29 March 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Do You Really Have To Read The Prince?

Here's my work from the 26th, incomplete as it is. Before we dive in, take a gander. It's not bad, as far as it gets.
2) Daily life is a joy, but it often gets in the way of social media. Oops, you can't say that! Social media is a distraction from everyday life, right? Everyone knows that! Oh well, I bet you get the idea. But you have to let me blather on that point a bit.
3) If we learned anything in 2020 at all, it is that big tech, by way of social media, has the power to subvert the landslide will of the American people. As they control the entirety of the platform, they're easily bought by highest bidder.
4) We don't have to guess. We know. Today's highest bidder is Beijing, thus the name, Beijing Joe. So how much does an American election cost? What did Beijing have to pay for our Election 2020? I'm betting it was ONLY billions, and low billions at that.
5) But go the other direction. What if it was $1 Trillion? Obviously, after all our factories and jobs were shipped to China, all the way to include all our antibiotics manufacture, China could easily afford to spend a trillion dollars to buy our election if that were required.
6) I think we need a minimum of two names for the usurper, as @KateScopelliti calls him.

#BeijingBiden and #ChinaJoe

Back to a trillion. It includes 1,000 billions. Would having your boy in the Oval Office be worth it, assuming you could afford it?
7) The thing is, China isn't just China. It is the entirety of the globalist cabal running our financial world. It is the City of London. It is all the Christian Democrat Parties running so much of Europe. It is our own Democrat Party and so much more.
8) It is obviously the MSM, for these now so many years to include both FOX and Drudge. It is the Drug Cartels who want our border to be non-existent, both for drugs and for people. The Democrats favor no border at all. Consider the extent of America's enemies within and without.
9) That legislatures may be bought and paid for is the very definition of K Street in Washington DC. We know that lobbyists and their sponsors, be they great corporations or communist dictators, or dictators of any stripe or color buy their laws at will.
10) The problem of corruption has always been with us. Consider America's 1st congress, from March 4, 1789, to March 4, 1791. Tariffs were on the table, and they might be higher on this and lower on that. How much was a vote worth at sale over these new laws?
11) It doesn't make it into most histories, but Americans were very practical people back then. They knew that power could be bought, and that it would be. So, the question wasn't so much corruption, as how much, how bad, how egregious might the corruption be?
12) My own theory is that this is the very reason - among many others, but one of the most important - that treason was so clearly defined in the Constitution, and that's its remedy was death. Corruption might exist, but only up to the line of treason.
13) What the founders got wrong was the power of the judiciary. They didn't imagine that corrupt judges would lead treasonous malefactors off. Nay. They didn't conceive that corrupt judges would protect traitors with all their power for all their easy dollars.
14) Not one bit of this would surprise Niccolò Machiavelli. The power of the powerful has always been the way of this world. That America mitigated the power of the powerful as well as She has is Her shining glory. But Machiavelli has always been here too.
15) I do NOT believe in fighting moral fire with moral fire. I do NOT believe in following or coopting the evil methods of the left. I do not accept all of Machiavelli's so questionable morality. But I do read him, and I read him well and often.
16) What's more, I confess, I love him. He was, afterall, a fired and out-of-favor Consigliori. He put forward the best analysis he was able in meager hopes of returning to the halls of power where his skills were unmatched. How might I not love such a man?
17) I too have been fired many times. I too have been out of political favor in the world in which I live. And I too have served men in the halls of power and know the ups and downs of fortune and fate, of Fortuna's fickle whims and will.
18) And I say unto you, America, if you would serve America, you MUST read Machiavelli, and more. You must read each of the 12 books on my list, and especially numbers 8, 9, & 10; the ones you do not want to read.
19) Let's get down to local politics. Could its means be any less justified by its ends? And what ends? My wealth, power, reputation, advantage, benefit, the benefit of my friends and family, etc.? It couldn't. Machiavelli's world is our own, friends. We must face this.
20) I have many true believing Christian friends whom, I fear, may take offense when reading Machiavelli, Alinsky, and Qiao and Wang. I have to discuss this. It is the process of a lifetime to let go of naivete. There is a gigantic problem, so hard to solve.
21) The problem is this. How do we let go of foolish naivete, while holding onto our deepest values and greatest ideals? Must we surrender our values and ideals in order to face the harsh realities of the world of real politic? I say no!
22) Consider. Genesis 3: 24:

"So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."
23) This aspect of our tradition has been suppressed.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on.
24) His terrible swift sword. What is that? There's another, even older tradition we've missed. If I say the words: Might FOR Right, what do you respond? It should be the ideal of King Arthur and his knights. God's terrible swift sword is the force of righteousness.
25) Ideals can be strange things. We fight for that which is right. Do we fight in righteous ways? Not always. But, don't the means have to be tempered by the laws of righteousness? Sometimes. Not always. Sometimes the ends do justify the means. I am sorry. I really am.
26) Chief Justice William Rehnquist wrote a book whose title quoted a line from a letter from Lincoln to a judge: "All The Laws But One." Lincoln had broken every law in the Constitution, allowed to do so by judges everywhere. What was that last law? Habeas Corpus. No kidding.
27) Here's the conundrum. In order to save America's Law, Lincoln not only broke every one of them, he suborned all the judges to honor his breaking of the law as necessary to...save the law. Our greatest president was a died in the wool Machiavellian. Contemplate that.
28) I am resolved. It may not be tomorrow, but my next essay will complete the work from the 26th on my beloved forefather Niccolò. I'll simply finish up today's thinking on this point. A local sheriff is a type of prince. Forget the mayor. Forget the governor. Think sheriff.
29) Every sheriff in America is, in fact, a local sovereign. One day we'll discuss my great hero Nietzsche and his most important concept: the Sovereign Man. But Nietzsche's not on my list. A sheriff is a sovereign. And you have access. Consider that!
30) The fight is long and the battle is hard. To fight it we need sustenance. We need mental preparation, mental training. Books 8, 9, & 10 on our list are the hardest of our mental training. I say America demands we read them and take action.
Thread ends at #30.

If you'd like to take this discussion from thought to action, come join us here:


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28 Mar
28 March #MAGAanalysis

#TrumpsPickSix: Will You Fight? Or Are You A Political Pacifist?

Here again is Trump’s list. We explored each yesterday. Today, we’re going to talk about the list as a whole. And the question really is, will you fight? Image
2) Who doesn't love the Rocky movies? And who doesn't love the training sequence after Rocky, downtrodden by life, gets back into fighting form? Getting ready to fight is at least 50% of winning. Can you disagree?
3) You remember:

"It's the eye of the tiger
It's the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor
Stalks his prey in the night
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#TrumpsPickSix: A Logic Bomb That Cannot Be Stopped

So bold, yet almost hiding in plain view, George Orwell set forward 3 great inversions for his universal state in his book 1984:

1) War is peace.
2) Freedom is slavery.
3) Ignorance is strength.
2) The image you see above is my current banner photo here at Twitter. We will come back to #TrumpsPickSix shortly. We have to follow Orwell's strange logic by self-contraction a step or two further, first.

Orwell's implied 4th contradiction, I propose is:

Right is wrong.
3) You can see them right now scurrying and flurrying. The left is in all-out attack mode. We on the right won a great victory in Georgia, when the legislature passed, and even Kemp himself signed a new law enforcing voter integrity. The call this voter rights suppression.
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The Prince

Before we discuss The Prince itself, and why you MUST read it, we have to talk about translations, translating, and the translators who do such things. We must make the translators visible.
2) The greatest translator I've ever read is a philosopher named Walter Kaufmann. I can't cover all his influence on me, but I can tell you that he built a theory of translation, and you should know a little bit about it.
3) Kaufmann's theory can be reduced as such. Reading, in the language the author wrote in, is an act of listening. The translator must hear. He must capture not just the words but the very intentions of the author. Why? In order to express those intentions in another language.
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The Law

I tried and failed to put together a selection of quotes from Bastiat's great work. I figured out why. I'd end up quoting the entire book. I just can't choose.
2) So I what decided was just to talk about the book and its impact on me. I promise you this. If you open your mind - and we'll talk about that in just a moment - this small, fast reading little book will hit you like a sledgehammer the first time you read it.
3) You can have the book for free. It was published before copyright law protections, so it's just in the public market. Back in 2012 I bought a hard copy after Ron Paul mentioned it as his favorite book in an interview. Here's the PDF:

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When You Have No Spine, You Can’t Raise Your Fist

Something happened. It somehow dawned on me. Raising your fist is a statement. It is to draw a line, and to state, this far and no farther. I will not allow you to cross my line.
2) It's a painful thing to discuss. Many wonderful, kind, loving and principled people, filled with discipline and faith and living their lives with honor and goodness will reject my point. The problem is that they have accepted a lie and don't know it.
3) Let's talk about #TheSpiritOf1776. One way to express it is: I raise my fist to the red coats. Most famously, Patrick Henry stated: give me liberty or give me death. Those are fighting words. They are the words of a people who will not bow down and take it.
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18 Mar
18 March 2021 #MAGAanalysis

A Mini-Guide To Social Media Hashtag Power

We begin with our current point of focus. Now watch how I do this!







I hope you're catching the idea!
2) I don't actually know the effectiveness of multiple uses of a hashtag in a single Tweet. It's possible that it helps, but I'm not sure of that. So, why did I do it? In order to illustrate our most important principle:

Concentration Of Force
3) Picture the simple physics of it. Getting hit by a 12-inch softball can really sting, but it has a vastly lower level of risk of damage to you then getting hit by a hard ball. The hard ball is smaller and harder, both. The softball disburses the energy and compresses a bit.
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