thread on the North African prophetess queen, Al Kahina who fought against the Ummayd armies with the skills of a warrior and the powers of a sorceress
Al Kahina, or Dihya, was an Amazigh queen ruling over a territory in modern day Algeria. She fought against the invading Umayyad armies led by Hasan ibn al Nu’man.

Defeating him time and time again she gained a reputation of using magic and prophecy to win
With foresight she could predict the tides of the battle, birds were said to warn her of the movement of her enemies, and one time she set fire to the grass and used the wind to direct it into enemy lines.
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Happy #InternationalWomensDay from the ladies of Bloomscape!

Did you know that March is Women's History Month? For the remainder of the month, we'll be highlighting a handful of our Bloomscape team members that truly embody the meaning of #girlpower. 🌿
"My womanhood fuels me. My femininity is multi-faceted. I can be firm, empathetic & graceful – and I can get it all done while being stylish, too! I'm inspired by the women in my life; they teach me that I don't have to dim my shine for anyone." Evann, Social Media Specialist
"For me, being a working woman means carving out a space not only for me and my ideas, but the contributions of all women." Andrea, Content Manager
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In honour of #InternationalWomensDay I'm going to tell the story of a powerhouse woman in medicine, who is little known in Canada, despite having been born here.
Dr. Sophia Jones was born in Chatham, ON in 1857. By many accounts her parents were abolitionists who moved to Canada to escape the racism of the US and continue their activist work. Her father was the first black graduate of @oberlincollege.
Sophia was brilliant, passionate, hard-working and determined to build a career in medicine. Unfortunately, the deep-rooted misogyny of 19th century Canadian academia barred all women from medical school.
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From resisting colonizers to leading uprisings, from racial equality to an end to gender violence, women are at the forefront of struggles for a better future.

For #InternationalWomensDay, some powerful photos of women protesting globally. #IWD2020 #DiaInternacionalDeLaMujer
Clockwise above:
Chile, Palestine, Chile, Brazil

Clockwise below:
United States, Bolivia, Sweden, Palestine
Turkey, United Kingdom, Sudan, Macedonia
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@atifthepoet Had a chance to meet Finnish Ambassador today & tried to understand her agenda on #InternationalWomensDay. I was amazed to listen her how Europian countries are moving forward for Women rights and we are still struct in "Mera Jism Meri Marzi".
@atifthepoet She explained how Gvt and Private companjes are engaged in gender equality like equal opportunity, equal pay, equal end of service, home related maters, education, representation on ladies on key posts and specially her work for women leadership.
@atifthepoet I am ashmed today that we give example of Europe for women rights and never ever follow thier agenda for ladies. We are still struct in salan pehly kon daly ga, news paper pehly mard q perhy, mein bachy q paida keroo, etc etc.
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Ida B. Wells was born a slave. She faced prejudice all her life. Less than five feet tall, her massive presence left a permanent mark on America, leaving behind a legacy of journalistic excellence and social change.

Here’s her story. #InternationalWomensDay
Ida’s parents died when she was 16. She dropped out of school, lied about her age, and became a teacher to support her siblings.

At the same time, the dream of Reconstruction was dying, and the violent authoritarianism of Jim Crow racism was rising.
Ida B. Wells made it her mission to fight for justice, and particularly to expose lynchings of Black men as hate crimes.

It was not a punishment for crimes, she wrote, but “an excuse to get rid of Negroes who were acquiring wealth and property.”
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In honour of #InternationalWomensDay I searched for all the mentions of "woman" in Canadian statutes. There were 91 hits in statutes in force. First up is The Married Women's Property Act which abolishes the common law rule that married women could not /2
own property separately for their husbands. Self-id was not a big thing back in 1870. Next is the Womens Institute Act of Alberta which allows women to establish institutes for the study of " home economics, including home nursing, household science, sanitation, food values, /3
sick room cookery, house furnishing, sewing and other matters..." Each woman who signs the application for incorporation is to pay a the sum of $0.25 to be held in trust for the institute. There are various acts creating advisory councils of the status of women /4
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