and also for the 90th time

Jews for Jesus/Messianic "Judaism" isn't Judaism, it's literally a Christian movement started by the Southern Baptist Convention and designed to be a Trojan Horse that eliminates actual Judaism
Like I don’t know how to make this any clearer: there is no branch or version of Judaism that worships Jesus.

Full stop.
And for the most part, it attracts mostly Christians who was to cosplay as Jews (Jews for Jesus with so much as a single Jewish grandparent are in the minority) because it tends to be very HELLO FELLOW KIDS
And for most practicing Jews, it’s a minor annoyance: you’re traveling and think you’ve found a shul near your hotel only to discover that it’s a messianic “synagogue”
But they do occasionally visit actual synagogues, find people who are sitting alone, and invite them to their “synagogue” without disclosing that it’s actually a church, so it’s not like they’re minding their own business
But worse, they are supercessionist on steroids
Like, most brands of Christianity these days are more or less content to let Jews exist and have abandoned the rhetoric of “Christianity is the REAL Judaism.”
Messianic “Judaism” leans hard into that belief that everything Jewish—even Jewish writings and practices developed after Judaism and Christianity split—rightfully belong to Christians
And worse, a lot of well-meaning Christians assume they’re some sort of progressive, interfaith thing instead of, again, A CONSERVATIVE BAPTIST MOVEMENT, and get information about Jewish practice from them
And they retroject Christian meaning into Jewish practices developed after Christianity split off, in which it is emphatically, consciously not there.

If you want to understand Judaism, get your info from actual Jews, not a Southern Baptist in a tallit.

• • •

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24 Mar
here's a thought, Dan (and fellow cis people in general):

cis people don't get to decide what is and isn't transphobic (and you should know that intent doesn't matter)

if a bunch of trans people are saying you've done/said transphobic shit, you've done/said transphobic shit
And, like, I'm not going to police how trans people talk about transphobia, but it seems like when cis people get accused of transphobia, we jump immediately to "I am not a transphobe," rather than talking about whether we *said/did* transphobic things
And making the conversation about whether or not you fit in the binary, absolute category of "transphobe" makes it really easy to shift the conversation away from what it really should be about, which is behavior.
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23 Mar
Thread. Even someone making $400,000 a year has a lot more in common with the rest of us than someone with $10 million.

We also really should talk about how there's a LOT of play in the term "millionaire."
A lot of people seem to throw around the term "millionaire" to mean "anyone with a million dollars."

Which, okay.
You know how much a million dollars in savings gets you as annual income when you're retired?

ah yes, the princely sum of <checks notes> $40,900.
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12 Mar
oh hey it's time to talk about why so many clothes look bad on all of us again and sizing and all that jazz
So maybe you've been sitting here wondering why even people on TV who DON'T have Ideal American Body Types manage to look better than you do, even in t-shirts and jeans, and you've been beating yourself up about why your body is "wrong"
Look me in the eyes. LOOK AT ME.

There is nothing wrong with your body.

Those people have their clothes tailored.

Tailoring is magic.
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12 Mar
Can I just say, as someone who's definitely demi and probably ace, all the "if you wouldn't date/shtup a [fill in the demographic] person, you're [fill in the bigotry]-ist/-phobic" is kind of exhausting?
Like, on my days with more emotional bandwidth, I'm like, eh, they're not talking about aspec people, whatever, doesn't apply to me, don't care.

But also it's just baffling to me that "willing to have sex with" is suddenly the metric for absence of prejudice.
like I dunno, there are a lot of things, for me, that show greater vulnerability and trust than sex, and the constant centeredness of it as a marker of acceptance is alienating and exhausting.
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11 Mar
It's really depressing to be approaching my second birthday in quarantine.
And yes, I get that missing birthdays are hard for everyone, but I think it's really hard for people with March/April birthdays since we hadn't figured out how to do celebrations apart at that point; it was just chaos.
Like we were talking at our zoom Purim celebration a few weeks ago about how Purim last year was the first event we canceled. And like, we didn't move it online or anything--we just straight-up canceled it.
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10 Mar
I get that "Jews should welcome ex-Nazis into synagogues because REHABILITATION" is just an abstract, hypothetical way to win rhetorical points for some of y'all, but actual alive human beings have their lives actually at stake.
Like, do you understand that we have to celebrate our holidays under armed guard? That rabbis are advised to have panic buttons on the bimah? That the FBI and other law enforcement agencies frequently contact synagogues to warn them about neo-Nazi threats?
Oh, btw, the security updates the government recommends to synagogues (security systems, cement posts to prevent people from driving vehicles into the building, etc.) often have a pricetag of $100,000 and up?
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