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29 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis #FlynnSpeaks

Awaiting Guidance No More

With leaders such as @realDonaldTrump and @GenFlynn, you never have to guess. Freed, General Flynn can now speak. So when he doesn't, take no action. When he does, listen and follow.…
2) I truly hope you will all at least listen to the 1st half of the interview (I'll be listening to the 2nd half soon enough, but haven't yet), where General Flynn rises straight up to his former power and strength. Here are my messy notes. ImageImageImageImage
3) Allow me a moment to share my reasoning for sharing. First, I'm a terrible penmen, and an even worse visual artist. Yet, for all my atrocious weaknesses, the process still succeeds. I have terrible eye/hand coordination. Mind fully engaged, my notes are even uglier.
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29 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Preview #1 - I'll be studying this interview this morning prior to posting my thread. Plus...

WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn's First Interview Since President Trump's Pardon | Worldview Weekend……
Preview #2

And I'll be studying this interview prior to posting my thread, as well.
Preview note 3) It hasn't been all work since 8:00 this morning. I made myself some coffee, and then, Anthony demanded one of his favorite Sunday morning breakfasts (or favorite anytime meal) finger-licking quartered grilled cheese sandwiches! Image
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28 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

The House That Innocence Built - Part 2

In case you haven't, I do encourage you to read yesterday's thread. Today, we'll focus more deeply on the House itself, and the necessary function of Innocence in its creation.
2) To comprehend our mission, we need to embrace the command #WordsMatter. We also need to embrace the additional command #LogicMatters. Interestingly, when you look up the roots of the term logic, you logos, which has the meanings of both 'word' and 'reasoning.'
3) Allow an example. A dear friend of mine was discussing the laws and practice of face masks and said, "I guess it's just the perennial conflict between the rights of the individual and the greater good of the group." Oh, I was so tempted, but I resisted. I did not yield.
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27 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

The House That Innocence Built

It will take quite a while for the meaning of the past couple days' events to sink in. A great shift in the forcefield of America has occurred.

Flynn is free. It was his innocence freed him.
2) In his joyous tweet but cautionary tweet, General Flynn points us to an extraordinary passage from the Old Testament. I didn't realize that this is a very traditional Thanksgiving Day passage until researching it just now. Here it is, in full..
3) Let the sea roar and the fulness thereof: let the fields rejoice and all that is therein. Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the Lord, because he cometh to judge the earth. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.
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26 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Thank you, Mr. POTUS, you have given us what we dreamed of on @GenFlynn's behalf. We asked you to...

#PardonFlynnNow by a

And now you have.

2) Consider the words, "It is my Great Honor..." A great wrong has finally been righted, and righted in the right way. Please take the time to read this statement in full.
3) There is one additional statement to slowly read in joy of celebration. It is the Flynn Family's Statement giving thanks for the return of their beloved brother.
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24 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

@SidneyPowell1's Mission to #SaveAmerica

Something incredible happened yesterday. We discovered America's single most important story, and Sidney Powell is its hero. At her side are @GenFlynn and @tracybeanz.

2) We all know it. We know that @realDonaldTrump won the election. The clear count shows him now at nearing 74 million votes. I hear numbers like 410 Electoral College votes, more and more. And yet the hoax of Biden's victory stomps forward.
3) I retweeted yesterday's thread at the beginning of today's analysis. Here's why. What we find - and I explain in that that thread - is that the government is no longer equipped to true itself, to true the vote. If this vote is to be counted rightly, we need a hero to help us.
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23 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

@SidneyPowell1 Represents Us

#ITrustSidney #SidneyPowellRepresentsMe

What an amazing American Story. First she gives her all to saving @GenFlynn. Then she turns to fight the swamp over the greatest election steal ever.

2) To my understanding, here's how the story begins. Rudy and Jenna decided to post a notification which, on first blush, looks like they're distancing themselves and the campaign from Sidney.

3) What a phenomenal development. There are two immediate interpretations that arise. First, Jenna and Rudy appear to distance themselves from Sidney's work. Second, as opposed to distancing themselves, they are actually putting Sidney forward. Again, what a story!
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22 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Vote Fraud Too Big To Notice - Or, The Fix Is In

If you haven't watched @SidneyPowell1's interview in full, all 20 minutes, you'll be simply blown away when you do. I had to watch it twice, with many pauses for notes.

2) The worst thing I see on FOX, in the few minutes we may still turn to it, is when commentators scoff over Cuba, China, Venezuela and HugO Chavez. I want to shout at them: SCOFFING IS NOT AN ARGUMENT!!!
3) Sidney has established that the Dominion software was made at Hugo Chavez' specification in order to ensure he won every election. What I'd like to know of these TV scoffers is, what part of that is hard to believe? I can offer my own theory on point.
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21 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

@GenFlynn is Holding The Line

Allow me to start with a regret. I met General Flynn in person for lunch once, just the two of us, but I failed to request a snapshot. I can share this. He loves grilled cheese sandwiches.

2) While I've discussed this many times, I hope some of you will do your homework with the following extraordinary document. Read it. If, like me, you're old school, print it out. You need this information!…
3) Context matters. General Flynn is, and bar none, the greatest intelligence innovator since WWII. If you read the document, you are going to see history in the very making. General Flynn personally made information technology a weapon in the arsenal of freedom.
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20 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Tyranny Or Freedom - Part 2

Yesterday's meditation on @GenFlynn counsel seemed to strike a deep chord. In case you haven't read it yet, you truly may want to. It is a 30-tweet thread, yet it does run deep.
2) To my observation our battle over our future as a free people, right now, comes down the question of evidence. In conversations with good willed patriots, this is the question I am hit with.
3) Trying to answer, I realize that EVIDENCE is, itself, a gigantic topic. Determining what evidence is, what it means, and what it proves is not an easy set of bars to meet. What's more, I know for a fact, it's outside my personal scope.
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19 November #MAGAanalysis

Freedom of Tyranny

I think some may forget that @GenFlynn not only spent 33 years in the military, but cumulatively over 5 years in combat. Of the warriors I've met, to a soul, they worship him as their own beloved general.

2) General Officers are not uniformly loved. Respected and obeyed, of course. But love is s different thing. Perhaps you can detect a small portion of why he is so loved in his greatest mandate, Pat, he said, don't just to the right thing, do the harder right thing.
3) Of course, if you look back to the 2016 RNC, or any of the speeches and rallies General Flynn led, you can instantly see the precise same greatness of soul, and strength of command. I want to delve that a bit more.
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18 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Could This Be Our 2nd Attempted Coup?

If you don't follow @JonStancik, you'll want to correct that right now! Here's a Tweet of his that we'll follow out a bit...

2) With no Tweets in between, here's the underlying story . The author Joan Swirsky reminds me, I brag, of me. She employs the grand sweep of history as a core element of her method. It's a great read.…
3) Out of her wonderful work, it is ONLY the title I'm going to speak to today. However, I truly do encourage that you give the author her voice and read the entire piece/ Here's the title, again:

Only Donald Trump Can Counter the Coup D’état of 2008
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17 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

You've Got A Friend

At the biggest of the big picture levels, we in the MAGA Movement have at bare bones minimum 72 million friends. This video shows us the two who need us most right now.

2) I don't have the honor of knowing Antonio, yet. But I do know @JoshuaMacias. We're not normal friends, although I have met his entire family to my joy and benefit. Our friendship is but a subset of our shared mission for America. It dates back to 2016.
3) Of the many endeavors we worked together on, back then, none was more important than Joshua's ability to communicate with the veteran community online. Joshua speaks with the Veteran's Voice. And, my friends, be clear. There is no voice more suppressed than the veteran's.
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16 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

I believe @realDonaldTrump and @SidneyPowell1

It was a quiet weekend at the Scopelliti home. I was closeted away in my office here for many hours researching, composing my long threads. I did get some nice cooking done too, treasuring my family.
2) It was a moment I could not have imagined just a short while ago. Unlike so many of you in your wisdom, we never made a hard break with FOX before. We've flirted with it. But 15 years of friendship is not easy to break.
3) I can honestly tell you I didn't miss the sound of TV news, at all. Sure, I always appreciated the entertainment factor, especially in the long gone days of the O'Reilly Factor. What a show that man could head up. He was a force. I knew I'd never forgive FOX for that.
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15 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

The Kraken is Common Sense America

Donald Trump is my President. He is the greatest President of my lifetime, and I consider him the greatest President in American history. He is the Common Sense President.

2) If you look around this morning, you'll see The Cabal minions are going OFF on the two words of Trump's tweet: HE WON!!!!!!!!!

With ZERO common sense, they read that tweet, the one above, as a concession dog whistle. He is conceding here, they shout.
3) I don't know how many of you know this, but in addition to being an analyst I am also a coach, and especially a problem fixer. Most media problems can be solved, believe it or not, with common sense logic. For instance, I can solve the media problem of HE WON, easily.
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14 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Release The Kraken

I'll give you the best clip I found of @SidneyPowell1's @LouDobbs interview, below. It takes a monster to #DrainTheSwamp, and clearly, Sidney is a Monster's Master. We're watching history, folks. We're making history.
2) Here's the link, it's actually embedded in a Tweet. Does anyone else struggle to get from Twitter over to YouTube where that clip must reside? No matter, I'm happy to share this Tweet, and I'm going to watch it again, now...

3) I'll take her points best as I can.

* Dominion Software - soon, everyone in the world will know this name. To my mind, there is no worthier source of information than @SidneyPowell1. I knew the election was stolen, but she tells us how.

* It was created in Venezuela...
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13 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

“It looks like they’re going to have to put that plywood back up.” ~ Kate Scopelliti

@KateScopelliti sends me the best articles. Fearing another Penalty Box Lockout, I obviously had to test the link she sent me, and check it out! No problem. Wow!
2) I should share that I tested both Jim Hoft's article, which we'll follow in a bit more detail below, by employing The Gateway Pundit's own Twitter share button. Guess what, I tested this from YouTube the same way!

3) Oh man, how much do I love that amazing music video by Miles Guo? We'll see where today's explorations lead, I hope to come back to its meaning. But now, here's the key part of Jim's title again:

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12 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Could It Be, The Greatest Fraud In Human History?

My friend @TPCLJ forgives me for liking Karl Rove. And, I confess that I do. For all that, a Twitter-Style warning should be placed on this article of his!…
2) We've talked about it before. There truly is something called THE BIG LIE. I have a favorite song on this topic. It's awesome. I urge you to follow the logic underlying the song. It's actually very important.

3) Let's go back to Rove. In his so smooth there-was-no-systemic-fraud argument, can't you just hear Shaggy's smooth voice: it wasn't them, wasn't any fraud, it wasn't them...?

That video indicates two imaginings for me, two TV shows of many seasons.
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11 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Be Of Good Cheer

Many of you know that I've now enjoyed 24 hours of Twitter's Penalty Box. On Monday it was purely accidental. Yesterday, I commenced my analysis of their trigger and found it, precisely. I was a link to an article.
2) I'm pretty sure I won't get penalized for posting the title of the article, which I will do in my next comment below. By the way, I've had friends post the article who received no penalty for doing so. That is an important part of the analysis. Hopefully we'll get there.
3) The link to this article was the instantaneous trigger, placed upon my account and not others.

Here goes nothing:

"Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen"
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10 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

The Law of Welcome

I was interrupted yesterday, by a suspension of access to my account for breaching Twitter's standards. Even if I were able to suppress my anger and bile, I still cannot finish it.

I discovered I am unwelcome.
2) Please don't comfort me. I know that you, my friends, welcome me. Your welcome has, until now, been a thing a profound joy and deep honor. I have never failed to note it, or failed to respect its fragile nature. I know I must always be a worthy guest of yours.
3) Those that of you that know me, will understand that my first flash of instinctive rage was just to close down the account and have done. But as I know myself, I note such emotions, allow them to pass, and think cooler thoughts soon enough.
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9 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

"There is a lot of ruin in a nation." Adam Smith

I'll explain Smith's comment below. Here, I'm introducing the work of a Twitter anonymous patriot. This is a thread we'll follow, comment by comment. Feel free to skip ahead and read his thread now.
2) One more point of process, we have a second topic we'll tackle today as well, called Hammer and Scorecard.

One of Adam Smith's friends was severely worried that our rebellion would cause the ruin of England. Smith's droll response was to that question.
3) I don't know if, by 1776, the concept of a flywheel had been discovered yet. A flywheel receives and stores kinetic energy. The more it spins, the more energy it holds. It will keep on spinning for some period of time after new energy stops coming in and being added.
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8 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

The Entire Election In A Single Tweet

In coming comments, I'll share a couple of screenshots about this tweet. It tells the entire story. I have not yet begun to become angry. Well, that's not true, but it's nothing compared to what may yet come.
2) Unless POTUS' legal team can pull this one out, then a simple, single conclusion we grow obvious. Yawning, back in 2016, we awakened. We stumbled through 2018 not realizing who our enemy was, nor what their methods might be.
NOTE - I'm interrupting this thread to watch an 8 minute video a friend of mine just sent. I'll be back after, shortly after...
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7 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

We Are MAGA, We Are Here, and Here We Stand

I do not have further instruction from anyone emplaced within the campaign for guidance, yet. We will all soon have that instruction. I, for one, will follow it to the letter. Calmly, I wait.
2) As I identified yesterday, my own failure in all this is the question of:


That is, I never focused on it. Following 2018's loss of the House, everyone told me voter fraud, and I dismissed them. I deeply regret that.
3) Many of you kindly guided me not to be so hard on myself, and I thank you for that. You're sort of right of. The mercy I grant myself is this. I had


It's not much comfort. Of all people, I should have identified that state already.
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6 november 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Take A Knee, Soldier, And Drink Some Water

The ever amazing @JoshuaMacias told me that, and when I shared it with @GenFlynn, he told me that that was just about as solid counsel as a warrior might ever be given.
2) The word I hear is that we have this election in hand. Is that word right? I don't know. Do I accept it? On my knee, drinking some water, I do...provisionally. That is, I will wait for guidance. That, by the way, might have been the title for today's analysis.
3) While I wait, I will analyze. I want you to do so as well. That's what we're diving into right now. As I have frequently put forward, I consider myself to be one of the greatest forensic analysts in the world. My favored form is simply called Failure Analysis.
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