The #DreamAndPromiseAct passed 228-197, remarkably bipartisan. So did the #FarmWorkforceModernizationAct at 247-174.

On to the Senate.

Yes, I know the odds. But I'm not letting up the pressure and NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

We can make this happen.
Here's a summary of a detailed letter drafted by some of us working on exposing the white nationalism in our immigration policy - the so-called #TantonNetwork.

See my pinned tweet for more. Yes, it's that bad.
Yes, this will make it to the Hill.

In Sept 2019, alone with @Alyssa_Milano and @morethanmySLE we met with 17+ members of Congress, to let them know about the Tanton Network and explain how they had the immigration debate on lockdown.
This started when I sued @UMich to unseal the papers of John Tanton, locked away until 2035. Tanton - the most influential unknown man in America - can no longer exert his influence from beyond the grave.

We've tried it their way for years, and here we are.
Hoping to give people who came here as BABIES a chance to win citizenship in 10+ years.

Debating whether essential workers who are getting us through this pandemic deserve citizenship.

Wondering if we should make it easier for DOCTORS to TREAT us.

Here we are.
As my colleague @MarioHLopez says:

Immigration reform will continue to fail as long as the Tanton Network poisons it.

I'm not stepping on toes here. All we're asking is when new policy is made, don't give a seat to the white nationalists.

Can we agree on that?

• • •

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More from @HMAesq

20 Mar
Looking forward to this, Mehdi.

He'll be repeating the talking points fed to him by groups like FAIR, CIS, and NumbersUSA.

They're white supremacists and I hope you put their ideology on trial.
Lies like the majority of asylum cases are fraudulent, that MPP was for protection, that there will otherwise be an 'invasion,' that no one shows up for their hearings, that they're diseased, unskilled, and will steal jobs and drain our economy.
Ignoring facts that it's due to policies pushed by those groups that the border is so horribly mismanaged, that asylum seekers still contribute despite the law disempowering them, that COVID rates are negligible, that they create jobs or fulfill a needed sector.
Read 4 tweets
6 Mar
Something about this win made me tear up today. Our client could barely breathe when he tried to relate the campaign of terror MS-13 unleashed on him and his family. Today, he also lost breath.

He just kept repeating "no tengo palabras, no tengo palabras..." (I don't have words)
We got this case right before the interview. A loss here would mean years stuck in immigration court and likely a deportation order.

What made this case unusual was he filed his case after being here for almost 20 years. The law says you have 1 year to file.
Exceptional circumstances can excuse this, but they have to be exceptional. We had <10 days to rescue this case.

When he started testifying, there trauma was undeniable.

So we live-researched trauma as an exceptional circumstance.
Read 7 tweets
19 Feb
The Biden #immigrationbill is a course correction.

We had been listening to white supremacists & allies for far too long.

The last 4 years were just a peek at what they would have done if we continued to give them a seat at the table.
Who in particular am I talking about? Glad you asked!


Funded by:
Sidney Swensrud Fdn
Fdn for Carolinas
Scaife Fdns

Implemented by:
Steve Bannon
Conceived by:

John Tanton
Otis Graham

Lobbied by:
Dan Stein
Andrew Arthur

Legislated by:

Amplified by:
Read 5 tweets
18 Feb
Just finished reading the 66-page summary of the Biden #ImmigrationBill. It's not the law yet! But here are some highlights:

1. New "Lawful Prospective Immigrant" status, or LPI. Good for 6 years, and can file for green card after 5.

Eligibility: In US since 1/1/2021.
If you were here for 3y and departed/deported during Trump presidency, you can qualify for LPI status.

Receipt notice of LPI status serves as a work permit.

LPI status cannot be used by ICE. Many crimes disqualify you.

Those who had certain statuses on 1/1/21 are ineligible.
2. Dreamers can skip LPI and go straight to green card. A Dreamer is anyone who entered the US under age 18 and before 1/1/2021. Dramatically more than DACA!

Current DACA recipients will enjoy an easier, streamlined green card process.

Spouses and children included!
Read 24 tweets
15 Dec 20
Four years ago, I filed a request to unseal the papers of white supremacist John Tanton. Sealed away at @UMich until 2035, the #TantonPapers will shed light on the anti-immigrant organizations he built that are largely responsible for the horrors of the last 4 years.
The University has fought me tooth and nail for 4 years to keep these papers secret. Supposedly honoring a mysterious "gift agreement" with Tanton - which they've NEVER produced a copy of.

Here's a timeline:…
But, with the help of @olcplc and @Allandaros we beat them at the Michigan Court of Appeals in 2019.

Instead of turning these papers over, the University took it to the Michigan Supreme Court.
Read 8 tweets
14 Dec 20
A person who drives a car is called a "driver."

A driver who drives 1 mile over the speed limit is committing an illegal act.

Therefore, drivers who speed are called "illegal drivers."

See how ridiculous that sounds? And not even talking about how dehumanizing "alien" is.
But we know the real reason you thought it necessary to tweet this.

Because your advocacy requires dehumanizing language.

You'll never call them future citizens, or aspiring Americans. Then people might realize that immigration status can be fixed with the stroke of a pen.
You have to make people believe something is being stolen from them. You need an enemy.

Every term you use and policy you push is designed for one thing: keeping people out of this country.

We know where you came from: the racist fears of a eugenicist doctor.
Read 8 tweets

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