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Luglio 1997, Radio City Music Hall, New York. Carlos ha un concerto, canterà i suoi vecchi successi, quelli di una carriera cominciata a Woodstock e apparentemente finita. Non ha una casa discografica, pensano che sia vecchio. Ha solo 50 anni.

Qualche mese prima lo hanno intervistato per la realizzazione di un documentario sulla vita di Clive Davis, il discografico che firmò il suo primo contratto alla Columbia, nel 1969. Si sono riavvicinati e la moglie di Carlos ha invitato Clive al concerto.

Davis è alla testa della sua nuova creatura, la Arista Records. Dopo il concerto si siedono uno davanti all’altro nel camerino. Quante ne hanno fatte, insieme. Clive gli prospetta un contratto, e un disco.
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Welcome to #FestivalAndBeyond with the #AcaFangirls panel '"So Get This" Supernatural through an Academic Lens'.

My cool pals are live on YouTube for the festival here:

Join my #AcaFangirls @asinglemantear @ProfTanyaCook @drfangirlphd @PreheatingProf @CatherineinNB on the live stream for #FestivalAndBeyond
I’m tweeting cause I have a big birthday today 🎉 & family dinner so…follow along with my pals & me as we deep dive into #Supernatural
We come from different disciplines & backgrounds, one thing in common is our 💚 of #Supernatural.
I'm a trained medievalist & landscape archaeologist. I work on historic ruins, memory & place, place identity as it relates to landscapes. #FestivalAndBeyond #AcaFangirls
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Its Wednesday. It's the original #BendedKnee 3 minute prayer day.

In comms with our Lord this morning I heard faintly in my spirit

That today's #BendedKnee is a big BIG deal.

Strongholds are coming down today!
2. Let's dedicate this day to the Lord and give him the #VICTORY through real honest to goodness fervent prayer from our hearts. Straight to the EAR and Heart of God Almighty.

Think on this, you are Gods flesh body on earth and he lives in you.
3. You become his house away from the heavens and in the flesh on earth.

I remember an old sermon that we are like a drinking glass (Mason jar for us hillfolk😃) and that jar is empty but it's made a container, to hold something.
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My next "Present Tense" column is up at @FilmComment - Death scenes! Not "favorite" death scenes, but a discussion of the challenges of these scenes, and actors who do them well! Thx in advance for reading!…
@FilmComment Because visual aids are part of the fun of linking to these: here are some of the death scenes I mentioned: Brian Blessed's absolutely UNREAL work in his death scene in I, CLAUDIUS. like, wtf dude, way to set the bar.
@FilmComment And, of course, and this one is related in some way to Blessed's: (there are a million ways to die, after all):
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For my next "Present Tense" column at @FilmComment , I wrote about one of my favorite contemporary actors, Matthias Schoenaerts.…
@FilmComment I mainly focus on his performances in 4 films: BULLHEAD:
@FilmComment The great RUST AND BONE:
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Always enjoy the fun cinematic references woven into early seasons of #Supernatural. In S2 "Crossroad Blues" - a/b crossroad deals w/devil - the brothers figure out the deals are happening at a "Lloyd's Bar", situated on a country crossroad. The bar in Walter Hill's CROSSROADS:
There's the "High Noon shot" from S2 episode 21. Even the little curve in the road matches. #Supernatural
And one of my faves from Season 1. The libraries in early #Supernatural were insanely dramatically lit. Like this one from S1, episode 5. Calls to mind Citizen Kane's Thatcher Memorial Library. Instantly clock-able for a nerd like me.
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Last panel of the day will begin in a few: #Supernatural, with @JensenAckles, @jarpad, @mishacollins, @Alex8Calvert, and EPs Robert Singer, Andrew Dabb, Eugenie Ross-Leming, and Brad Buckner. #TCA19
It would be funny if the TCA panel for Supernatural began with the same 15-minute-ish montage of all 14 seasons so far that the SDCC panel began with.

(that wouldn't go well in this room).
#Supernatural is not a TV show, "it's a 327-hour movie" CW's Paul Hewitt deadpans to a group that definitely appreciates the joke. #LetTVBeTV #TCA19
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For my new "Present Tense" column over at @FilmComment I write about what my friends and I call "Back-ting": actors playing scenes with their backs turned to the camera. Almost a lost art. Bette Davis is the high priestess of it. More at the link:…
@FilmComment Exhibit A:
@FilmComment Exhibit B:
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Hi, newish writers who love horror and are trying to figure out how to write great horror. I have a rec for you this morning. #Chernobyl is one of the greatest, most terrifying horror stories I’ve ever seen. The reason why is simple so I thought I’d share in case it helps!
A good portion of you will know this already but I’m sharing as someone who got hired on a horror show and then had to have this explained to me. I figure I can’t be the only one out there. :)
Obviously the miniseries is great for a large number of reasons to do with people’s talent. The actors, director, DP, PD, and MAN the writing in those monologues about truth. Also that shit really happened. Recently.
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Well I just finished moving these over from!XtNhURSb!1M…
I got a little carried away...
... sorry there are TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY memes in the 2019 folder alone!
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Today's #Supernatural #ComicCon press room included #JensenAckles, #JaredPadalecki, #MishaCollins and #AlexanderCalvert along with executive producers Andrew Dabb, Bob Singer, Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming. #SPNSDCC #SDCC2018 #SPNFamily #SPN
Dabb: The theme last year was putting the family back together. Now the family is together, but Dean is missing and Dean is the rock that holds them together. #Supernatural #ComicCon #SPNSDCC #sdcc2018 #SPNFamily #DeanWinchester
Dabb: Dean as Micheal is the major arc for the upcoming season. He won't be Micheal the whole season, but he will be for a lot of it. It's not something that gets resolved in the second episode. #Supernatural #ComicCon #DeanWinchester #SPNSDCC #SDCC2018
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