Outside the courthouse in Oshawa now where Justice Joseph Di Luca will be delivering his judgement in the Adam Strong murder trial at 9:30 am. It’s also being live streamed on YouTube. Will be live tweeting the verdict
As well as being shown on zoom, There are 10 people allowed inside the courtroom where the judgement will be delivered. Adam Strong is in the prisoner’s box. And there is an overflow room that accommodates 60 people I’m told. I’m watching from the verdict from our live truck.
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and we are in! Registrar now testing audio #adamstrong
for a moment, we saw the courtroom but the video has now switched off
we just saw the courtroom again, and then back to black
ok. looks like we have a picture of the courtroom and audio. The judge has yet to arrive but lawyers are in place. Can't see the accused #adamstrong neither
Justice Di Luca has arrived. Everyone is standing. Definitely more than ten people in the courtroom. looks like about 25. It appears they've moved to a larger courtroom than the one used during the trial for the judgement. #AdamStrong is in the courtroom
This is going to be a long judgement. Could take hours. Di Luca says it will be disturbing. It will be available on canlii later
"Rori Hache was a young troubled teen who struggled with a drug addiction and related issues. She was loved by her family who did the best to support her through her troubles" last seen Aug 31, days later, dismembered, disembowed torso found in Lake Ontario
"Kandis Fitzpatrick was also a young troubled teen .. last seen in 2008. She too was loved by her family. Her father William Fitzpatrick dedicated himself to find her. She has never been found"
in Dec 2017, plumbers were called to a home on McMillan Drive, they pulled up what appeared to be flesh from the pipes. Police went to talk to #AdamStrong he admitted in was a body. Rori Hache's body parts were found in freezer, she had been defleshed, not internal parts found
One of items found in Adam's Strong apartment, Wyoming knife had tissue with DNA from Kandis Fitzpatrick. Blood stains inside the chest freezer had DNA from Rori Hache and Kandis Fitzpatrick. #AdamStrong charged 2 counts of First Degree murder
Crown contends #AdamStrong held the young women against their will. Dismembered and disembowed them. He has pleaded not guilty to First Degree Murder. Strong did not testify which is his right
Now going through fundamental legal principles. #AdamStrong is presumed innocent. Burden of proof is on the crown. It has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Crown has sole burden of proving each charge against Mr Strong
Proof of likely or probably guilt is not enough to sustain a criminal conviction. Di Luca must be sure he committed the offence or #AdamStrong must be acquitted
Rori Hache was petite 5'3". She struggled with drug addiction in particular crystal methanphetamine. In August of 2017, she went to a dollar store with her aunt, got a pregnancy test, her aunt was not observed she had become involved in the sex trade
Rori's aunt last saw her Aug 29, 2017. She appeared happy despite her troubles. Never heard the result of the pregnancy test. Rori was also involved with "the Refuge" in Oshawa, they helped her find an apartment. Rori's condition deteriorated that summer, a worker testified
That worker testified she was using more drugs. Another youth worker at "The Refuge" testified she was outgoing but began using various drugs and became withdrawn. He noted that towards the end of August 2017, her condition was improving. Noticed a scab on her forehead.
Constable Christopher Kane with @DRPS met her on an unrelated incident. He saw her outside wondering outside in the summer of 2017. He saw her on the street corner in Aug 2017. He noted her hair was chopped similar to a child. Noticed injury on her hand. Said she was using drugs
She told the officer she would go on "dates" to pay for drugs. Kane was concerned for her wellbeing and discussed the matter with her superiors, wanted to help her get into housing. Tried to find her on August 27 to tell her she had been accepted for housing. never saw her again
On Aug 30, 2017, Rori attended hospital in Oshawa. Triage nurse revealed Rori Hache was acting bizarre, looking for a prescription, Left hospital before being seen by a doctor. It was the last time anyone saw her alive
Kandis Fitzpatrick's disappearance. In 2008, she was 19. Her father William Fitzpatrick explained in 2006, following divorce he moved to Alberta after divorce. K stayed with his mother. She disappeared in 2006, he found her when he came home. She expressed a desire to live alone
In early 2008, William was back from Alberta. Kandis had moved from Canada to US. Kandis was upset by this. She left home. One witnessed testified she used drugs with Kandis, knew her to be a sex trade worker. Another friend said her drug of choice was crack cocaine
When the friend last disappeared, the friend assumed she moved on. Bill Fitzpatrick began an extensive search around the province for Kandis and began a facebook missing person's group for her with 1200 members. Medical records last service provided on March 20, 2008
Fitzpatrick spoke to police a number of times in 2008.

Discovery of Rori Hache's torso. Sept 11, 2017. A number of fishers discovered something bobbing of the pier. It became evident it was a female human torso. Torso was split No internal organs. Police were called
Event's leading to #AdamStrong's arrest. It was a "happenstance event". Drain was clogged because Strong was flushing skin and flesh from Rori Hache down the toilet. #Disturbing content warning
Strong moved into McMillan Drive basement apartment in 2007 (I think I heard) Strong would let friends stay with him. David Wood was a tenant upstairs. He and family moved in beginning of 2017. Xmas eve, they ran into Strong and gave him cookies as a kind gesture
On Xmas day, Strong asked for plumbers snake. Strong said toilet was backed up.. a few days later, sewer backed up. He told Wood he was dealing with it. He said it was backed up by an inflated condom. Mr. Wood offered Strong to snake the drain. Strong denied.
Eventually it became clear that Strong couldn't fix the drain. Professional plumbers called. Apartment was a mess and smelled bad, testified plumber. He pulled black sludge and something stringy out of toilet. Strong seemed nervous. Made comments like "ooh that's vile"
Plumber noted material pulled from drain was in 2 inch wide strips, was narrow and had hair on it. Plumbers took a photo, sent it to their boss. They advised they pulled up 10-15 pounds of what appeared to be flesh. They decided to called police. @DRPS arrived
Police didn't know what kind of flesh it was. knocked on Strong's door. They asked him what was being flushed down the toilet, Strong said "ok you got me, the gig's up, it's a body". #AdamStrong was arrested. He told officer he wanted to spill the beans
In the police car, Strong said "if you want to recover the rest of her, she's in my freezer, she's mainly defleshed". Later at the police station he said he considered suicide and knew he was done, once the plumber was called in. He had his first police interview that night
He denied engaging any sex service providers. Detective asked "are there other girls we should be aware about that are missing?" Strong replied "no". Strong was shown photos of Rori including her torso. Initially he stated he didn't want to see the photos.
Strong asked not to see the more disturbing photos. When asked if the photos were bothering him, Strong: "I don't know, i'm kind of over it"
Search of the apartment: inside chest freezer, police observed a dead raccoon, human remains. A pipe bomb was also seen, search stopped
once search resumed: garbage bag with dead raccoon, garbage bag with 2 human arms and 2 femurs, defleshed, hands intact, garbage bag with lower legs and feet, garbage bag containing pelvis, garbage bag with head, tattoo "alive" behind one ear
police also received bag of flesh, and bucket of flesh strips. it is admitted that human remains found in drain, chest freezer and bucket were those of Rori Hache.
search took many days. state of apartment; cluttered, dirty and disarray.
defence raised issues re cross contamination of certain items particularly items placed in something known as "the sex box". police did a 3D digital scan of apartment, took photos of items, many of items submitted for forensic testing at Centre for Forensic Sciences
expert on DNA from CFS testified: summary of key evidence. beige air mattress rolled up and deflated, portion of mattress cut out of it. blood like staining on surface. DNA from Strong, Rori and a former girlfriend could not be excluded.
Second deflated air mattress was found. Blood was confirmed on mattress. Rori could not be excluded as a contributor

Spreader bar device. Sex toy used for bondage style activities, has cuffs on it to secure hands and feet. Presence of blood confirmed on 7 separate areas on cuff
Rori and a girlfriend of Strong's could not be excluded as contributors of DNA
pink running shoes located in plastic bag. blood splattered. Look similar to running shoes Rori was wearing in days prior, Rori could not be excluded as donor of the samples
Bent hammer: blood detected in four general areas with 9 spots testing positive for blood. no profile developed. Rori and Strong could not be excluded from non blood profile
metal crowbar: visible staining revealed presence of blood. couldn't get DNA profile

pulley system: ropes and pulleys and caribiners (?) and pet leash. Rori couldn't be excluded from profile of blood found
Chest freezer: blood located in 19 areas. Rori could not be excluded from 7 blood stains. Kandis could not be excluded from 3 blood stainns.

Specialty hunting knife found in drawer: determined to be wyoming knife. Forensic testing. Kandis couldn't be excluded from DNA & Strong
Knife was resubmitted for further testing. Tissue like material of blade. Kandis could not be excluded as donor of DNA.

2 knives from bedroom: both had visible tissue. Rori could not be excluded as donor of DNA

sex toys: no blood. Rori could not be excluded
black pumpable penis: Rori could not be excluded as contributor

Defence challenged manner in which sex toys were seized from white cubby storage unit. placed together in same bag and put in box called "sex box". "sex box" revealed box was stained as was bag for rubber vagina
one expert testified she didn't find blood scene, or blood stain pattern. She agreed that she could not opine on the age of blood stain or sequence of events of the blood stains.
Now discussing blood spatter around the apartment, in bathroom. Rori could not be excluded. Strong's blood as well could not be excluded. Stains were everywhere. Often expert said it was hard to opine how the blood got there
Adam Strong's whereabouts in late August, early September 2017: from exam of electronic communications data, text messages and data from scubaadam1@gmail.com. expert was able to plot of Strong's movement.

August 30-Sept 11, 2017:
accuracy about 68 percent. Data reveals device linked to google account was at: Downtown Oshawa near his residence, memorial park on Aug 30, (not sure date) midtown mall (mentioned to a woman who testified he had recently broken up with girlfriend due to rough sex and desires)
later that night, he went to a wooded area along the Oshawa Creek, then back to 19 McMillan Drive (his apartment) I believe that was Sept 1, September 1 9:30 pm - September 3 9:30 am Strong was at home, no activity on phone
On Sept 3, Strong confirmed in a voice to text that he stayed in his home on Sept 2, on September 4, in a voice to text confirmed he was thinking of travelling to Lake Ontario but didn't instead data shows he went to Port Perry to buy cigarettes
On September 4, location data shows Strong's device went to Oshawa Harbour then back home. The data relating to the movement of device, based on low accuracy points.

User of the device likely turned off "location services" feature of device while travelling to the lake
A voice to text message dictated by Strong on September 5 "had a good day yesterday went down to the lake and was flying my (missed it)"
Now going through how the body parts were found in the freezer. Not going to get into these specifics. disturbing. most of them defleshed
Signs of injury: a number of blunt force injuries to the head, scalp lacerations, fracture of left orbital roof. bruises to side of head and face. bruises were all anti mortem, bruise to upper back, bruise to left shoulder, sharp force wound to chin. likely post mortem
Scalp injuries likely from hammer or crowbar, expert testified. timing of injuries, it was possible head injuries were caused post mortem. ultimately couldn't say. he noted freeze, thaw effects, decomposition. no signs of injury to brain
testing revealed presence of drugs including meth, cocaine, not amount taken. No evidence of ligature marks, pathologist testified cause of death was undetermined. Blunt impact head injury potential cause of death that could not be excluded.
possibility strangulation as cause of death could not be excluded. though no + test of strangulation.

pathologist couldn't opine on whether toxic dose of drugs was taken. couldn't rule out presence of fatal quantity of drugs. opinion limited by dismemberment, freezing of body
pathologist testified she could have possibly overdosed and that could have been cause of death.

Another pathologist testified she could have died from strikes to the head by an object due to skull defect. likely a hammer
wow. This is heavy stuff. Di Luca says one final portion of facts before we are taking a break: Second statement on November 8, 2018.

He was re-arrested and charged with 2 counts of First Degree murder. Charge of indignity withdrawn. 12 hour interview with Det Paul Mitton.
Strong happily discusses a wide range of topics. That said "Mr Strong is very careful" when it comes to the death of Rori and Kandis. In a few instances, appears to catch himself. Mitton is obviously a highly experienced and skilled interviewer
Mitton keeps Strong talking about a number of topics including topics related to death of Rori and Kandis. he doesn't get a confession but Strong admits knowing Rori and knowing she was involved in sex trade. Admits he took her for dinner, said she was sleeping by Oshawa creek
Strong admits Rori has been to his apartment on more than one occasion, he tells Det Mitton she came and left his apartment, "Always walked in and out under her own power".

Strong agrees that she ended up there in late Aug, early Sept and that she died in that time period
when confronted with DNA evidence, forcefully denies anal sex but not vaginal sex. he denies post mortem sex with Rori
Strong admits he chopped her up, noting he was indifferent. he described using serated knife, admits he flushed her organs down the toilet, froze remaining parts
Strong described used torso as a cutting board and says he held her reproductive system in his hand.
he learns Rori was pregnant, Strong denies it.

Strong admits he was shocked torso found floating in Lake Ontario, said it shouldn't have floated.
admits he defrosted Rori's remains in xmas eve in bathtub, defleshed and then refroze.

explains he was foiled by inadequate plumbing

explains he took months to get rid of parts as "procrastination"
Strong denies seeing bruising on Rori's face.

when Mitton tells #AdamStrong about blood splatter, he is adamant, there should have been more blood

when asked about Rori's blood stained shoes "another procrastination issue" he says
Strong admits knowing Kandis Fitzpatrick and knowing she was in the sex trade.

He says if there was video of his apartment, Kandis would be seeing coming and going though he denies she was ever in his apartment

Strong acknowledged possession of specialty hunting knife
and admits knowing it has Kandis' DNA on it. Strong calls it "damning evidence"

He explains that he had forgotten about the knife and that procrastination explained why it was in his apartment despite the passage of nearly ten years. says police were "lucky" to discover knife
Strong asks if any other DNA was found from Kandis. Mitton says no. Strong says "procrastination, when you think of how little it would have taken to do away with that".

When Mitton points out similarities between Rori & Kandis, Strong replies "you make an obvious summation"
During interview with Mitton, Strong raises possibility of spilling the beans, in exchange for privileges in jail.

Strong says if he were ever released from jail, he would be a dead man. Says all he wants is comfortable living, for whatever years he has less. Wants internet
... access and TV. Strong says he has been advised to hold back some cards, to play them later.

"If i got what i wanted, i'd spill i'd spill it," says Strong

Strong also speaks about serial killers after Mitton says he's researched serial killers
It ends with Strong explaining that in his view, serial killer is "three or more"

he completes "and i don't think i would have continued, but i can't say that, sorry"

towards the end, discussion about lack of remorse. Strong "i feel bad that i got caught"
Strong explains it comes from his "damagedness".

Strong says some people are remorseful. "Ya exactly, they're my actions but i don't think i would have made those actions had i been nurtured. it was a really bad childhood".
Strong exculpatory statements: both Rori & Kandis came and left on their own

re blood: Strong is 100 percent sure it is not weapon castoff, adamant he did not use bent hammer on Rori, says he's never intentionally or accidentally chocked anyone to death before, during, after sex
taking break now. we've now finished reviewing evidence. Preparing now to go live at noon. will be back in court at 12:05 pm
Had a brief chat with Kandis’ father Bill Fitzpatrick during the break. He tells me he’s anxious for the verdict to be delivered after a three month trial. Says he is seated in the courtroom looking directly at #AdamStrong’s face who has been keeping his head down
Rori Hache’s mother Shanan Dionne is also here as she was throughout the trial. She wanted me to see picture of Rori she’s brought to court and is holding onto while the judgement is being read out.
And we are still waiting to get back into court. It's now been 25 minutes
Ok the video has resumed and the judge has just entered the courtroom. Justice Di Luca says he is going to continue reading the judgement until 1 pm for lunch. Then we will come back at 2 pm to finish the verdict. Now going over governing legal principles
Conviction for manslaughter remains available says Di Luca. Second Degree murder becomes First Degree murder when it involves sexual assault or unlawful confinement.
Assessment of evidence; speculation and conjecture and impermissible. Accused is permitted to an acquittal or a conviction on a lesser offence. about to do radio with @ACarterglobal
OK I'm back. This part of the judgement is very technical. Di Luci is going through similar cases especially those involving "after the fact conduct evidence"
We are now on page 47 of the judgement "findings and analysis" Count 2 - Rori Hache: first determining crown has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Strong murdered Rori Hache. Di Luca is satisfied she died between Sept 1-3 2017
Strong's house guests moved out Sept 1. he was alone. upstairs apartment not occupied until Dec 2017. location data shows Strong crossed over to Oshawa Creek where Rori was staying in a tent then returned home. Di Luca says it's likely when he encountered Rori.
He didn't leave his apartment for about 36 hours. Di Luca is satisfied Rori was with him and she died during that time. Di Luca is satisfied that on September 4, 2017 he disposed of torso. Strong accepts that. He turned off his GPS location services
Where did Rori Hache die? Di Luca is satisfied she died inside Strong's apartment and inside his bedroom. Highly unlikely he would have found her dead outside and then bring her in, only to engage in meticulous and macabre process of dismembering her body parts
There is no suggestion in the statement he wanted to dismember a body he had happened upon. #AdamStrong spoke about "procrastination."

Di Luca says at no point in her statement does he suggest he transported her body into his apartment post mortem. I find that Strong was ...
... toying with Det Mitton and posing a riddle".

I am satisfied the forensic evidence supports the fact Rori was killed in the bedroom. Residual evidence of a blood letting event inside the bedroom
The blood splatter suggests Rori was wearing her shoes at the time of her death and removed thereafter.

There was evidence of Rori's blood spatter on wall where head of bed is located and ceiling above bed. All of stains could have come from cast off.
Strong in interview, was adamant it wasn't from weapon cast off. Di Luca says Strong was likely lying. Finds there was a blood letting event near the bed.

Blood found on air mattresses. Strong used mattresses to sleep on
One of mattresses with Rori's blood was found balled up near chest freezer that contained her body parts.

A second blood stained mattress was found balled up near washing machine in laundry room. Rori's DNA found there in mixed samples. telling feature, large portion cut out
I am satisfied that this mattress was once in Mr Strong's bedroom. Due to presence of Strong's DNA and former girlfriend. Further satisfied that Rori's blood was on mattress. Strong took efforts to clean and destroy evidence. Blood letting event happened on or near mattress
Di Luca rejects defence mattress that he would have destroyed entire mattress is he was trying to get rid of evidence. Says size and shape of cutout suggest that removal of that piece of the mattress was intentional and no coincidental or accidental.
Di Luca is satisfied mattress was brought to laundry room in an attempt to clean it. Blood was Rori's. Likely another example of Mr Strong's self proclaimed procrastination

BDM device referred as a spreader bar used to bind wrists and ankles: blood found on cuffs. DNA was Rori's
Di Luca infers blood spatter happened while it was being worn. Blood cannot be accounted for as additional castoff related from wall and head of bed

Other sex toys had DNA on them, none of them had any blood
Accepts no significant blood scene, but not surprising given passage of time. Strong repeatedly mocks police officers for failing to find more blood stains.

"I reject the suggestion that blood in bedroom and mattress came from dismemberment activities"
Di Luca finds that Strong did that in the bathroom. "the dismemberment was meticulous ..."

It also involved the disposal of her internal organs .... for easy disposal down the toilet. "It would make no sense for Mr Strong to do this gruesome and messy task in the bedroom"
Di Luca finds that Rori was dismembered in the bathroom.

I reject the possibility came from the dismemberment process. Running shoes had blood on them. She was likely wearing them at the time of the death. It is unlikely he would have left the shoes on during dismemberment
I reject the argument that blood in the bedroom came from the plumbing overflow in Dec 2017.

I find that the sewer blockage did not cause or contribute to the blood spatter observed in the bedroom.
Strong was not likely to have any friendship with Rori. But he did have a friendship with TM. Possible Rori came into contact with Strong through similar way or by the provision of sexual services.

She may have deposited some blood on an air mattress during an earlier visit
It is theoretically possible, the possibility that all these innocent events account for DNA and blood stain is so remote, as to be entirely speculative.

I am not suggesting Mr Strong has any obligation to prove how blood was deposited on items, I am required to look at ...
... evidence as a whole. I accept Rori met her death in the bedroom. Leaves no reasonable alternate explanation.

Di Luca says he's now finished page 55 of judgement. We are breaking now. The entire judgement is 75 pages. 20 pages to go. Back at 2 pm.
OK we are back just waiting for the judge to come back in
Here we go: who caused Rori's death? I am satisfied that Mr Strong caused Rori's death. In the bedroom. He was the only occupant of the apartment and I rely on Mr Strong's utterances "the gig's up. you got me it's a body" then said "he knew the plumbers were pulling up ...
Rori's body parts and he would be caught." also spoke about contemplating suicide. The evidence of his utterances must be viewed in context that Rori died in Strong's apartment and not elsewhere. And must rely on after the fact conduct
after dismembering her body, and throwing her torso in Lake ontario, he stored body including her head in a chest freezer. evidence related to dismemberment and disposal overwhelming supports the inference that Strong caused the death of Rori.
Di Luca: I am satisified she died of Blunt force trauma to her head.
I note that the crown does not need to prove a specific cause of death. Death was at least caused by an unlawful act caused by the accused. At the time of her death, Rori had extensive bruising to her face, head and shoulders
When she went to the hospital at the end of August, she had no visible injuries. Di Luca says the trip to the hospital at the end of August was likely related to her drug use and to obtain prescription drugs.
I am satisfied that the bruising on her face, head and shoulders was a result of repeated blows, but prior to death.

significant head injuries: skull fractures caused by a instrument such as a hammer. a second hard object might have been used. I find that the skull fractures...
were caused by Mr Strong caused by blunt object coming into contact with the skull.

Strong vigorously denied the bent hammer found in his bedroom was the murder weapon. Di Luca doesn't need to prove it was the murder weapon. he may have used another blunt ended object.
Di Luca says it doesn't matter. Pathologist can't exclude that skull injuries were caused post mortem.

I am satisfied that the head wounds and skull fractures were caused anti-mortem and the cause of Rori's death.
The possible impact of the freeze thaw impact was not only hypothetical. Rori's body parts had been frozen & thawed. It had an impact on observable blood cells and could have observed signs of blood hemorraghing.

Dismemberment was systematic. Used the torso as cutting board
I do not accept the head injuries were part of the post mortem dismemberment of bones. Strong admitted his plan to dispose of the bones to throw them in the Lake as he did with the torso. When discussed dismemberment, he bragged completed task using knives.
the evidence of head injuries must be considered in concert with blood stain evidence in bedroom. evidence supports a blood letting event occurred in bedroom and further it occurred while Rori was alive. Satisfied Strong repeatedly struck her in the head with a hard blunt object
I also found she was struck in the face prior to her death, resulted in the bruising. In reaching this conclusion, I reject the suggestion she died of a drug overdose.
In my view, the after the fact conduct is so terrible (Di Luca used a different word missed it), it obliterates the idea that she died of an accidental overdose
In reaching my conclusion, I do not need to rely on the similar fact evidence. I do note that the similar act evidence that Rori died innocently, even more unlikely. The chances he would need a chest freezer twice to store the bodies of 2 women who died, is so ...
infintesimally small, it's ... (missed it)

I am readily satisfied that the nature and extent of the dismemberment activities foreclose the possibility that Rori died innocently.

Di Luca says Strong had murderous intent. Strong engaged in an extreme, meticulous and ..
prolonged effort to get rid of her body"

If Strong had not been arrested, he would have followed through with his plan and disposed of all of Rori's body parts through the various means (lake ontario and toilet)
Did Mr Strong murder Rori Hache during the commission of a sexual assault or unlawful confinement? If so, it's first degree murder.

Di Luca is satisfied she was sexually assaulted and also probably confined but not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt confined against her will
She was wearing a BDSM device. She was being restrained during BDSM activities. there is no other reasonable purpose for wearing it. The presence of DNA on sex toys. at least one was used.

Di Luca is satisfied they were engaged in a sex act immediately prior to Rori's death
semen found in what was left of anal cavity conclusively shows that Rori and Adam Strong engaged in anal sex. No suggestion semen was placed on her post mortem.

Cannot reject positively that Rori and Strong may have had earlier encounters, inferences from semen ...
He dissected her vaginal area. Destruction of her internal and external sex organs. Done with a view to obscure sexual intercourse.

The singular available inference is a sex act accompanied her death, near Strong's bed. There would be no reason to be on a BDSM device, on a ...
mattress unless they were having some kind of interaction.

Di Luca not satisfied it was not consensual. She may have initially been involved in a consensual, albeit paid sex act.

It became non consensual the moment Strong began beating Rori
The repeated strikes to the face were of sufficient force to leave obvious bruises. amounts to bodily harm. Strikes to face were accompanied by the skull cracking blows to the head. This is not an instance where there was an attempt to commit a sexual assault after death.
I do not know why Strong killed her during the encounter. Perhaps the violence performed part of the sex he wanted to engage in. Ultimately it does not matter, Motive is not part of the offence. I am left with a reasonable doubt that she was unlawfully confined at time
Ultimately it is moot since her murder occurred during a sexual assault.

While a leash with a blood stain on it was found hanging from the wall, at the head of the bed, could readily be related to other blood stains on wall.

can't find she was unlawfully confined
Count 1 - Kandis Fitzpatrick
Is Kandis dead? I am satisfied the crown has proven beyond a reasonable doubt is dead. Never been heard from since '08. Strong accepts that the crown has proven Strong has dismembered Kandis using Wyoming knife and placed in same chest freezer as Rori
Further supported by Strong's comments to Det Mitton that he knew her DNA would be found on knife and said it was due to procrastination that the knife was not disposed of.

How did Kandis die? there is no evidence. Her body was never recovered. However, I am satisfied that ..
... she was killed by Mr Strong is some unlawful manner.

I find that at least some of her body parts were placed in the chest freezer in Strong's bedroom. The use of the chest freezer also suggests there was a time gap between dismemberment of dismemberment and disposal.
Strong told Mitton he was surprised when Rori's torso popped up in Lake. He took out organs. When this portion of the statement is viewed in context. He was surprised because with Rori it did not work but he had been successful before
Strong said flushing flesh was an awesome way to dispose of a body. Di Luca finds he found that because of his prior experience.

He commented about Rori's liver "i've never seen one that big before" Di Luca believes he had seen one before during dismemberment and disembowment
I feel it unlikely someone would dismember a body, if someone innocently died. It is a huge leap that dismemberment of a body, storage of body parts and disposal would be an answer.

Di Luca finds it disproportionate to an accident or unintentional death
Strong's utterances during 2nd interview add support that Kandis' death was unlawfully caused by Strong and not accidental ... by describing the knife used as "a very damning piece of evidence he could have very easily gotten rid of".
Di Luca believes Kandis was killed in Strong's apartment. His comments to Mitton about the video showing Kandis coming and going on her own steam was "a riddle". I do not accept his comments nor am I left with a reasonable doubt.
I find Strong killed Kandis:
1. He offers to spill the beans in exchange for a comfortable existence in prison - he was trying to strike a bargain, cards he was holding the information he could have revealed.
2. serial killers. Strong says 3 or more murders is a serial killer. they discuss how Strong's discovery by police was "bad luck" Strong replies "and i don't think i would have continued, but i can't say that sorry"
Di Luca find his comment about not continuing is an admission that he killed 2 people. I find he catches the admission. because he follows it up with "but i can't say that sorry" realizing he has made an inculpatory admission
3. lack of remorse
Strong: "I believe i was created. i am who i am because of my childhood."
Mitton: blame someone else for your actions
S: "ya exactly but i don't believe i would have made those mistakes had i been nurtured"
he acknowledges he actions, an admission of 2 murders
Did Mr Strong have the requisite intent for murder when he killed Kandis?
When i consider all the evidence, the evidentiary gap cannot be sufficiently bridged by the available evidence. finding that he caused it unlawfully and probably did it intentionally but ...
that's not only possible scenario. Given passage of time, can't conclude Kandis died in the same fashion as Rori. Unable to find he had the requisite intent for murder ... Strong is Kandis' killer but unable to find he knew what he did would cause her death, probably
Has crown proven murder happened during sexual assault or unlawful confinement? there is no evidence revealing what Kandis' final encounter with Strong entailed. possible it was a sexual encounter. strengthened due to similarities with Rori.
the almost ten year gap in time and the absence of evidence, renders a single inference on the issue impossible.

I do not know that he engaged in the same extreme degree of destruction and mutilation as he did with Rori

It is reasonably possible that it did, but not satisfied

Adam Strong
Count 2: Guilty of First degree murder of Rori Hache

Count 1: Not Guilty of First degree murder of Kandis Fitzpatrick but guilty of manslaughter
Rori Hache’s mother Shanan Dionne outside the courthouse. Thankful to everyone who helped find #AdamStrong guilty of the First Degree murder of her daughter
Krysia Meeldyk, Rori Hache’s godmother says Adam Strong is a monster. She is upset for the Fitzpatrick family
We're back in court. Justice Di Luca is now setting a date for a sentencing hearing.
We will be back in court on April 21 and 22 for a two-day sentencing hearing. #AdamStrong is remanded into custody. Justice Di Luca thanks counsel.
Before saying goodnight after a long day tweeting a 75 page judgement in a gruesome case about two young #Oshawa women who were very loved, I want to thank Gord (who shot my story, my live hits and who got me lunch) and Walter (for driving the live truck and keeping it warm)
And @stopgapcam who also shot the story, shot my noon live hit and edited my stories under a very tight deadline. Best team in #tvnews couldn’t do it without you!

• • •

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5 Feb 19
Back in Superior Court for day 2 of the Bruce McArthur sentencing hearing. The courtroom is about half full today. Justice John McMahon has just entered the courtroom. More victim impact statements to be heard before the crown and defence make sentencing submissions
The serial killer has just walked in. Hunched over as usual wearing black jeans and the same plaid shirt & black cable knit sweater as yesterday. Crown telling McMahon, a sketch artist is requesting to sit in front of the bar so she can get a better view of Bruce McArthur
Justice McMahon takes no issues with it. The sketch artist who made the request is Pam Davies who sketches for @globalnewsto. All the sketch artists are now sitting in the jury box so today we will have drawings of McArthur’s face & his expressions, rather than his profile
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4 Feb 19
Massive line-up outside courtroom 6-1, the largest courtroom at Superior Court for Day 1 of serial killer Bruce McArthur’s sentencing hearing. Everyone must go through a metal detector before entering the courtroom. Metal detectors at also the front doors of the courthouse
This morning we expect to hear a long version of the agreed statement of facts. That could take quite awhile as the crown will likely go through each victim. How they met Bruce McArthur, how they were killed, dismembered and disposed of.
Crown Attorney Michael Cantlon indicated last Tuesday when Bruce McArthur pleaded guilty to 8 counts of First Degree murder, that some family members of the victims have already indicated they will sit outside court when those details are read out. They will likely be horrifying
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