I don’t even feel like going into it but Shaun King is trending for doing what Shaun King does.

He is a fucking parasite. The way he exploits hurting people is just the lowest of the low. He is trash.
Seriously, you have to be a special kind of piece of shit to do what Shaun King does.

Vultures prey on the dead. Shaun King spots the dead and then preys on the living who gather to mourn.

That grifting asshole should have been cancelled 50 times over by now.
This asshole had the audacity to swoop in and write a mind-numbingly patronizing and condescending piece about Samaria Rice.

Shaun, you clownyass motherfucker, when Samaria Rice - mother of Tamir Rice - a mother who lost her child - speaks, keep your dumb mouth shut.
This fakeass grifting garbage pail had the balls to smear his cosplay bullshit on top of the words of a grieving mother who lost her child to police and who is now fighting to not lose his name and memory to performative hashtags BY PEOPLE LIKE SHAUN KING.

I loathe that fraud.
One last thing and then I’m done:

When someone suffers a terrible loss, do not under any circumstances speak for them.

The grieving are entitled to every last feeling, every last word, said every last way.

They are entitled to be raw. They owe no one their restraint.
What Shaun King does is spot grief and try to wedge himself between the suffering and the sympathetic.

He is a fucking parasite. A vulgar and exploitive narcissist who hears pain as opportunity.

Fucking trash.


• • •

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17 Mar
There is an endless amount of toxic crap in the world - and on here - so, maybe this will be a welcome diversion for a few minutes.

It’s about music or it’s about all of us or maybe it’s about me. I don’t know.

A couple months ago, I found myself without my son on a Friday night for the first time in the past year.

For whatever reason, that landed on me with a surprising weight.

We’ve been isolated a long time. Eventually, the bill for that loss comes due.

I felt a heavy, settling loneliness that went beyond the transient sadness of just missing having plans on one particular night.

In theory, I’m not isolated. I have ample connectivity to a larger group of humans than I can even manage.

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Let me just tell you, the peregrine falcon is one of the baddest animals on the planet.

Peregrines hunt by dropping into a steep dive where they basically turn themselves into missiles traveling at up to 200 mph.

Fighter jet engine designs were informed by studying peregrine falcons.

By 1974, thanks to DDT, peregrines were effectively all but extinct in the United States in all but the west coast.

There were four peregrines left in the entire state of New York.

To save the species, west coast falconers passed eggs to east coast falconers who tended to them and raised the chicks through first winters before releasing them.

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15 Mar
Okay, I need a few hardcore music heads to listen to something so I can talk about it with people into this kind of thing.

Artist: Harmony Woods
Track: “I Can’t”

Settle in somewhere quiet. Turn it up. Really immerse in it.

*Listen for the production beyond just the vocals*
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15 Mar
I hate this.

It is gaslighting nonsense that serves only to normalize and center ignorant adults demanding others cater to their failures.

In the era of access to all human knowledge via a phone, ignorance is a choice.

We coddle way, way too much.

It just aggrieves me to no end that we spotlight ignorant people as if being willfully uneducated is just a condition that befell them which they bear no responsibility for - and which the rest of us need to somehow cure them of like they were helpless toddlers.
Okay, one more thing and then I’m done...

When society adopts the position that the ignorant must always be persuaded first, we give the least intelligent people in society the power to veto things by simply choosing to not believe them... or saying they don’t.
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Who else is watching the #GRAMMYs with me?

I’m just gonna use this thread to talk about ‘em so I don’t clog up your timeline.
Harry Styles DGAF what you think. He has swagger, that one.
Billy Eyelash has really grown on me. I was slow to warm but I’m there.
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13 Mar
I can’t take it anymore. I’m just blocking anyone in my mentions so fucking stupid they think Republicans can somehow pardon Trump if Cuomo leaves office... and is replaced by a Democratic woman.
And if your response is “Well, I didn’t know that if Cuomo were to leave office, he’d be replaced by the Lieutenant Governor - a Democrat - because that is how it works...”.

Stop making our side of the aisle look like the kind of QAnon-believing morons we roll our eyes at.

You are embarrassing *all of us*.

Jesus. Pathetic.
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