It won't happen & if it does it's only because I or someone else said something about it & not because she truly cares. How many rings have been busted sense this Fake Presidency started? How many conferences about it & what they are going to do to continue putting an end to all
These women & children suffering?
Ones like her and others need these crises' to happen. How many child trafficking rings were stopped while DJT Is in office? How many conferences do you recall reassuring WE THE PEOPLE that A #MAJOR change was happening in this category?
How many MSM news outlets covered all those conferences by DJT about all the human/child sex trafficking rings he helped/Coordinated in bringing down?

You see where I'm going with this?

Harris & the rest of them are con artists. Puppets on strings playing A role before
The truth comes to light. Only being used to keep the Country as calm as possible before that truth is told, avoiding any kind of fallout.
The people choose to continue seeing everything in 3D that is being shown to them.

• • •

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More from @VVission123

24 Mar
Someone commented & then deleted it shorlty after DEMANDING I "Stop being cryptic, thinking i'm famous or talking like I'm somebody" ..
This proves my point & also proves I see all of you, no matter who you are-If you come at me in A negative way, I see it all before it happens.
I proves this over and over and over again. Whatever anyone tries to do or say about me, I see it in my mind before it happens. All within A blink of an eye. It sucks. I deal with it & find balance. 117% time I use this gift to help all of you. Help see FF before they happen
Along with much more. I see into my own life when I choose too. I don't like doing it. I feel it's cheating in A way. Knowing of what's to come before it happens.
Either way, that person that commented & deleted only proved my point by saying what he did & then deleting it.
Read 5 tweets
24 Mar
Last post I watched 25 people R/T, Then went back down to #ZERO ...

The Children are all I care about. Nothing can stop the truth from coming out. What so many elected officials within Government have done to children behind closed doors is sad. I choose to forgive because
It pisses "Elites" off (Who have done & Known about these things their colleagues) have done & said nothing about it, that much easier. Letting these people who have not committed crimes upon humanity/Children but KNOW & Have proof of ones who have, know they have A support
System/Rock To lean on. So many just live in A one sided world. They want the truth but don't want to do or go the extra mile to get that truth. Being A rock for ones who KNOW & reassuring them WE are there for them no matter what is KEY.
Look how the world is treating one
Read 5 tweets
24 Mar
One other thing that shows me true colors.. An "A.i. Bott", A few meaningless words & hate (About both sides) gets spread around more than A person (Woman) showing the world PROOF that Child sex trafficking/Human trafficking is real & has been happening right under everyones
Noses for A very long time. That person can barely get more than 100 people to spread around that truth but Hundreds & THOUSANDS of people will spread around other nonsense. How many blind sheep does it take to save the children or spread the truths that truly matter more
Than anything? Many are prisoners to their own success and can't speak out. I guarantee you though, there are more that are free & not bound down by contracts that have GINORMOUS followings that just straight up refuse to show/tell the world the truth they NEED to hear.
Read 7 tweets
24 Mar
But, like i have said many times. You gotta be one of the "Cool" people/BIG accounts for anything to matter or to teach about the world that was kept hidden from all of you. Those accounts everyone follows, Those are the ones leading most off A cliff. Keeping everyone blind &
Out of balance. Not allowing the MANY to see or understand the bigger picture. Their Following count & ego's are to big for them to care. As long as they get theirs right? Fuck everyone else. Some will say every once in A while, "We all matter. Every voice/account matters"
Yeah, bullshit. Only the ones who boost them up or gives them A better chance at selling more books.

So many have their own agendas- Feeding off the weak, keeping the MANY out of balance & always refusing to tell everyone why we are all here in the first place.
Read 4 tweets
24 Mar

Now, Corruption chooses to make their final push trying to take away your guns by Purposely creating chaos KNOWING the people are awakening to how stupid THEY think all of you are.
You wanna win this War of All Wars? ..
I can tell you how, little to none of you will see or care to do as I say. So, here it goes.

You don't need Guns.
You don't need money.
You don't need A BIG house or Fancy car.
All you need is HEART.
Love thy neighbor as GOD has loved you.
Some will say, "I have had A crappy life, God doesn't care about me" ...
Paths were created for EVERY #LAST one of you. All paths leading to where God intended you to be, unfortunately this world was Purposely altered to keep all of you EMOTIONALLY OUT OF BALANCE which makes
Read 7 tweets
14 Mar
You wanna know how to make this all stop and go away?

If i told you, would it matter? Would the world then scratch their heads and be like "Ooooooh yeah,That makes total sense" ...

Everyone is telling the truth without empathy or compassion. I warned about all this A very long
Time ago.
Remember in the #Supernatural Show when Jack got pissed of and told everyone to "TELL THE TRUTH" and everyone started telling the truth of how they really felt. Then God had to snap hos fingers to make everyone Snap out of it and realize what they were doing is wrong?
What if I told you they made all these shows based on our lives out in the REAL WORLD looking through the glass to help us not only understand who we are but also the power we AMONG ALL OF YOU have.

Do you want to know or not?
Do you all want to keep destroying yourselves or
Read 9 tweets

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