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28 Aug
28 August 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Is There A Biden Presidency?

The so terribly sad, horrible answer is yes. Until now, I have refused to call him President Biden. I will NEVER call him 46. I hold onto that. But, I'm wrong about it. Biden is the 46th POTUS in spite of my denial.
2) Who remembers the phenomenal mini-series, or the book it was based upon, Shogun? There's an incredible scene between Toranaga and Blackthorne, where Toranaga states that there is no justification for rebellion. Unless it wins, Blackthorne qualifies.
3) Toranaga acquiesces. Yes. That would be the one exception. The theory I'm about to offer has only two facts. Here they are:

1) January 20 Trump turns over the keys to the White House.

2) In a recent video about Afghanistan Trump uses the phrase: "If I were the President."
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27 Aug
27 August 2021 #MyStory #9

You'll find it interesting that Phil had always guided me away from a vision of joining him in this business. I do mean always. Phil's stated dream was for me to become a preacher. He meant it, too. And in the end, he made 100% sure that I wouldn't.
2) So on that day in 1981, when Tim celebrated my sales skills and opened his arms to me, I was amazed. I'll never forget sitting there with him in their conference room what the purchase order was being composed. Let's talk about drinking for a minute.
3) Tim offered me coffee. I had never had so much as a single sip of coffee yet. Not Coca-Cola, nor Pepsi, nor even Mountain Dew. Caffeine was forbidden in our religion. And of course I had never tasted beer or wine, let alone any of the hard stuff. Obviously all forbidden.
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26 Aug
26 August 2021 #MyStory #8

The math just hit me. In the summers of 1980 & 1981, I only worked 6 weeks each, total of 12 weeks. This sums up to 11 weeks of no sale, and 1 week of 2 sales. And what sales they were!
2) Have you ever noticed how awesome the towing trucks are that tow out of service trucks? They're amazing machines, truly glorious. Just look at this incredible powerhouse! Image
3) I wish I remembered the name of the man who bought our first quarter page ad, and the name of his firm. It was a truck towing company, and it was based out of Northern Indiana. His purchase was an act of kindness, of respect as well, and a great decision.
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15 Aug
15 August 2021 #MAGAanalysis

#ReleaseLES #1AMinuteMen

Self-chilled. It’s a thing. There should be no tie whatsoever between my political activism and my family’s income. I’ve been self-employed since 1987. We’re going to talk about that today. Politics and money.
2) Self-chilled? That's when we become our own censor, on behalf of the censors, without them having to do a single thing. That's when we back away from a fight, due to the risks of that fight hitting home. Literally, hitting home.
3) Here's the triggering event. I'll share it, and then slow down into the real story, dating back to 2016. This past week I lost two clients, key clients, due to #ReleaseLES. I don't blame them, and I'll explain. They're just making the best cost/benefit assessment they can.
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10 Aug
10 August 2021 #MAGAanalysis

#ReleaseLES Day 4 @Speciale4VA #1AMinuteMen

Before we delve back into Don Tommaso's work, we have to grieve yet another attack on our right of free speech yesterday. Joe Flynn's Twitter account was suspended.…
2) Joe and I spoke yesterday, and we were able to laugh about it. Twitter is actually, for all its might, a very heavy burden. I asked him, "What are you going to do with all your time, now?" He cracked up. But we almost wept for America and for the loss of 1A.
3) Twitter is a smaller place today with Joe's account gone. America is a smaller place today with yet another voice suppressed. Whenever this topic comes up, I always point to the direct and simple answer. Social media is today's commons, and we know how to manage a commons.
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9 Aug
9 August 2021 #MAGAanalysis

#ReleaseLES Day 4 @Speciale4VA

The FBI’s use of the category Law Enforcement Sensitive is the greatest threat to American freedom today. Don Tommaso’s report proves this in countless ways.…
2) We started working on Don Tom's - Tom Speciale's - Key Findings yesterday, and will pick up again today, below. We have a tactical mission to discus first. I've decided to call for a new Minute Men mission, simply called #1AMinuteMen.
3) #1AMinuteMen hold tremendous strategic significance, but we're going to begin with a single tactical focus. It is the tactical focus that defines us, and that mission is the heart of simplicity. We will counter any and all 1A suppression and thereby protect domestic freedom.
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8 Aug
8 August 2021 #MAGAanalysis

#ReleaseLES Day 2 @Speciale4VA

Law Enforcement Sensitive is a category of information the FBI holds against American citizens. This information is being held back illegally.…
2) My Don Tommaso - Tom Speciale - provides us the clarity that this is the most dangerous component of the FBI's current mission to upturn our Constitutional freedoms, targeting on 1A & 2A especially. We'll turn to his key findings in a moment.
3) But just how? How does withholding LES transform the FBI from our own greatest Law Enforcement institution into most terrible enemy our freedoms will ever face? I'll quote Don Tom below, but first I'll try to explain it myself in layman's terms again.
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7 Aug
7 August 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Introducing Don Tommaso & #ReleaseLES

It's going to hurt. You still have to get Don Tommaso's - okay Tom Speciale's - Critical Report on the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Strategy. We'll call him Don Tom. Why? I'll explain...…
2) When you read about who Don Tom is, in this Critical Report (I love the double meaning of that term, more on that shortly!), you'll be amazed. I don't formally know this, but I suspect he inspired some of the characters on the TV show 24.
3) But why Don Tommaso? Well first, we're both Italian. And since I'm The Consigliori, Tom has to be a Don. A Don? It's kind of like a king, a patriarch, the boss, and everyone knows who Don Vito Corleone was.
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3 Aug
3 August 2021 #MAGAanalysis

I Love My List

Let me start out by sharing something about my daily work. As a coach, I never have full information. Every situation holds more information than I can access, yet still I have to make recommendations. And I have to stand behind them. Image
2) What does it mean to "stand behind" my recommendations? It means I have to be ready to be fired over them. Laughingly, I have claimed to be the most fired person you'll ever meet. Thing is, I almost never get fired anymore. Alas.
3) Truth is, those few clients who opt out tend, I sadly say, to ghost out. They don't actually fire me. They simply stop accepting my advice and slowly fade into silence. This makes me crazy. But it is a thing. Clients, instead of firing me, ghost away. Alas.
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27 Jul
20 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis


Friendships evolve. As they grow, new depths are attained. I speak very specifically of @HelpStopHate 's David Sumrall. David is my friend. Our friendship has grown and deepened over some several years now.
2) The image you see above is from Claude Shannon's 1948 paper on the mathematical theory of communication. Go figure! I was reading Shannon's book again this morning, and work that David and I are doing came into mind.
3) Many years ago, I developed a method of study. I just call it "How to be a truly excellent student." Or, Excellent Studies. What hit me this morning is that it's all about communication. We have to turn to another source, Warren Weaver. He gives us the following definition.
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25 Jul
25 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis #SelfSupport

Introducing A New Series Of Analysis

I’m not sure. I don’t remember exactly. Was it 33,000, 32,000, or just north of 31,000 followers I once had here at Twitter? Right now, I’m at 18,145…ish… Why ish? Twitter plays censorship games.
2) Out of you 18,000 followers, the numbers indicate that there are some 1,800 prospects for my services as a coach. Of those, 180 are serious prospects, and 18 are clients. That is, clients in the waiting. Please understand, I don't have the ability to accept 18 new clients.
3) Why should you care? I publish patriotic analysis. I serve our nation thereby. I do not ask for and would never accept financial contributions for my work. Rather, I am a PROUD Self-Funder! I am NOT a PAYtriot. We have to talk about that.
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20 Jul
20 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

China’s Trade

The always amazing and informative @JackPosobiec posted this image for us. It couldn't be more important. Let's discuss it thoughtfully.
2) We'll start with a quick bit of background. For the full story, we'd have to go back to Nixon, Kissinger, and Carter. But for our purposes, the story can commence with Bush 41, and include Clinton and Bush 43. The key is the WTO.
3) Tiananmen Square was a moment. Bush 41 could have led the world to condemn it, and scorn China's evil CCP. Instead, he granted them the right to oppress their people. He rejected Democracy's principles of freedom when it came to China. The shame echoes on to this day.
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19 Jul
19 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

The Meaning Of Words

So there I was, yesterday, having a wonderful conversation with a brilliant soul. Our topic was grief and grieving, as a pet is aging and will soon pass away. My question was: do you feel you've ever experienced true grief?
2) I could NOT have been more shocked than to hear the response. It came it two parts.

1) I have philosophy, it helps. It gives me comfort.

2) There is no such thing as ownership. I never owned my pet, as one never actually owns anything.
3) I so profoundly wish I were a wiser man. The philosophical error here was, for my great friend, far less important than his emotional distress. A wiser man than me would have known that and left the philosophy behind. The heart rules. Not the brain or mind.
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18 Jul
18 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Natural Law

Few things have quite so crystal clear a beginning. This does. The study of Natural Law for any American patriot begins in the very first paragraph of our Declaration of Independence.
2) Here is the key phrase: "the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them." We'll discuss "the separate and equal station" first. Then, Natural Law will be our true target.
3) As always, honor to my teacher is my delightful task. @shestokas is my greatest teacher of American history, of our founding, of the legal basis of our nation's destiny. You must buy his book:…
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16 Jul
16 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Hoodwinked, The Wool Over Our Eyes

What are your purse strings? Your purse is your coin, hanging from your belt by strings. Having such a purse, you're rich. Therefore, you wear a woolen wig. Wigs made out of wool are a thing. Image
2) When we hoodwink you, we pull down your wig and cut your purse strings at the same time. We pull the wool down over your eyes. We trick you. We steal from you. We make you blind for the moment at take your coin from you. It's fun and profitable. Thieving is fun.
3) The word "heist" is a slight mispronunciation of the word "hoist." It means to lift. We hoist up the sails. We lift them up. We take the wealth of a bank or a train car with cash in it. We hoist it. It is a heist. Very similar to cutting your purse strings, yes?
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14 Jul
UPDATE: I've taken a screenshot of Lin Wood's response to the story that broke yesterday and you can see that below. I will also provide the quote in full in coming tweets right now. He made these comments at his Telegram channel, here:…
2) Here are Lin's thoughts quoted in full:

"The Detroit “Free” Press is a Mockingbird propaganda rag owned by Gannett. Talk about Communist propaganda!
3) "Here is an example from this fictional article published today that shows you how objective, factual reporting does not exist at Gannett newspapers:
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13 Jul
13 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Our Missing Chain Of Command

There are a couple of stories out right now that are both upsetting, and worse, I fear they're connected in important ways. The first is the Jenna Ellis story. She's left the Republican Party.…
2) We won't follow either story in their details. What we need to do is find the unifying theme within them both. Here, however, is the second story, about Lin Wood and Sydney Powel. I sure hate seeing this.…
3) The obvious unifying theme is dissenssion among our ranks, more seriously, among the ranks of our leaders. Let's look at that carefully. Here is a simple schematic of a Chain Of Command"

* Commander
* Senior Leader
* Junior Leader
* Follower
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12 Jul
12 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Charlottesville’s Missing Monuments: China’s Joy, Local Vacancies

Ultimate excellence lies
Not in winning
Every battle
But in defeating the enemy
Without ever fighting.

Sun-tzu. The Art of War - John Minford ImageImage
2) What's going on here in Charlottesville with the removal of our monuments is non-violent warfare at its best. Be clear, China - along with its minions here in the United States - is savoring this moment with pure delight and the prideful joy of a job well done.
3) We'll dive into the dynamics in a moment, but first please consider how completely critical each of the two books above really is, and their position of importance on our reading list. They are #2 & #15. Image
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11 Jul
11 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Charlottesville’s Missing Monuments

I am the son of a sculptor. The statue you see of my grandfather, he gave me his name, was created by my mother. In a lifetime of extraordinary art, my mother's greatest work is the one you see here.
2) Those are the only images I'll include in today's analysis. I won't tell the story of our missing monuments here in Charlottesville, either. At least not their actual history from installation to removal, their brief 100 years.
3) I will, right now, share my own story with our missing monuments. When we moved to Charlottesville, I knew nothing of these glorious works of art. We moved here for other reasons. My relationship to them only began upon the threat of their removal.
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6 Jul
6 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

America Within – How We’re Winning Back Our Youth

Who remembers Publius of the Federalist Papers? For us today Publius has always been James Maddison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton. Who remembers that Top Paine's anonymous name was "An Englishman?"
2) Why is this important, right now? Anonymity, the right to speak anonymously, is one of the almost forgotten cornerstones of America's most important freedom, the right to free speech. When in danger of repercussion, Americans may speak anonymously.
3) Consider that in reality, Clark Kent is an anonymous identity for Superman, who would never be accepted in his everyday face and required an anonymous cover. So also with Spiderman and Peter Parker. The list goes on. Anonymity is a thing, friends.
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5 Jul
5 July 2021 #MAGAanalysis

Righting History: The Journalistic Battle of January 6th

My friend and true compatriot, David Sumrall, is a great American. His ultimate mission is to very literally STOP HATE. You can tell he plays the long game.
2) If you go to his website (or just click here) you'll see a movie his new movie called "Righting History: The Journalistic Battle of January 6th" It is a very painful, very difficult film to watch. Only 37 minutes, you should force yourself to do so.…
3) As many of you know, I don't watch very many videos. David knows this too, so he reached out to me yesterday and requested that I watch his. Grudgingly, I told him I would. He's not the kind of friend I can refuse over such a request. It is HIS film. So I had to watch.
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