#CyclingTips I qualify to give cycling tips after picking up cycling at 57, breaking a shoulder at 60 and resuming cycling at 61. Will give tips to cyclists with just one aim, SAFETY. If I can pick up at 57, you can too. #Tip Start with personal gear. More later. Gyara Murti ImageImage
2. #CyclingTips Your personal gear is NOT FASHION. It is necessity. Wear skin tight leggings or shorts, reflective and fluorescent shirt, shoes with laces rolled and tightly tucked inside shoe, hand gloves-half gloves in summer (palms sweat and slip off), HELMET is mandatory.
3. #CyclingTips This gear is necessary since your exposure to road is a 1000 times more than when not cycling. Each metre cycled must be safe. If you want ADD elbow and knee guards. Cycling shorts/leggings are special. They have thick padding for bums and crotch. It is required.
4. #CyclingTips Last one for today. DO NOT wear underwear inside cycling shorts. It’s applicable to both genders. Undies tear into skin with continuous paddling. Rashes are severe. Whole set of garments is one time use then WASH. Helmet must be kept to dry, gloves washed daily.
5. #CyclingTips 33 km cycling today. To those who are new / want to take up cycling, read my thread for smooth initiation. We are on the cycling attire. T Shirt-Cycling TC shirts are designed to have 3/4 pockets on sides and back. Carry a banana, repair kit, pump or mobile. Image
6. #CyclingTips Half sleeves for summers, full for winters, winter jackets & one for rain. Each is designed to carry small items. Gloves are mandatory have for summers and winters. For bottom, ideally get couple of cycling padded underpants. You can wear gym tights on top. Image
7. #CyclingTips Normal sports shoes with soft padded flat sole is good. Tie shoe laces & very deliberately very tightly tuck in the laces inside shoe. Be careful. Last is cycling helmet. The attire is complete EXCEPT a fluorescent half jacket is MANDATORY. You need to be spotted.
8. #CyclingTips In the next part we will see which cycle to get. MTB or road bike? Straight handle or curved handle? Indian of foreign? Budget? Accessories? Etc. Cycle safe. ImageImage
9. #CyclingTips 40 km cycling today. Today’s tips on bicycle. 1. Before thinking what you can afford, think WHERE are you going to park the cycle. Inside home? Public place? Curious Indian minds reside in 5 star apartments as well as colonies and mohallas, they will explore it. Image
10. #CyclingTips That’s Teen Murti. My regiments history of First World War is wrapped in it. 2. The best cycle is what is available locally or with some effort near by. Repair, replacement of parts, servicing, spares etc. should not become a challenge. Image
11. #CyclingTips 3. All cycles are for a purpose. Do not ride regular cycle for cycling exercise. A sports cycle is made for the sport. All frills thrown out. Self replaceable and repairing parts, ergonomic to suit long hours on cycle, seat etc.. so regular cycle is out.
12. #CyclingTips This thread is for beginners. So I explain in simple language. 4. Now with regular cycle out, it leaves sports cycles. Two categories are Road Bikes and Mountain bikes. Do not go by names. Go by tyres. One has sturdy broad tyres and other has very thin tyres. Image
13. #CyclingTips 5. Leave out thin tyres. You will automatically buy it after a while. It is NOT for beginners. Go for a broad tyres(not those ridiculous looking ones). These have excellent grip on road. 6. Size. Again don’t go ballistic. If you are a 5 ft 8in plus go for Large.
14. #CyclingTips A Medium for smaller heights. 6. Weight-MTBs come in steel frame or some slightly lighter versions too. You will generally find them sturdy. 7. Handle. You will go in for curved later. Go for straight handles now. 8. Gears. I need to explain this. Bye for now.

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