How To Create A Happy Life

12 practical lessons from @naval
Happiness is a state where nothing is lacking.

The path to happiness is truth seeking, and the path to truth is understanding.
Understand that happiness is a skill that can be learned.

You can slowly and methodically improve your happiness baseline

Happiness, love & passion aren’t things you find, they are choices you make.
1) Get your health in order:

If you’re not fit enough to make money, hangout with friends or do the things you love - then you are not going to be happy.

Health is the foundation of happiness.
2) Chase financial freedom:

You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy your way out of common causes of unhappiness.

Renunciation is ineffective in the long run - and happiness without material comfort is playing life on hard mode.
3) Have fewer desires:

Desire is a contract you make to remain unhappy untill you get what you want.

Human wants are insatiable, yet no external thing will make you happy forever.

Contentment brings peace, peace brings happiness.
4) Find peace from mind:

Peace is happiness at rest, happiness is peace in motion.

Happiness makes you peaceful in passivity, peace makes you happy in activity.
It’s not about being jovial all the time -

A happy person is someone who effortlessly interprets events in such a way that they don’t lose their inner peace.
5) Be present:

Unhappiness comes from

- comparing the past to the present

- regretting and wishing things happened differently

- imagining unreal scenarios
The human mind is constantly oscillating between the past and the future

This causes mental stress and disturbs your inner peace.

So catch your mind whenever it wanders and bring it back to the present as much as you can.
6) Avoid envy:

Happiness is an internal game, you play against yourself.

When your feel envious of someone -

don’t just choose one aspect of the lives, be ready to do a 100% + 24/7 swap with them.

Do you still want their lives?
7) Reduce your sense of self:

Self-improvement is a recipe for self-conflict.

Don’t take yourself seriously, you are just a monkey with a plan.

All your accomplishments and shortcomings will go to dust.
8) Avoid things that make you unstable:

- Porn
- Sugar
- Coffee
- Alcohol
- Video games

These things will make you feel good in the short term but could ruin your happiness long term.

All screen activities reduce your happiness.
Non-screen activities make you more stable and happier.

- meditate
- walk in nature
- exercise regularly
- get more sunlight
- have conversations in real life
9) Practice acceptance:

Acceptance means to be okay with whatever the outcome is.

If you want change - make it happen.

If you can’t change - accept it.

If you can’t accept - leave it.
10) Tell everyone you are happy:

Consistency bias will force you to live up to your claim.

Make it your mission to be the happiest person you know.
11) Surround yourself with positive and optimistic people.

Don’t hangout with people who always engage in conflict.
12) Embrace death:

Don’t live in denial of death, you are only here for a short while.

Enjoy yourself, do something positive and appreciate every moment.

• • •

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