So, I wasn't going to say anything about this right now....


FFS, how can ANYONE be reporting on this rapid tripling of the number of unaccompanied minors as anything other than an op?

There is ZERO chance that this migration began without at least a wink-wink-nudge-nudge from somebody linked to the GOP. Over the past 4 years, the 'caravans' were timed just perfectly for the 2018 and 2020 elections.

In 2019, @priscialva noted the 'threat' of caravans had "fizzled out" - but then, of course...…
Look! Within three weeks, a new caravan!

And a resignation from the then DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.…
Now, if they were annual/biannual and generally known about in advance, sure. But there's no logic to the timing of these events from the perspective of when the journey might be safest.
Somebody needs to seriously grab at this problem by the root - start asking migrants what prompted them to make the trek NOW.

I seem to remember some mentions of recruitment being hyped up on social media...
it's time to start interviewing migrants on entry, for their attorneys to figure out what kicked off their travels, and to subpoena facebook and other social media and online marketers to find out who was funding those recruitment efforts.
Because the people who rail against the 'caravans' are the ones who benefit most from their presence - and the timing of the 2018 caravan, arriving just in time for fearmongering at midterms, the rapid response to questions about "where have all the caravans gone?",
and the 2020 caravan (when GOP polling data undoubtedly showed Trump would probably lose) arriving just after Biden inauguration to lay blame at @theDemocrats' feet...

Let's put it this way: I'd love to see WHEN the first draft of that statement released yesterday was written.
And here's the thing: if anyone in the US is involved in manufacturing caravans for for political gain, not only is that racketeering (at least in the general sense of the term), it's a twisted way of using fraud to generate slave labor...
Someone tells them that things will be better in the US than in their current situation. And not only is there political gain, but allies profit financially from holding migrants in privately owned border facilities.

Fraud blocks an individual's exercise of free will;
without a promised benefit at the end, individuals would not choose to undertake the risk of migrating - and without compensation or benefit, coercion would have to be used to force them into undertaking the journey.
And, point blank, profit at the expense of removing any person's free will is slavery.

And no, a free t-shirt at the end of the road is not just compensation.
So, IOW, I'm looking forward to hearing about the subpoenas to social media companies.

And records of political operatives' phone calls to contacts in Central American countries.

Because this smells like somebody's been having too much fun with their rats again.

• • •

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10 Mar
It usually takes 5-10 minutes or so to walk from DNC to RNC HQ. It took the pipe bomb courier about 23 min, iirc.

That doesn't match walking directly.

It precisely fits walking DNC-> Folger Park ~8pm, get bomb#2 -> RNC by 8:13.

A potential route: Image
It also explains why the courier walked back up the alley at 8:17 - they were headed back to their car.

What remains to be determined: what made them choose the path they took? Has anyone local mapped out if there are there surveillance cameras along the local streets?
One way to do this - at least to find cameras that have IR night vision - would be to walk the streets at night and record video on a camera without an IR cut filter (i.e. the front-facing cameras on cell phones would work) to detect point sources of IR on houses/poles/etc.
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8 Mar
The alt-right (aka today's GOP) spinning up the anti-Cuomo machine tonight kind of makes me wonder if they have some kind of agreement in place with The Firm to drown out any mentions of "Andrew" in case Meghan&Harry spilled the tea.

No tea spilled, but Uncle Andy is still🐉 😆
I'd have said he was sweating instead of dragging, but... you know.

He was in the Falklands - so he can't sweat or rape teen girls. 9_9
( & I'm not dismissing the Cuomo allegations. But "did you find me a girlfriend?" & "he touched my back and asked to kiss me" isn't like ordering someone down on their knees to keep their job, propositioning them, or directing underage girls ( or boys ) to... do anything. )
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4 Mar
THIS is an important interview to watch. Why?

It shows why the fierce loyalty to Trump, even behind bars: because the media picked on him. He identifies with that.

This says one thing: it's time to say the quiet part out loud.

Talk about the mob&where QAnon really came from.
Note: in my dissertation on the role of language in radicalization, written pre-9/11, one of the main factors I uncovered that facilitated radicalization was the perception of experienced trauma.

Not necessarily REAL trauma, but PERCEIVED trauma.

That's what QAnon feeds on.
Targeting both white males who identify with the perceived traumatic experiences of being 'picked on' in school, as well as males + females who have legitimately experienced sexual trauma who hope for the promise of ending child sexual predation
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2 Mar
Here's what I don't get:

If you want to reduce threats nationwide, why do we need to determine intent?

Why aren't ALL threats simply treated as if they were realistic, and ensure that those making threats are prosecuted?
If a reasonable person thinks that a statement is a threat of physical or psychological harm, made either directly to a potential victim, or regarding a third person/class of individuals, and that potential victim wishes for that individual to be held responsible, they should be.
If we start prosecuting these offenses, the message that online threats are federal crimes in and of themselves - especially threats intended to manipulate the threatened person's behaviour (extortion) - will vastly reduce the chaff analysts need to sift through...
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2 Mar
I'm going to start a thread for people from the capitol insurrection that I find interesting, but haven't seen anyone poking at.

I'll start with this guy, who was issuing orders to Gieswien's crew at the west Capitol courtyard. Image
He starts out asking the police "How does it feel... to have your own tactics used against you?"

I originally thought he was the one who shouted "A Team line it up" but that may be incorrect. Regardless, only someone who knows what tactics will be used would issue that taunt.
Another note for @SeditionHunters/ @capitolhunters: using a gate inside a DAW with these settings, give or take, let you hear the nearby audio much more clearly. I'd have to play a bit more with params to understand what Gieswein is saying, but it's def possible to isolate. Image
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28 Feb
Don't forget:

MBS was one of Jeffrey Epstein's clients...

And don't think for a second that MBS was just buying the same kind of "toys" that Trump was selling to the Saudis from Epstein...

Remember: those videos aren't just on hard copy tapes.
>> It's particularly interesting the Biden admin's announcement was originally scheduled for Friday, but has been delayed until Monday...

during the same weekend CPAC is being held in Orlando.

Think that might be why @tedcruz is so worried about
But, to be clear, the number of current US officials on those videos is likely to be non-negligible, with those on all sides of the political spectrum.

Deploying that info could lead to further social destabilization, and there might be a need for time to manage that strategy.
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