Proud proponent of the most transformational governor to be elected in November, Ammon Bundy for Idaho.
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#KeepIdahoIDAHO! #VoteBundy

27 September 2022 - Watch Ammon's MAGA Interviews!

I am proud to share @RealABundy's outstanding interviews at his campaign's website. If you haven't seen them, yet, you're going to be very impressed, indeed.… 2) Since the campaign started pushing these interviews out, the request has come in - from supporters no less - that I document my endorsement, which I instantly and wholeheartedly agreed to do. That's what I've decided to work on, here, with you.
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25 September 2022 - #Muster2Election #M2E
@SandhillsKen @Jesusestveritas

The Cycle Continues - Muster-to-Election (M2E)

If you're new to M2E, head to this link. The rest of this thread reports and quotes Ken Benway's exciting update! 2) The story in a nutshell, first. Ken, a retired Lt. Col from the Special Forces, knows how to lead. Looking around, following the 2020 election theft, Ken chose to focus county by county, starting with his own, Moore County, NC, and created the Muster Strategy. Image
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#Bundy4Governor @RealABundy

Save both Idaho and America in three easy steps, just like me! 2) Give the largest amount you can, no matter how small. I just donated $20, as you will see.
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#KeepIdahoIDAHO #Bundy4Governor @RealABundy @AmmonEBundy

18 September 2022 - The Most Transformation Governor to be Elected in November

First, please head over here and bop around. It's the best political website I've yet discovered. 2) Second, if you're interested in where @AmmonEBundy stands on the #10PlanksOfMAGA, you'll want to head back to my thread on our long interview, here:

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#TomSpeciale @Speciale4VA #MAGAInterviewSpeciale

If you've watched any of the previous #MAGAInterviews, you'll find the format familiar. But oh how unique the answers are! Here's Tom's full interview:… 2) Our format comes from President Trump's 10 Planks, laid out in his 2016 rallies. If you do watch the entire interview above, you'll see how powerfully @Speciale4VA rises into each and every principle. Image
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#JoeKent @joekent16jan19 @Speciale4VA

31 August 2022 - A Top-Down Approach to Clip Analysis

Title aside, this is going to be an EXCITING thread! If you haven't seen Joe's full, 2-hour deep dive interview, you want to! If you can, watch this first.… 2) Now, check this out! The video above is from a MP4 file given me by @vladlemets. He opens and closes the interview and handled all the technical aspects with his typic panache, verve and style. Ah, but this segment is all my own technical work!…
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14 August 2022 - #KennysPrayer

You’re about to hear a new prayer, composed by my client, friend, and spiritual compatriot, @k_frey7 and myself last week. I’ll explain more following the recording. This is also dedicated to another Ken, @SandhillsKen.
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Kenny’s Prayer -first, rough recording…
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10 August 2022 - #BestAndWorstOfTimes #MAGAanalysis

@JoeKentCampaign @joekent16jan19

Joe Kent Wins, Mar-A-Lago Breached

Today's hashtag is of course a twisted quote from Dickens' opening line of A Tale Of Two Cities. What a juxtaposition. Let's discuss that. 2) If you haven't watched it yet, you're going to see actual historic significance in Joe's interview, here. He is ON THE RECORD, and that record will stand. I'm telling you, Joe is the real deal. He will NOT be corrupted.…
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31 July 2022 - #VOTEASAP #CDAR

The Veteran’s Call – Simple Action For All

Last Thursday, I had the great honor to interview Admiral Chuck Kubic. We hope to post the final version later this week, and I'll let you know soon as we do. Today, we're going to follow his guidance. 2) For those of you who don't know Veterans For America First, yet, you'll want to head over to check out the tremendous wealth of information and service we provide. Admiral Kubic is our National Spokesperson.
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24 July 2020 - #MAGAManifesto Quotes Analysis

What follows are 10 quote selections I made earlier this morning. They're taken from @KateScopelliti's and my book that you see here. Please like and RT those that speak to you most strongly.… 1) Remember The Forgotten American
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18 July 2022 - #Muster2Election Snippet 7

@SandhillsKen @Jesusestveritas

An early count of views has snippet 7 as our second best received after snippet 1. Here it is, and please, do sound off regarding your own thoughts and reactions, will you? 2) Watching this snippet, I was forced to the question "who?" As in, who exactly is being mustered? The community as a whole is one answer. A muster is for everyone, and it's both fun and important. Come together, community, a muster says, and contemplate our own body politic.
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17 July 2022 - #Muster2Election

This is the 61 seconds you did not get in your civics course. Every American needs this civics lesson in a minute.

@Jesusestveritas 2) How do you get truly involved? What does your patriotic duty require of you? My list of 3 Commandments has grown to 4:

1) Situation Awareness
2) Vote
3) Participate
4) Contribute
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16 July 2022 - #Muster2Election #M2E

@SandhillsKen @SpecOpsSpeaks @Jesusestveritas

Muster To Election – Video Snippet Analysis

If you haven't yet, please watch the entire video here. It's just less than 17 minutes, and worth every second.… 2) It is now about 17 minutes later. And here's your next step. At least, please consider...

Click on the link here. Sign up. And, and we'll talk about this more in a moment...please contribute even the smallest amount...…
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2nd Pass More Testing - 1 2
Jul 15 7 tweets 3 min read
Testing: a mini-thread for getting started. Here is a 2-minute segment already posted. What follows are smaller snippets from it, along with a tiny bit if comment.

#Muster2Election #M2E 2) Our intro is the beginning 29 seconds where @SandhillsKen’s basic idea is laid out.
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10 July 2022 - #TheMAGABookYouNeed #MAGAManifesto

Books In Politics – Who Knew?

Until now, my book sales numbers prove I am a terrible self- and product-promoter. Terrible. Well, friends, that's about to change.… 2) Why? And why should you care? The why is this. Our movement, the #MAGAMovement lives. But it meanders. I have an analogy to offer. Boat and Keel. We've seen, we topple a bit as a movement, haven't we?
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8 July 2022 - #JoeKent4Congress
@JoeKentCampaign @joekent16jan19

Joe Kent – The Message America Needs Today

Part 4 of 10 – Quality Of Life For Every American

Just before 30:00 we discuss today's hottest topic. Joe Rocks this one, check it out!… 2) This segment is 7 of the hardest hitting minutes you'll hear anywhere. I've decided to NOT timestamp this time, as the minutes just fly by. @joekent16jan19 is simply on a roll and breaking the roll up doesn't make sense. Listen with joy. I will comment though...
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5 July 2022 - #JoeKent4Congress
@JoeKentCampaign @joekent16jan19

Joe Kent – The Message America Needs Today

Part 3 of 10 – American Jobs

At minute 22:00, we begin discussing Plank 3, American Jobs. Joe again takes us places I have never heard before.… 2) We'll talk about jobs in just a minute. First, I have to repeat and emphasize this request. Please help us get this video to as many people as possible. Joe's candidacy, this primary, are more important than most people might imagine, assuming they'd even heard of it.
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3 July 2022 - #JoeKent4Congress
@JoeKentCampaign @joekent16jan19

Joe Kent – The Message America Needs Today
Part 2 of 10

This will be the fastest, best 2 hours you’re going to watch on the America First Message.… 2) Honestly, I was dreading the fact that I KNEW I'd have to watch, start, stop, and time stamp, @joekent16jan19's deep wisdom and incredible knowledge and vision for America. But then, the second magic moment happened. I documented this yesterday, here:

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2 July 2022 - #JoeKent4Congress
@JoeKentCampaign @joekent16jan19

Joe Kent – The Message America Needs Today

Joe is a man who knows how to introduce himself. Watch the video here to begin learning about this true American hero.

2) Wow! Can't figure out about the link to Joe's video. If you go to his account, it should be up, there. But Twitter is not allowing me to paste it in above. Go figure, eh? So again, here's Joe's account where the video is posted: @joekent16jan19