Take one guess at which bold, adversarial millionaire journalist led the harassment campaign against the USA today intern.

(Hint: The story was about the Jan 6. insurrectionists- which was *NOT* a riot- & Neo-Nazis raising money on crowdsourcing sites).
Give up? Why of course, it was Glenn.
....with an assist from his buddy, the lliteral white nationalist, who was fired from the Trump admin for being too openly white nationalist.

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30 Mar
I've mentioned this before, but during the Snowden years, Glenn almost exclusively dealt with criticism (almost all of it substantive) through unleashing harassment on anyone who dared raise questions.
The only real difference b/w then & now was that his harassment crew that he would unleash on people were made up of "Weird Twitter" which more or less just basically transformed into Rose Emoji twitter. Now it's his incel/alt-right/Fox News fans harassing the Lib'rul media.
The whole thing is actually pretty ironic given the whole story was supposedly about 'transparency', Glenn & Ed refused to answer literally any questions about their own behavior (Ie. How many docs did you take? Did you read them all? etc). They just ignored & harassed, instead.
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23 Mar
Just a reminder that all your favorite leading anti-Dem 'journalists' pushed a false rape smear (in order to get Bernie to win) by this completely uncredible person. And with endless cynical uses of "believe women" & "#metoo"....then they just moved on like nothing ever happened.
And all of Left twitter (alongside the GOP, who were co-pushing these attacks....as always seems to be the case) shamed everyone in to submission, at least for a while, with 'you don't believe women' & such, so that ppl were afraid to speak out against her obvious changing story.
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21 Mar
Dems passed one of the most substantial relief bills in history & the new president is absolutely crushing it on covid/vaccines (the one topic that the media covered endlessly)....so, of course they immediately pivot to regurgitating GOP talking points to create a 'scandal'.
Same shit they did last time (See: Benghazi). The media needs 'scandal'. Success is boring. Especially when it's a Dem president (notice theres no concern trolling about GOPers giving Biden kudos or w/e). So we get whatever faux-outrage the GOP cooks up as the conventional wisdom
Political media: Biden will have failed if he doesn't hit his vaccine target. We'll be watching

*Biden blows past the target*

Political media: Well, we'll have to leave it there. Next up the CRISIS at the border. Why this is a failure for Biden..

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19 Mar
Yet again, just a completely 100% generic RW account now. Zero difference b/w him and Redsteeze Stephen Miller guy.
The cruelty has always been the point with Glenn. He is a mean-spirited, petty, small person. So the full slide to RW grievance & saying shit like this was really not drastically different from his behavior when he was a 'celebrated' left-ish 'journalist'.
I didn't post about it the time, bc honestly I could fill my entire TL with the deranged shit he posts (and I already do), but it's in the same vein. Glenn, Mr. dog lover, just had to go out of the way to take a shot at Biden (and Hillary Clinton!) for the Major nothingburger.
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17 Mar
Glenn Greenwald's immediate response to a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, following a mass shooting that left 8 people dead, is to immediately defend white supremacists because that's who he is. Even by his standards, this is sick.
And it has nothing to do with contrarianism or defending people's 'rights'. Glenn (along with his buddy Tucker) identifies with & sees white supremacists as allies. He always has. It's why he's always defending them. It's why he never, ever has a critical word for them.
And it's why he sees Steve Bannon as a partner in his quest to own the Libs. No one with his stated values would ever do this. But that's because Glenn's stated values are just complete bullshit. None of that is what actually motivates any of his behavior.
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17 Mar
Really really "odd" behavior from our political media, where they're practically salivating at writing out of context GOP attack ads, rather than actually informing people of the context of the statement (raising taxes only on people making over $400k).
There's literally no universe where reporting on how epic 'you didn't build that' is going to be, instead of giving the full quote is doing a journalistic service. It just seems like the 'mainstream' political media sees it as their job to launder GOP bad faith talking points.
It's far from the first time. They really do seem to feel like it's their job to 'savvily' (and gleefully) think up GOP attack ads.
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