When people say that US political campaigns have becoming increasingly expensive...it's not because the money is being used to put adds in front of voters...they are expensive because money is just re-routed to various consultants and "strategists."
US politics is increasingly just a shell game of shell companies...so when people say that this year's election costs more than the past...none of that money really goes into the "election" or even the "campaigning"...it's just that the US has a well-oiled machine moving money
The fact that in just this ONE case some tens of millions were re-routed isn't unique...guarantee this is the tip of the iceberg...you think this one group invented this all on their own...or they learned it over the years as how business of politics is done.
US politics is an "industry"...and none of that industry is about policies or even changing the views of voters. We are talking about an "industry" that pays people in the tens of millions as "consultants" and strategists as a way to move money from one place to another.
Some say this is "grifting"...but I'd suggest it's like the way people get millions for a ten minute speech to a bank...it's about how to move money in the open legally...and to influence things...without campaign contributions cnn.com/2016/02/05/pol…
So when we look at US politics and we hear that hundreds of millions are spent on "campaigns" or we hear that people make hundreds of millions in "paid speeches"...what's happening is basically loopholes and how money moves around, not really about campaigns or ideas at all.
Of course this could all be regulated if the US wanted to. But both sides benefit from this. So it's a way of doing business. It's why politics and the industry around it has become as profitable as business in many ways.

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