1. Power in what you hear yourself say. A medical doctor once told me that a man's physical balance is determined majorly by three organs. The brain, heart and the inner ear.

He further explained that your outer ear is responsible for hearing sound but the inner ear for balance.
2. The only time you hear with your inner ear is when you speak. When others speak you hear with your outer ear.

This is the reason why if a recording of your speech is played back you may first be surprised at how you sound, it sounds different from the way you heard yourself.
3. The reason is when you speak you hear with the inner ear but when it is played from a recording device you hear yourself with the outer ear.

With this, I found the secret to what Paul termed "Abraham staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief."
4. Abraham maintained a steady walk in the face of all contradiction by constantly hearing in his inner ear the promised outcome. He understood that until he declares something, his inner ear won't pick it up and by that nullify what any external voice said to discourage him.
5. He will not be affected if he only repeated what God had promised him, his walk will be steady and fearless. He controlled what he heard at that level by what came out of his lips.

Your steady walk can, therefore, be guaranteed by continuously hearing with your inner ear.
6. This is determined solely by what you say out of your mouth. What others say, you hear with the outer ear but if you don't repeat it, your inner ear does not pick it up and so cannot affect your walk.

By your own words you are justified or ensnared and by another's.

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18 Feb
1. (On politics) I was once in a conversation with an elderly friend of mine who is American. He is deeply involved in politics in the States and I asked about what he had learnt. He said, "our movement pushed and mobilised and we got (.........) into the white house."
2. "However, we saw that our interests were not executed by him then we realised in a democratic setting sometimes its the people that surround the president or anyone in executive positions that really matter. Those he speaks to first and last.
We therefore changed our strategy"
3. We do support but now with the intent of placing people around the elected officers.
There is a lot of space for influence in positions that are non elective. Every executive leader leans on people to help in developing ideas and in executing them.
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12 Feb
1. On politics: A political party is simply a vehicle through which you access political power. What you decide to do with the power is dependent upon the character of the party. It could be used to serve the masses and alleviate sufferings or to enrich the founders of the party.
2. In order for any group of people to access power in a democracy you will have to have a vehicle which is a political party. You have two options. You either form a new party with your defined goals or you join an existing one and change the platform of the party from within.
3. Form a party may be the most appealing to those who want to drive change. Reason is they believe they can maintain the purity of their values. However political power in a democracy is expensive "business." To build a nation wide network is not cheap and many lose their purity
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12 Feb
1. Yesterday, I reviewed a book on leadership at the invitation of @laternabooks and it was the biography of Jurgen Klopp.

There are several powerful principles that played out in his life.

Emphasisng things like "the best plan rather than the best players win matches"
2. "Pragmatism is what counts rather than aesthetics"

What I sought for most was how his faith influenced his thinking in the world of football which is so mundane.

I found it when he spoke about his first team Mainz which he coached.
3. A second division side that yearly struggled to get into the bundesliga.

Four consecutive years they came close, losing promotion by just one point when they had three matches to secure the point but lost all three. The year after they needed just a goal and were cruising.
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29 Jan
1. When the bible says with one mouth you can't bless God and then curse men created in his image. The mouth as the vessel through which our spiritual sacrifices go up to God becomes corrupted as a sacred vessel when we use the same tongue to speak evil of others.

2. The mouth becomes incapacitated and unable to adequately perform that spiritual task. satan therefore will leave us to sing but earnestly seek to contaminate the vessel by provoking us to develop enmity in our hearts towards others and speak evil belonging God's image in them.
3. This is why differences must never become personal where the image of God in others is blurred by the words you speak out of pain. When incense was offered in the temple unto God it was a blend of spices. All the species were fragrant except one which had an unpleasant aroma.
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31 Dec 20
1. Thread about Cross-over services.

Some have asked is December 31st really a special day and what about cross-over services? This they say is a Nigerian thing. There is nothing sacred about it some have said
This may be true however let's read from the words of Apostle Paul.
2. Paul in his day must have faced a similar challenge as some must have still observed days in the Jewish calendar. When he was asked about some people who were still observing certain days as being more important than others and they criticized those individuals Paul's response
3. Romans 14:4-6King James Version

4 "Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand."
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4 Dec 20
1. When the Scriptures says, I have seen an error that proceeds from the ruler, servants riding upon horses and princes walking as servants. This is the law of exchange. The prince walking actually owns the horse the servant is riding upon. Wrong people accessing powerful places
2. The way this happens is through the sly practices of the "servant" and the naivety of the prince. The servant first gets into close association with a prince and uses his name. With the relationship in the bag, any mistake he makes, he secretly throws the prince under bus.
3. The servant refuses to take responsibility for his errors and adjust his character but eases himself out by speaking ill of the prince behind his back convincing others about the error of the prince. By this he takes the eye balls off him and points people at the prince.
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